Chapter Seven: Revelation

Chapter Seven: Revelation

Editor’s note: every year of the blog is referred to as a “chapter” on Courage 2 Create. This week marks the sixth year I have been writing this blog, and hence the beginning of the seventh chapter.

The 1982 film “The Thing” features an alien creature that takes on the shape and features of its host. It infiltrates an American research base in the Antarctic threatening to metamorphize into every human on the base.

In order to combat the monster, a character played by Kurt Russell (looking like the 80s heartthrobe he was–back when heartthrobes didnt have to walk around the entire film without their shirt on exposing their glistening 8 pack abs) devises a plan to test the blood of all those on the base, to determine whether they are alien or human.

The plan indeed works and it helps the last survivors fend off a monster who does not immediately reveal itself in physical form, but can lie hidden behind anyone.

The Thing

The monster in that Kurt Russell movie was called The Thing.

I think it is the perfect metaphor for what faces all of us living today: a non-physical force of negativity that would have us in constant fear, panic, depression, anxiety, hatred, anger, sadness and resentment.

This is our Thing. And let’s face it: this Thing can take over any of us.

I propose a solution as how to combat it: take a cue from Kurt Russell, study the root and the monster will reveal itself.

You can tell a bad seed by the bad fruit it bears: a positive person can only generate positivity ; a negative person only negative.

The intention reveals itself in the result.

Another way to say it:

Everything is at peace, chaos is within, we project the chaos outward, so that nothing is at peace.

Be a peacemaker not a chaosmaker. Fight for peace and make them question the chaosmakers.

The Thing loves to create Chaos and Drama, that is because The Thing is made of chaos and drama. Therefore if there is chaos and drama it is originating internally from someone.

It’s like the rule of flatulence: “whoever smelt it dealt it.” Generally, whoever started the chaos is the chaosmaker though they point the finger at another.

The Rule of Fear

Fear, paranoia, hysteria are often used to make people illogical and make rash decisions. 

Always be thoughtful, challenge things–the truth always holds up to the blinding light of inquiry.

There is also this rule when attempting to root out the “The Thing” in your life:

The words don’t matter so much as the feeling does: if you love me, I should feel it and experience it, if I don’t, the words “I love you” are void of meaning.

If the words “I love you” don’t feel like love, it’s good to question the words. Test the root, go to the blood level of the problem.

What is behind the physical exterior?Is it truly love? Or is it The Thing infiltrating through the empty word “love.”

Also: and this part of it is the hardest: we must admit that The Thing can get to us, too.

Therefore, remember: you are responsible for the energy you bring into the room: always make sure you enter it with love, peace, and healing.

The Rule of Love

For the past six years my blog has centered on me writing my novel. As the sixth chapter concludes and the seventh begins we arrive in completely uncharted waters: this story looks to become about me becoming a healer and a messenger, and what rough and tumble adventure that affords me.

Some of you sensed this was coming. Some of you knew it was bound to happen. That surprises me: since I had no idea.

Does this next chapter mean that the journey I tell on this blog will come back to the story I’ve been writing, or is it the story I’ve been writing that, alas, much catch up to the story I’ve been living?

Who will tell, and by this time I have learned to live with wide open heart and with extreme humility at life’s potential to awe me.

I hope my life an serve as an example to all that the more you trust love, the more you deepen it, the more you use it to heal others, the more life’s miracles open themselves to you.

The more you realize that your potential and the potential of life is all dependent on how deep your love for yourself (and for others) is…

How deep that love goes is uncertain.

What is certain: more will soon be revealed.

Much “Happy Sixth Anniversary C2C!”


Chapter Seven of Courage 2 Create begins today!

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