Best Moments In Courage (2011)

Best Moments In Courage (2011)

2011 has been a momentous year for me and my blog.

But you know what the best part of this year was, readers? The best part of this year was hearing your feedback, getting your personal messages, reading your thoughtful comments, and seeing how the content I shared on my blog was really helping transform your lives for the better. It really warms my heart to think that something I wrote influenced you in a positive way.

A reader recently spoke very kindly of me by saying that I “challenged” him. Which I thought was interesting, because I think the feeling is mutual. Because the truth is, readers, as much as I might challenge you, it is you who continue to challenge me. You come to me with your problems, and in that act, you challenge me to find a solution to those problems. And it always turns out that your problems are the same problems that everyone else has. (Even people who aren’t writers.) Every day, you challenge me to solve the problems of the human condition–and this, I have found, is truly a gift.

So, as I wrap up this year, I want to thank you for challenging me to become a better writer, a better blogger, and a better person. If I am to be honest, my best moment of this year was “meeting,” interacting, and helping all of you.

Now, since this is my last post of 2011, I just want to say: may you all have a Happy Holiday, and may the New Year bring you love, hope, compassion, and a step closer to your wildest dreams. I look forward to spending another fabulous year with all of you.

Unfortunately, the year is nearly done. But the good news is that it’s time to round up the best moments of Courage 2 Create in 2011. Enjoy.

much love,


P. S. I’ll be back on January 9th 2012 with brand new posts. But, in the meantime, I’ve scheduled some of C2C’s classic posts to roll out during the holidays for your enjoyment. (Also, please note that after this Friday, December 23rd, I will not be around to moderate comments, so please be patient. Your comments may not be approved until after January 9th. Thank you.)


Reader’s Picks

The following are the Most Viewed posts in 2011:

How To Cure Writer’s Block And Never Stop Being Productive–Ever

Turns out writer’s block is a huge problem for all of you. Who knew the cure was so simple, right?

Rebuilding The Wall

It’s poetic. It’s vague. I haven’t yet explained what it’s about. But still, surprisingly, it really moved you.

5 Common Myths People Have About Finding Their Passion

Turns out that figuring out your passion isn’t always as easy as they say it is. This post made the process a bit more clear, and you appreciated it.

What To Do When Your Best Isn’t Good Enough

Quite possibly The Most Influential C2C post of 2011. It taught you that life wasn’t always about winning–sometimes it’s just about enduring it all.

How To Make Yourself Write When You Really Really Really Don’t Want To

Ironically, I really really really didn’t want to write this post. And, yet, I got it written. But the biggest shocker for me: finding out that you all loved it anyway.

Why There Is Such A Thing As A Writer Who Doesn’t Write and Why He Needs Our Love Not Our Scorn

The Most Controversial C2C post of 2011. It’s when I said that a writer is who you are and not what you do. A few dissenters didn’t like me saying that. But an overwhelming majority of you couldn’t have agreed more.

“Show, Don’t Tell” Explained In A Language Grown Ups Could Understand

The post that helped you finally understand what the common phrase “Show, Don’t Tell” actually means.

Dealing With Your Emotions As You Write

As they say: “Feeling is healing,” and, in this post, you learned that “feeling” also helps you get back to writing, too.

3 Paradigm Shifts To Help You Make Your Writing Meaningful

2011 was a year where world events really hampered people’s motivation to write and pursue their passion. In this post, I laid down the reasons why, even in the face of a world tragedy, your work was still incredibly meaningful.

7 Simple Ways To Ease Your Writing Stress

The post that taught you that the easiest way to get through a complicated, stressful situation was to smile and say “Hi!”

Reader’s Picks: Guest Posts and Interviews

(I am very thankful to my guest bloggers and interview subjects who helped me raise the standard of quality for the C2C this year. C2C would not be where it is today without you. Thank you.)

The following are the Most Viewed Guest Posts and Interviews of 2011:

How To Write A Wildly Successful Web Series by Issa Rae

The post that landed the C2C on a major news site (The Huffington Post) for the first time.

Living For An Impact Greater Than Numbers: An Interview With Leo Babauta

Leo has been an inspiration for me almost since I began blogging. It was an honor to finally get to interview him. And what to do you know? I got him to share some wisdom he hadn’t shared before. Sweet!

How To Make People Fall In Love With Grammar: An Interview With Grammar Girl

You mean Grammar Girl makes grammar mistakes and gets called out for them? No way!

Long Live The Introvert! Why Being “Anti-Social” Is Also A Skill by Lisa Rivero

A fascinating look at how introverts are more “normal” than they’re often portrayed to be.

How to Break Into Magazine Article Writing by Linda Formichelli

The process of becoming a freelance writer was never made more simple and more direct–until this post.

Who Has Authority Online? An Interview With Jane Friedman

An essential post for any writer trying to make their way through a sea of fake experts and scammers, in order to find that rare pearl: an authority they can trust.

Is Getting A Masters In Creative Writing Really Worth It? by Kristin Offiler

The answer: yes. But for reasons you probably didn’t expect.

7 Secrets You Should Know About The Craft and Business of Writing Fiction by Therese Walsh and Kathleen Bolton

The lovely ladies from Writer Unboxed shared their biggest lessons as published authors in today’s publishing world.

Profiles In Courage: Six Writers and Their Success Stories by Victoria Mixon

Instead of sharing the stereotypical, “linear” stories of success, Mixon invited us to question the nature of success itself. What is success? And when do we really achieve it?

Spotlight On: One Journalist’s View of News Media Today: An Interview with Porter Anderson

In this interview, Porter explains what’s happening with the news media today–from the point of view of someone who has worked in the industry for decades. This interview is a MUST READ for everyone.

Ollin’s Picks

And now for some great posts you might have missed this past year:

Why You’re Only 1/4 of A Writer And How To Make You Whole Again

My first guest post on a big name blog, and the first time I explained my own personal story in great detail. I also shared my holistic approach to writing here, and how you can successfully execute this holistic approach in your own life.

How To Stop Yourself From Ditching Your Novel At The Very Last Minute

This post taught you how to commit to a project–all the way up to the finish line.

Absolutely Everything You Need To Make Your Blog Outstanding

The guest post that made me a problogger. It also taught you that being outstanding in blogging (and in life) is a lot more straightforward than you thought.

How to Survive Your Worst Writing Day Ever

You probably won’t understand just how useful this post is until you’ve actually had Your Worst Writing Day Ever. Only then might you appreciate what incredibly helpful tips are hidden within this post.

What’s The Use In Writing? A Whole Lot More Than You Think

If you ever found yourself saying to yourself: “What’s the use?” Read this post, and you’ll find the answer.

The Key To Finding Peace When You Sit Down To Write

The lessons I shared in this post were fundamental to helping me establish peace in my own life. If you feel like your life is always chaotic, then you MUST read this post.

3 Ways To Strengthen Your Faith In Yourself and Your Journey

The challenges the world faces today can be disheartening, but I still have faith that we’ll overcome it all.

5 Steps To Overcoming Writer Regression

The post that taught you that your “regression” could actually be a good thing.

6 Steps To Establishing Healthy, Long-Lasting Friendships

I just love the image of the mangy dog in this post. It always brings a smile to my face.

75 Ways to Become a Top Ten Blogger

The Most Underrated C2C Post of 2011. If I were a beginning blogger, I would sit down and read this series from beginning to end (start at #75 and work your way up to #1). This three-part post remains one of the best posts I’ve ever written.

 See something missing? Please share your favorite C2C moments of the year with us in the comments below!

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