Last Time On Downton Abbey (Or: What Happened On Courage 2 Create These Last 5 Years)

Last Time On Downton Abbey (Or: What Happened On Courage 2 Create These Last 5 Years)

Quick! Hurry! Read this post to learn about what happened on Courage 2 Create the first three years and then come back here to read the rest!

Chapter Four: Recovery.

Ollin began Chapter Four with a brand new full-time job.

This was the beginning of a string of several fortunate events that occurred, which also included the re-appearance of an old flame who Ollin had realized he still had deep feelings for. (Which was kinda crazy right? Talk about synchronicity!)

All of this put Ollin in a pretty awesome mood and so, in this chapter, he talked a lot about accepting abundance into your life, bringing excitement back into your life. He argued for having more ambition, for following through on the goals you set for yourself, and for celebrating your victories.

Not everything was unicorns and rainbows though: Ollin also addressed how to deal with those difficult people in your life, and accepting your imperfections, and the limited amount of time we have on this earth to do what we want to do. He also kinda threw some shade on the notion of discipline. (Oh-no-he-didn’t!) He basically said that we shouldn’t try to achieve discipline: we should instead focus on achieving devotion instead. (Which basically meant you should allow love to motivate you–not self-judgement or self-criticism.)

He also called you out for hesitating so much and told you just do it already.

He also did something he never thought he’d do: he became a vegetarian.

And his reader’s were like:

“What? Really!? But meat is so juicy and delicious–why would you give up something that gives you so much joy? Why do you hate joy, Ollin!? Why!?”

And Ollin was like:

“Dude, I’m doing it for my health. Because I’m getting fat.”

And his readers where like:

“Yeah, we know… we kinda noticed a while back you were getting a little chubby there. I mean, we didn’t say anything because, you know, we figured it made you more huggable–which was a plus, right? Right?”

And Ollin just stared at his readers blankly.

Later on in the chapter, Ollin talked about how progress was a spiral, which people kinda got but kinda didn’t (you know how sometimes he gets kinda cryptic right?) but basically we think it means that we don’t mature in a linear way, but we kind of go back and forth, sort of in circles, but not quite, because we can make it to achieving our goals, but it’s just that sometimes we relapse, and well, that’s totally normal: it’s the way things actually work. So no need to feel like a dumb-bat.

Towards the end of the chapter, Ollin launched his first eBook and then launched a new home for the blog. He finally named his fanbase, courageous creators, who he believes really represent a movement–a new way of life–a new perspective and approach that he believes is starting to gain momentum.

Finally, Ollin shared the story of how the ex-flame who had returned into his life ended up revealing that he had moved on, and so all the excitement surrounding the love story kinda fizzled out. (Lame-o!) The bright side is that the whole adventure led to one of the most moving moments in the history of the blog: Ollin was able to connect with so many of you who felt just like he did: in a situation where you loved someone who did not love you in return. It was heartbreaking, true, but it was also healing and beautiful and powerful–and he hopes you found it just as healing as he did.

Then, he went really deep at the end, sharing with you some pretty challenging things he went through near the start of the blog, and through this depth of sharing Ollin learned another important lesson: he learned that sharing both your successes and your hardships can help ground your successes, making those successes so much more meaningful and powerful.

Chapter Five: Flight.

Chapter Five of the C2C began with Ollin hosting his first Google Hangout, hosting his first live reading at a bookstore, and launching his second eBook. (The second eBook was a collection of three of his fiction short stories.)

The Google Hangout was the first time you all heard Ollin’s voice, and you were like:

“I kinda was hoping OIlin was gonna sound more like James Earl Jones meets Morgan Freeman, but I guess Sheldon from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ meets Skeeter from ‘Doug’ will have to do.”

And Ollin was like:

“See? This is why I don’t do video blogs or addicting podcasts about High School teenagers who may or may not have been strangled by their 17 year old ex-boyfriends!!!”

During Chapter Five, Ollin talked about trusting your intuition, dealing with the pressures of life, committing to your dream, and living life with joy.

He talked about the importance of investing in your dreams, restoring your creative energy when your day job has sucked every last drop of it, and recovering from creative depression (which some of his readers said was his best post to date.)

He also lost a lot of weight and taught you how to do it, too. He talked about soul mates and how he was going to start to look for his. He talked about how you can avoid overcommitting yourself, and how to allow life to unfold as it needs to.

He talked about how to get better at networking, because he knows your shyness sometimes gets in the way of your attempting to progress in your career.

He talked about how we should create a new definition of manhood.

He talked about how each of us has themes and symbols in our lives and that if we follow these themes and symbols, and learn how to decipher them, we could solve some of the big issues we are currently dealing with.

Then there was that one time where he told you that you were the answer to someone’s prayer (and you still sort of don’t believe him, but you thought it was a nice thing to say.)

He told you that sometimes narcissism is necessary, but that sometimes you have to move from your own self-centeredness to include the story of the human journey.

He told you to write a mission statement for you life and reposition your life to accomplish this mission statement.

He taught you how to protect your kind heart, how to recognize your own beauty, and how to realize that your wisdom was more valuable than your age.

When you had a bad day, he gave you a little pick-me-up (that you shared all over the place). And when you felt crummy, because everyone around you was treating you like you were a loser for being single, he told you how awesome you were, and that, actually, being single didn’t signal the death-knell of your happiness.

He told you that you should focus on what you really hunger for, and that you should write a note telling yourself how much you love yourself.

(Okay, admittedly, that was totally cheesy. But let’s keep it real: you totally did it, even though you didn’t tell anyone you did. Where are all my C2C superfans who actual do all the courage exercises at the end of each post? You guys are awesome! Holla!)

He shared with you a manifesto that described what a courageous creator was, and he hoped that you would find inspiration and courage in it.

Turns out Chapter Five was all about going big. Really big. (No, seriously: like Guardians of The Galaxy big. Hey: who wants to join Ollin and a group of ragtag misfits as they try to protect a shiny purple ball from a big blue guy who looks like an NFL reject who later joined an S&M monastery?)

No, but all jokes aside: this chapter was all about letting go of all your fears, it was about moving through your pain and not around it, and it was about accepting your oneness with the rest of the world in order to finally reach a state of enlightenment.

Wait… holy-Boy-Meets-World-reboots Batman!

Did he just say… ENLIGHTENMENT?

O… M… G… No… M… S… G…

Okay, so maybe not Enlightenment with a capital “E”–the original flavor–but more like enlightenment lite. (Uh, diet enlightenment? Ugh… hmm.. kay…)

“Does Ollin know that this is just a blog for creative people? Why is he trying to make it more than it is? I know this blog has evolved so much over time, but does it really need to take on the nature of existence itself? Is that really necessary?”

Oh yeah, it is.

He is totally going there, folks, and he’s taking you there with him.

“But why?”

Didn’t you know? Ollin is one crazy mo-fo. Check it. (Sorry new subscribers: you should have been warned. Ha-ha!)

And now his readers are TOTALLY like:

What the frak, Ollin, what does this have to do with creativity? I mean it’s intriguing and all, but where is this all headed? And what did you mean when you said in your last post that we all should just hold hands and jump into some sort of “dream whirlpool” and become “one” with the universe?  What does Stephen Hawking’s creepy computer-generated voice talking about black holes have to do with any of this? I know it’s a metaphor… but for what? Where are you taking us, Ollin? Where are you going with all this?”

And that, dear readers, is what you will find out soon enough.

Chapter 6: Supernova (a.k.a the sixth year of Courage 2 Create) begins next Monday, March 2, 2015.

The crazy adventure continues…

much love,


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