2014’s Best Moments of Courage

2014’s Best Moments of Courage

Hey courageous creators,

Well, it is time to wrap up the year with a round up of some of the best moments in courage! This year was a pretty momentous year for me. I rolled out a new home and website design for The C2C, I published not 1 but 2 eBooks, which meant for the first time this blog made some dinero off of my original writing and finally, I hosted my first live reading at a local bookstore and coffee shop. (Oh and I hosted this very awkward and incredibly long Google Hangout. Whateves.)

Pretty awesome, eh?

Also, some more unexpected good news: the person who was reading my novel finally got back to me with some feedback–and she loved it! Now back to the drawing board to make some fixes.

So, I’ll be taking a hiatus from the blog and I’ll be back with new posts on January 19th, 2015.

In the meantime, I’ll be sharing some classic C2C posts for your enjoyment. (You know you love the re-runs as much as the originals. It’s like I Love Lucy: Lucy accidentally getting drunk off of vitavitavegamin never gets old. Oooh Lucy. You’re a character)

As you know, my best friend is Pepe The Stingray, and we have rented a houseboat for the Holidays. We’ll be drinking eggnog and building gingerbread houses, all while watching It’s A Wonderful Life by our aquatic fireplace.

We will be thinking of all you.

My personal message to you is that I hope you enjoyed this year growing and learning with me and I wish you all the best this holiday season and in the new year.

Pepe The Stingray, on the other hand, begs and pleads with you to please curb climate change because his ecosystem is deteriorating and his offspring will probably be the last in their lineage don’t you understand you silly mammal that the future of the planet rests in your grubby and entitled human hands!?!?

Oh and he also says to save him a tamale.

Happy Holidays!

much love,


Best Moments of Courage 2014 (Readers Picks)

The following are the blog posts of 2014 that got the most views from my readers:

1. How To Get Over The Fear of Starting Something New

By unanimous consent everyone was in agreement that they were scared as frak about starting something new and needed some assistance STAT.

I’m glad this post helped!

2. The Courageous Creator

For the first time, I gave a name to my fan base. You were all dubbed “Courageous Creators.” The thing I love about this name is that it has nothing to do with me, but everything to do with you and the passionate idea we all share together that we are all the creators of our own destiny. Judging by the popularity of this post, you all loved the new name. (Which is good because my second choice was: “Ollin’s Superbadass Samurai Warriors In Corduroy Pants And Ugg Boots.”)

3. How To Cheer Up When You’re Going Through A Creative Depression

Ahhhh. You sad? You depressed? Could it just be that you’re going through a creative depression? Or could it just be all the racial strife? Actually it might just be all the racial strife. That would also make sense.

4. 3 Secrets To Following Through On (Nearly) Everything You Do

Ironically, I almost didn’t follow through on writing this “Best Moments of Courage” post. I got pulled into Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” music video again. (Boy is there a lot of booty in that thing.)

5. How Committed Are You To Fulfilling Your Wildest Dream? A Guide To Signing Life Contracts.

Are you really committed to fulfilling your wildest dream? Maybe not as much as you think you are…

6. Why It’s Important to Deepen Your View Of What’s Happening To You

Wow. Things got really deep here. But I’m glad you guys were willing to go there with me.

7. 3 Ways To Restore Your Creative Energy

The post you guys were all waiting for since I started this blog five years ago. It turns out the answer is a lot more practical than you think.

8. My Thoughts On Poverty and Privilege

Poverty isn’t pretty, but you can be pretty being poor.

9. A Beginning “Mind Control” Guide For Writers

For all those folks who can’t seem to get a handle on all their worried and anxious thoughts–here’s a way to handle that spinning wheel of craziness.

10. How To Prepare For Flight

Apparently the fifth year of the C2C was all about getting ready for enlightenment. Holy @#%@#%#@!!!! I did not see that coming. I thought I was just gonna end up being Bruce Willis’ ghost or something.

Ollin’s Picks (Great Posts You Might Have Missed)

1. How To Develop A Good Theme For Your Story

Life has patterns. Follow them. Life also has traffic signs. You should follow those, too, or, you know, you could die.

2. The Courageous Creator Manifesto

Not only do I give you a name this year, dear readers, but you also got your very own manifesto. Your welcome Ollin’s Superbadass Samurai Warriors In Corduroy Pants And Ugg Boots… Sorry, I meant to say: Courageous Creators. (Ok, I’m starting to think I picked the wrong nickname for you guys. Darn.)

3. My Thoughts On Manhood

I haven’t heard many modern man seriously discuss the current state of manhood. I encourage more men to do the same. We need to have this discussion.

4. How To Develop A Good Character

You see, it’s about why people should be honest with other people AND its teaching you a basic storytelling lesson. Get it? It’s like a two-fer. It’s like “character” in a fictional character sense, but it’s also “character” in like you’re developing your own character… like personally…. like not just fictionally… but in a real sense…. oh never mind … you get it. But do you really, get it? Because it’s like a really clever way to… never mind… now I’m just starting to sound like a douchebag.

5. The Courage To NOT Create

Uh oh. Ollin’s getting all ironic with his blog post titles. Watch out.

6. 5 Exercises To Help You Cope With The Pressures of Life

If you didn’t get the Pepe The Stingray joke I made above, this is where it’s from. Now the real C2C super fan will know what this joke is in reference to, because at one point I did write a blog post about becoming a friend with a non-human animal. Whoever can tell me what post that post was and what animal it was gets a prize!

7. Untitled

I don’t know why I get all poetic sometimes.

8. Why Investing In Yourself Is The Best Investment You Could Ever Make

Be your very own Shark Tank.

9. How To Avoid Getting Burned When Someone Tries To Take Advantage of Your Kind Heart

This post has many years of wisdom in it. It will save you a lot of pain and heartache if you follow its advice, I guarantee you.

10. Don’t Forget To Celebrate Yourself Today

A great way to wrap up the new year. Break out the champagne, folks and celebrate!

What moments of courage did you enjoy this year in your personal life? Please share in the comments below!

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