Best Moments in Courage (2010)

Best Moments in Courage (2010)

It’s been a big year for me. I finished the first draft of my novel. I ran my first 5k. I developed a meditation routine and practiced healthier mental and emotional habits. I traveled to Hawaii, which was always a dream of mine. I created my first blog that is now a finalist for The Top 10 Blogs for Writers Contest! Most importantly, for the first time ever, I now have a supportive community of fellow writers. Your warmth and love has helped me so much throughout this year, you have no idea. Thank you again.

Unfortunately, the year is nearly done. But the good news is that it’s time to round up the best of Courage 2 Create in 2010. Enjoy.

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Reader’s Picks

(The following are the Most Viewed & Most Commented posts in 2010)

5 Books You MUST Read Before You Die (You guys sure do love your books.)

Conversations With Imaginary People (In My Head) (Talking about the process of creating characters for a novel sure makes me sound crazy. But you loved my crazy, didn’t you?)

Letter to My “Enemy” (Best off-topic post. But it needed to be said, and you agreed.)

How to Get Yourself Off Your Lazy Butt and Start Writing Already (I guess you all just needed a little nudge to get yourself moving.)

How to Finish Your Best Writing Day Ever (Best. Post. Ever.)

How to Stop Yourself From Ditching Your Novel At Very The Last Minute (Most Tweeted.)

Paracosm (If the movie Inception was a blog post, this would be it.)

The 4 Essential Elements of A Writing Schedule That Works For You (And it worked. For you.)

Motivation! (But then again, you gained 5 pounds from all the red velvet cupcakes you rewarded yourself with.)

The Secret to Staying Loyal to Your Writing Schedule (Somehow I managed to turn writing into a religion. Go figure.)

Ollin’s Picks

(Some great stuff you might have missed.)

Risk. (My very first post. It even felt like a risk to write it. Told you everything you needed to know about how I came to start writing my novel and this blog.)

Failure. (I went through a lot of pain to learn the lessons in this post. I hope it taught you how to confront failure head on.)

How to Write Effective Dialogue (Tried and true advice on how to create excellent dialogue and develop realistic characters. Priceless knowledge gained from my years and years of studying acting.)

The Man of Small Things (Turns out writing a novel helps you appreciate the “mini” things in life.)

Persistence. (Developing a strong offensive against life’s challenges was an important lesson for me. Plus, that toilet metaphor is still one my all-time fav’s.)

My name is Ollin, and I’m a Writer (This post is about getting over your fear about telling people you are a writer. Turns out nobody cares either way.)

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Process (Who knew writer’s block was a good thing? You didn’t. Until this post.)

How to Start Your Best Writing Day Ever (Trying the tips I share in this post on me first was the most fun I ever had preparing for a blog post.)

The Creator of Courage (My guest post on how nature can inspire your creativity.)

The Story of How An Unfit Man, Allergic to Any Kind of Physical Activity, Fell In Love With Running and Became A Better Writer in The Process (Running my first 5k was a HUGE step for me, and the experience was surprisingly helpful to my writing.)

Most Popular Guest Posts

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Applying to Artist Residencies” by Jennifer Chen

How to Annoy A Rookie Writer” by Lua Fowles

Are any of your favorites missing from the lists above? Let us know in the comments below.

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