The Courageous Creator Manifesto

The Courageous Creator Manifesto

We, courageous creators, believe that life is an opportunity to create the life we want and create the kind of work we dream of one day sharing with the world.

We believe that creativity is important and we thrive when we bring our ideas from the dark soil of mere musings to the bright light of physical reality.

We do not fit into a box and we won’t let you put us into a box.

We believe that we are more than our minds: we are body, we are heart, we are community and we are spirit—and we believe that all five parts of us must be cared for and nourished in order to truly honor our soul’s calling.

We love to dream and we honor these dreams as sacred.

We don’t let the haters bring us down, and, in fact, we use their negative energy to only lift us higher up.

(I have found that your enemies, haters, and doubters can be some of the best catalysts for your positive change and growth. Most people use their haters and doubters to discourage them, drag them down, and cause them trip and fail, but I have found the most effective thing to do is to use the fire they ignite in you as fuel for pushing yourself to succeed even more in the area of your passion. It’s the basic principle of jiu jitsu: use your opponents attack against himself so that he trips and falls, meanwhile, you don’t just stay standing but you use their opposing energy to launch you further off the ground into greater heights of success.)

We love to ponder the meaning of life.

We love wisdom.

When others choose fear, we choose love. When others choose despair, we choose hope. When others choose negativity, we choose positivity.

We aren’t what they say we should be. We are who we think we should be.

We are beautiful, courageous, and smart.

We yearn to go deeper, we yearn to live wider, we yearn to be the fullest expression of ourselves—and we honor that yearning.

Unlike others, we listen to our intuition.

Unlike others, we believe that the impossible is possible.

Unlike others, we let ourselves be perfectly imperfect by letting ourselves trip, fail, and make mistakes—but not letting those setbacks discourage us.

We are unique. We are crazy. We are thoughtful.

We stand for peace, we stand for compassion, we stand for understanding and we stand for forgiveness.

We stand up for the arts and its importance in the story of humanity. Because art is what makes life worth living: it is the gift at the end of the long, dark road that keeps us moving forward in the midst of our struggle. Art is what we hope to win at the end of battle: a moment of regal beauty, a singular instance of stellar spirit, a blissful incarnation of something we know we do not know—and yet we know it all too well.

We, courageous creators, love originality, we love the truth, we love to listen.

We know it’s not all about us, and we seek connection whenever we can.

We embrace change, we embrace the challenge, we embrace our limitations and our shortcomings.

We see life like a story that is unfolding, and ourselves as a character in this story, and each lesson as a new chapter in a great novel written by both us and The Great Spirit.

We love adventure. We love suspense. We love surprises.

We courageous creators will always honor the small things while recognizing the bigness of the universe and our place within it. We, courageous creators, honor our purpose in this life and choose to take up the mantle of progress and fulfillment that this purpose represents.

We, courageous creators, seek answers to our questions, solutions to our riddles, and cures for our brokenness. We are empowered. We are strong. We are on our way home, but feeling that maybe we’ve been at home all along.

We keep doing our own thing despite other people’s judgements of us, and we have unwavering faith in the future. We’re reliable, but not foolishly consistent. We don’t care for fame: we want to be useful.  We take responsibility for our lives, and we open ourselves up to new opportunities however and whenever they arrive.

We are a new breed. A new race. A new faction.

And we only get better and more refined every year.

They haven’t heard of us, but soon they will. They don’t see how we can change the world, but it’s already too late: we’ve been changing it. They were hoping we would shut up and stay in our place and just consume what they shoved into our eyes and ears and nose and mouth and not “rock the boat” but, lo and behold: we are breaking the mold, we are creating the world we want to create despite their discouragement and their fear-mongering; we are dismantling the deadened, superficial, crowd-pleasing status-quo one day at a time.

We are the new trend and we are reaching the masses without a permission slip. We will create it and they will hear it.

And they will love it.

much love,


Today’s Courage Exercise 

Add to this manifesto by writing down what else you think defines a “courageous creator.”

Please share your additions with us in the comments below!

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