Welcome to The Enlightenment

Welcome to The Enlightenment

Welcome to the enlightenment!
What is the enlightenment? The enlightenment is a process that is going on right now where the frequency of the earth is rising. This creates a situation in which repressed emotions are pushed to the surface and everything is brought to awareness that before has been ignored or repressed.

This appears to be a negative process but really is a positive one that is helping us return to our true nature and bringing us back to the natural wellspring of unconditional love and peace we are all part of: it is rewriting a conditioning based on fear and developing a new paradigm based on love.

I’m Ollin, healer and writer extraordinaire, and I am one of the many assigned to help you through this process, at this time, as humanity is shifting, the following is to be expected in your life:

1. Increase sensitivity to spiritual signals

2. Unprocessed emotions rising to the surface 

3. An acceleration of your spiritual growth in ways you did not expect, did not plan, and we’re not anticipating–perhaps ever.

4. Friction and conflict in relationships 

normally without such drama.

5. Conventional systems increasingly unable or unwilling to provide answers and solutions to your problems.

6. A tearing away of your illusions–fantasies you have clung to, delusions you have harbored will be brought into question or shown to be utterly false. At first this will appear cruel but in the long term you will recognize this as the most gentle and loving way life is trying to make you aware and finally face the truth. For your delusions are the cause of great suffering for you.

7. An increased push from spirit to be more present and aware.

8. Miracles and synchronicities bringing you together with the right people, at the right time for your mutual spiritual growth–but in ways you may have not expected.

9. Disorientation or energetic turbulence felt inside you from you picking up the collective humanity shifting. (Make sure to ground yourself in meditation or go visit nature if you feel this.)

10. Noticing that several people in your life are on the same wavelength as you – thinking the same thoughts or developing on the spiritual path in a similar fashion as you.

11. An increasing need to avoid negativity or negative people because your awareness of its affect on you is becoming more and more acute. (Or you tend to absorb their negativity And it’s too much for you.)

12. Individuals with a dense amount of negativity being drawn to you or hovering about you unconsciously because your conscious nature is very healing to them personally. (Make sure you remember your choice is to heal this individual or leave them, but don’t leave them hovering about you or else they will have an affect on you.)

Much love


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