How Committed Are You To Fulfilling Your Wildest Dream? A Guide To Signing Life Contracts

How Committed Are You To Fulfilling Your Wildest Dream? A Guide To Signing Life Contracts

Four years ago, I had lost everything. I didn’t know it then, but that was about the best thing that ever happened to me, because it forced me disregard everything and simply focus on my passion: writing.

Once I did that, it was magical. Suddenly a flurry of circumstances, events, experiences and people came to my aid to assist me in accomplishing my dream of writing my first novel. Whereas before I felt lost, unanchored and confused about what I was supposed to do in life, as soon as I trusted what moved me the most, suddenly all the chips started to fall in place.

Back then, I would not have been able to describe exactly why things had so suddenly changed in this positive way.

Thankfully, today, I have a better grasp of what it was that I did that improved my life for the better so that today I can share this knowledge with you, so that you too can move through your life with a better sense of purpose, ease, and peace—knowing exactly why you came onto this earth.

You Have A Life Contract—You Just Haven’t Signed It Yet

At my work, I deal a lot with contracts, and I have come to learn that one of the main reasons people don’t sign a contract is not because they are not ready to enter a partnership with my company, but because they are afraid to commit to any kind of partnership with any kind of individual or organization. In fact, they are afraid to commit to just about anything. They would rather play it safe and stay where they are: where they are most comfortable.

I have great respect for people who refuse to enter a partnership with my company out of a belief that we are just not the right fit for them, or that their personal life is just in so much turmoil they simply can’t commit to a partnership at this time, or that they simply aren’t’ sold on the idea (which I take full responsibility for, since that is my primary job: selling the company to potential partners.) But what does frustrate me to no end is when an individual actually sees clearly how beneficial the partnership will be for them and their career and they are fully sold on the idea, but they still refuse to sign a contract with us because they fear all signed commitments.

This experience has provided me with some valuable insights that I’d like to share with you today:

  1. Life is often waiting on us to take the lead in our lives, and a big part of being a leader is committing to a specific dream or mission and seeing that dream or mission through to the very end—no matter what.
  2. Life is okay with us asking it for what we want but, in the end, It still has to know that we are truly committed to the thing we want in order for It to respond with the appropriate experiences, events, and people to help you achieve what it is you want.
  3. There are contracts in life and you need to sign on the bottom line for them to take affect. A person cannot get away with abstaining from all contracts for long. Life requires your commitment to something, or else it will not take you seriously and send you only things that require no commitment: which translates into things with zero value. Your spirit, itself, comes with a contract, with stipulations that you must commit to a purpose in order for your fulfillment to take place. If you never sign the bottom line, however, life will never honor that contract. You will never soar beyond things that require no commitment, and you will blame life for not giving you everything you want, in return for nothing. You see: either you’re “all in” or you’re not, there’s no in between. If you do not commit to life, life will not commit to you. (By not committing fully to your dreams, you are basically sending Life the signal that you aren’t serious about your dreams.)
  4. There is no such thing as a life contract with “no strings attached” or with no sign of commitment on your end. Many people are very comfortable asking life for what they want, but they do not offer life anything in return for it. Many people are also waiting for life to give them the “signal” that everything is “safe” for them to move forward with their dreams. What that means is that they want the guarantee of a smooth ride: where no hearts get broken, there is no pain, there is no setbacks, no failures, no mistakes, no disappointments, no hard work, no doubting or fearing, and that absolutely nothing will go wrong. They want a “guarantee” that their wildest dream will come true or else they refuse to commit to it. If you are wise enough, you will realize that all these types of requests to adjust your life contract so that it contains no actual risk or commitment from you are very immature and show a sign that you gotta lot of growing up to do. If you are wise enough, you will realize that a life contract MUST have some sort of strings attached and must have a signed commitment from you in order for it to be valid in the eyes of the universe.

To conclude: there are never any guarantees, but what is a guarantee is that as soon as you sign the dotted line on your life contract you will noticed a great shift in you and you will notice that the circumstances in your life will start to move in a more purposeful direction in your favor—not always smooth and steady, but in a gradually positive direction.

How Do I Find My Life Contract?

Over the past four years I have worked with many people from all over the world on this issue of life passions through my blog, and I’ve discovered that 90% of people already know what their life contract is, they’re just too afraid to sign on the dotted line.

