Allow Abundance To Flow Into Your Life Today

Allow Abundance To Flow Into Your Life Today

“Hey Ollin. My writing used to be very hard for me, I used to struggle to make it happen, but today I’ve reached a point where my writing flows very easily and it’s great! However, I want to be able to channel all this new energy into something definite and concrete: a finished piece. But I’m afraid if I try to do that I’ll go back to my previous state: struggling with writing. What should I do?”

It sometimes happens that writing is not a struggle, but an effortless endeavor that is very fruitful.

When those moments happen, we can be a bit shocked: we’re so used to the struggle that anything easy feels like a cheap trick.

Certainly, the rug will be pulled out from under me at any moment, we think. This can’t last for long, we think. All of this abundance, and all of it so, suddenly. And where did it all come from? we think. And why now? we think. And why me? we think.

Certainly this is all too good to be true, we think.

But it isn’t.

It’s good and it’s true.

Writing is going well for you and you would do yourself a grave injustice if you didn’t allow this new abundance flow into your life.

You should know from those moments when writing was like wading through the desert that the moments when you finally find an oasis should be celebrated, enjoyed, and cherished.

Abundance has arrived in your life, and it is your time to make the most of it.

Try your best to make this newfound abundance serve your dream; but if your dream remains unfinished by the time that abundance makes its way out of your life, do not worry: this time of abundance will come again one day, even though it will not last then either.

Because you are right to fear that this moment of abundance is temporary–that’s because it is temporary.

It’s part of a cycle, a never-ending cycle.

Allow Abundance Into Your Life Today

Every moment of abundance in the writing process is always followed by a dry spell. Just like every moment of abundance in life is followed by a dry spell, too.

But every dry spell must give way to a moment of abundance eventually. It’s just the way life works. And it goes on and on like this.

But what makes it worse for us is if we spend our time fearing scarcity when life is currently abundant; or when we spend our time craving abundance when our life is currently in a moment of scarcity.

This is backwards.

When life is abundant, allow abundance into your life. Enjoy it. Embrace it. Revel in it.

But when the dry spells comes again, change your tune: humble yourself. Cherish scarcity. Honor the poverty. Be empty as the emptiness that surrounds you.

Your fear is that these cycles of life are not to be trusted: that scarcity comes when you least need it in your life. Or that abundance, when presented to you, will not last long enough for you to suck every last drop of “wonderful” from it.

But you are wrong.

You believe life is against you, when it is not.

Life brings you scarcity when you desperately need it, and it showers you with abundance when the time is right.

So, instead of being suspicious of life’s intentions for you, trust that this moment of abundance is here for a reason and, therefore, should be enjoyed and embraced.

Trust that when the dry spell comes again–as it most certainly will–that it will arrive for a reason, too (maybe so that you can take stock of what is truly important, who knows?)

Trust that life is not a rat race where it’s all about you rushing to the finish line as fast as you can.

No, life is more about being able to live the lesson of each moment–whether it is about scarcity or whether it is about abundance. Whether it’s about being dry or whether it is about being overflowing. Whether it’s about being empty, or whether it is about being full. Whether it is about being stuck or whether it is about finally being able to move.

Today, if the world is overflowing for you, drink it up while you still got the chance, and don’t you worry about tomorrow. The story will reach its conclusion when the time is right: you just do your best to live the lesson of every phase of the process.

much abundance,


Today’s Courage Exercise

Allow abundance to flow in your writing today, and don’t worry that it will run out before you can get the most out of it.

Allow abundance to flow into your life today, and don’t worry that it will run out before you can get the most out of it.

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