Letting The Wall Rise

Letting The Wall Rise

Editor’s note: Read Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3.

“What is primary from the standpoint of purpose is the true overall goal. This situation is like people building a house. They have to lay the foundation first, but the foundation is for the house, and the house is for living in.”

– Emanuel Swedenborg

My old wall. It had a hole in it. So I destroyed it.

I tore it down to build it back up again.

I started the new wall with a brick. Just a brick. So pathetic, and so small, but so important.

That brick grew and grew and the new wall rose and rose.

But I was tired. I was spent. Nearly gave up.

And then others came to my aid, and I understood that it was not my wall. But our wall. We were rebuilding it together.

But now, all of a sudden, the wall rises on its own. Brick by brick. It comes together as if by magic and now I’m starting to see, with great astonishment, where this is was all heading:

The hole led me to destroy and rebuild.

The brick led me to begin with the smallest part of me (which was also, coincidentally, the strongest part of me.)

The “almost giving up” led me to understand that I was not alone, but assisted.

Now, as the wall rises and nears its completion, it is starting to become clear to me what is to come next…

You see The Hole was for the destruction, The Brick was for the foundation, The Help was for the better vision, and now…

Now that the wall is near completion, I see it was only a means to an end.

The wall I’ve been rebuilding over the years is not so that one day I could have a new wall in place: it is so that one day I could have an entire house for me to live in.

Now that the new wall is near completion, I am shocked to find that there will still be a home to be made. A home where I am to live. A home where I am to reside in for my entire life.

This doesn’t make any sense, I know. But what you interpret is what it means. (That’s all that matters, anyway.)

The pattern in which my story has unfolded follows an ancient script. But it is all hidden in a word. (Just don’t get lost in translation.)

You will come to know that pattern, too. Those who seek. Those who do not seek, will only read nonsense here. They will not understand the core of what I am telling them.

This will all make sense to you one day.

But, for now, all I can tell you is this: the wall was just foreshadowing.

Just a symbol.

A precursor.

It turns out the recovery process is a type of preparation for what is to come.

What is to come?

The Climax, of course.

From here on out, it’s all rising action.

– B

(Cue Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, Movement 2)

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