But, for those of you who feel that you really, genuinely do not know what it is you are supposed to do in this life, finding that out is actually a very simple process:

Just go with what moves you the most right now, and trust it.

Ask yourself:

What is it that I love to do that I wouldn’t mind doing for the rest of my life; and I wouldn’t mind doing even if no one ever knew that I did it—and even if I never made any money doing it?

What is it that I naturally do when no one is looking, on a daily basis, that I simply do without thinking, but is just part of who I am?

Explore these questions in your journal and see what you find. (One important note: NEVER look for your life contract in other people. Other people will often lead you astray. Even highly advanced spiritual guides can get it wrong. The answers to what is your purpose in this life can only come from within: you are the best authority on this issue.)

How Do I Read What’s In My Life Contract?

Once you know what your purpose is in this life, it is very simple to read your life contract because you are the one who created it.

To “read” your life contract simply ask yourself: what is my wildest dream? What do I always imagine would happen to me that gives me great feelings of joy, relief, peace, and completion?

Write down this “wildest dream” on a piece of paper.

Once its written down, take a step back and read it–because this is your life contract.

You see, your life contract is your creation and it is so very close to your heart that, after doing this exercise, you may agree with me that you always knew the stipulations to the contract, you were just too afraid to admit it to yourself.

Can I Get Out of My Life Contract?

You can always get out of your life contract, but be warned: whenever you pull out of your contract, so does life. So if you choose to terminate the contract too early, do not be surprised if your life returns to the chaotic, confused mess of your past.

It is very likely that if you wish to terminate your life contract prematurely, then you have lost trust in yourself, or you have lost trust in life to manifest your wildest dreams.

This loss of trust is likely coming from the fact that you have finally run into one of those “stipulations” in your life contract that you don’t particularly love, like: “you’re going to have to change jobs; or: you’re going to have to leave that negative friend; or; you’re going to have to get a divorce; or: you’re going to have to move; or: you’re going to have to share your creative work with complete strangers who may judge you in order to get feedback, etc.”

If you feel that you want to terminate your life contract prematurely, ask yourself if you aren’t just being immature about what it really takes to manifest your wildest dream. Ask yourself if you really want to give up on your dream, or if you just reached a particularly challenging juncture on the journey that is pushing you down a path that you are not comfortable with—but that you know you have to travel down if you want to achieve your wildest dream.

When Does My Life Contract End?

It ends whenever your wildest dream is manifested and reaches its completion.

What If That Doesn’t Happen?

Then your life contract isn’t over yet.

Yeah, But What If It’s Too Late (or Impossible) To Manifest What I Want To Manifest?

It is never too late and anything is possible.

If you are having trouble manifesting what it is you want, you may still be wishing for a contract with no strings attached, hoping life will give you what you want just because you asked for it and not giving life anything in return to show your true commitment to manifesting your dream.

Recognize that this is the childish, entitled part of you that you must let go: anything worth anything in this life requires commitment, tough decisions, and a willingness on your behalf to challenge and grow yourself in the ways you need to grow and challenge yourself in order for you to achieve your wildest dream.

Do I Get A New Life Contract Once This One Reaches Its Completion?

Yes, of course. (But worry about later, when the time comes.)

Okay, Ollin, So How Do I Finally Sign On The Bottom Line?

It’s very easy: you sign your life contract when you begin to act in ways congruent to your life contract.

For instance: if you know your wildest dream is to be a writer, then simply begin to write. If you know your wildest dream is to be a dancer, then start dancing. If you know your wildest dream is to be a chef, then start cooking!

To sign your life contract all you have to do is make a thoughtful decision to begin following your purpose and you will see a dramatic shift in your life.

If you want to make absolutely sure you’ve signed your life contract, you may speak your decision out loud, or write it down in your journal.

Something like this:

“I finally decide to pursue my passion and follow my purpose to do _______. I will do everything in my power to manifest my wildest dream in this life and I will see it through to the end no matter what happens.”

Once you’ve spoken this out loud, or written it down on paper, then begin acting in a way that honors this statement and watch as miracles begin to unfold for you.

much signed love,


Today’s Courage Exercise

Sign your life contract.

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