How To Act

How To Act

This post is a part of an ongoing series entitled MIP (Man In Progress). After my 25th Birthday I decided to improve three aspects of my life, my physical well-being, my romantic relationships, and my writing career. My philosophy is that a writer’s work and his life are irrevocably intertwined and in order to improve one, we inevitably have to improve the other.

“A sacrament is a visible sign of invisible grace. In that definition there is a fine acknowledgement of how the unseen world comes to expression in the visible world… All our inner life and intimacy of soul longs to find an outer mirror. It longs for a form in which it can be seen, felt, and touched.”

– John O’ Donohue

There is a moment when the dark times recede, when the winter of our lives gives way to spring, and in that spring everything that sorted itself out in the winter time, begins to show.

At first, the new us emerges in secret. And no one really notices it because it appears as if nothing has changed.

But then the new us starts to become our skin, it starts to forge a new path of its own, it starts to show up on our very clothes, until finally, the big shifts within us begin to slowly reveal themselves in the way we act.

We almost have no choice. We must act different, for the core of us is different. Our actions sprout up from a solid root of being, and these actions from branches of progress that are so much more stronger than any type of limb we ever sprouted before.

We are not only renewed on the inside, but we become an “Agent of Renewal” on the outside.

Our actions come from a seat of grace, and these actions are powerful. Effective. Clean.

But none of this would have ever been possible without the bitter winter. None of this would have been as sweet for us without a cold, dark period. We needed to clear things up within us in order to get going in life, and follow the dream. And now that we are all done doing our tidying up on the inside, it’s as if we are going about the business of tidying up everything on the outside as well.

And so it begins.

Our feet become engines of progress. We move and react in ways congruent to who we really are and who we were meant to be and, suddenly, a kind of “conscience doing” emerges. A habit of deliberate action.

How To Act

We do a great disservice to our dark times if we do not act differently in the times of light.

Each tragedy seen, heard, or experienced should never be “wasted.” It should be worked through and healed, until it changes the way you act afterward–for the better.

Sort through the ache inside of you first, but do not end it there. Once the inside is healed and clear, let this healing be what drives every action you take in life.

If you are healed, let your actions heal. Since you are, at the core, a healed person, let your actions reflect that now.

If you have found peace in your dark times, act peacefully in the time of light. If you found clarity in your dark times, act with clarity in the times of light. If you found answers in your time of darkness, act without question when under the light.

The internal part of us that was reborn yearns to be expressed externally. This part of us is dying to break free, dying to throw its wet paint on the canvas of the world.

It wants no more words, because words are for the darkness. Words are for quiet, internal times.

Actions are for the spring. “The doing” is for the light.

The winter of life should change you so much, so much, that in the spring time of life you act in a way that was impossible for you beforehand. You act in a way that is more courageous than your previous self. You act in a way that reflects a deep change in you.

If you do not act according to who you have now become (on the inside) then all the work of the wintertime will have been a waste, and you will have lost one of the greatest lessons of the Spring.

So don’t do that. Don’t make that mistake.

You must act.

How do you act?

You act in accordance with the values of the new person you have become.

Or you do not act at all.

Update On My Writing Career Progress

I’ve had some bad luck getting feedback from my novel. For reasons completely out of my control, things have just not being going forward in that arena.

So, recently, I decided to stop waiting idly by and I started to take action: I sent a fresh copy of my book to a new reader to look over.

Before I sent my manuscript through the mail, I scribbled this note in my chicken scratch writing:

“Dear P,

Thank you for your help.

Angels of Postponement have delayed me. Hopefully you will have better luck. 

Please take care of my words and their author.

Hope you are well.



I tucked the note inside the manuscript and sent it on its way.

After I left the building, I thought about how many different possibilities suddenly present themselves to you as soon as you start to take action.

Because the more you act in accordance with your soul, the more you realize with both great terror and wonder that anything can happen as a result.

much love,


Today’s Courage Exercise

Act in accordance with your soul.

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