Rebuilding The Wall

Rebuilding The Wall

Editor’s note: read Part 1 first.

There’s just a brick.

Just a brick. In this new wall. Just one.

Everyone points. And says.

“That’s just a brick.”

I say, “Well, don’t you see? What a beautiful wall it’s going to be?”

“That’s just a brick.”

The rest is blank. An empty floor. Nothing. Just blank.

“Where’s the wall that used to be there?”

“I tore it down.”

“I liked that old wall…”

“I tore it down.”

“I miss that wall…”

“It had a hole in it.”

“Well, I didn’t see it.”

“But I knew it was there.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t. I didn’t. I miss that old wall.”

“I hope you wouldn’t.”

“Don’t hope for something that wasn’t there in the first place.”

There is just a brick. But I can imagine all the invisible heights it’ll climb to. I believe it. But the builders don’t believe me. They doubt, they scratch their head, and behind my back they wonder if I know what I’m doing. They doubt, they doubt, they doubt.

But I see the wall rising, I see it heaving, I see it soaring, I see it blinding the sun. I see it surge and I see it crash and I see it glow and I see it flash.

But now. It’s just a brick. There’s no evidence of what I see.

All the builders see is that I tore down a wall, and there’s only a brick in its place.

I’m ready to work. I’m ready to work to rebuild, and I don’t care anymore if, in the end, it all tumbles down to the floor. I don’t care. As long is the wall is mine again.

But the builders don’t care. All they want is a winner. They gotta have a winner.

But if the new wall were to tumble, nobody would emerge a winner.

“I am ready for my close up today

Too long I’ve let my self-respect stand in my way…

But when the house goes up in flames

No one emerges triumphantly from it

When the scum begins to circle the drain

Well everybody loves a winner”

– from Michael Myers Resplendent by The Mountain Goats


Editor’s note: this post originally ended with the song “Resplendent” by The Mountain Goats

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