7 Tips for Handling The Shift

7 Tips for Handling The Shift

Humanity is going through a major shift at the moment, I am one of the many assigned to help you transition.

Remember that the transition is a positive one: it is toward greater awareness, greater healing, and greater oneness.

It is toward deeper lover and deeper peace. But as always with healing, things often get worse before they get better.

Today I offer you 7 Tips For Handling The Shift:

#1. Awareness is critical, practice awareness throughout your day. 

What are you sensing, feeling, thinking about? Is it overtly negative?

Bring awareness to the negativity and it will move out of the system.

#2. Losing your faith is normal – sometimes, in order to truly appreciate, value and know someone, having a great distance between the two of you is helpful. 

If we are too familiar with someone we tend to take them for granted or sometimes we don’t even see them or the magic wears off. 

If you are experiencing a loss of faith this is actually a way of deepening your faith – bringing you closer to God, by taking you far away from him.

It is the wisdom found in the ancient Kabbalah: any definition of God fails because he is too great and expansive to be defined, and as soon as we try to grasp him with a human definition, we lose him.

So in losing him – losing your faith in him – you are actually finding a faith in who he truly is, which is something greater than you have so far imagined.

 #3. Make friends with the darkness.

What I mean by that is make friends with the mystery, the unknown.

So much of what I am describing is impossible to describe and yet you understand it. The darkness was built to test your intuition, develop it, make it stronger. 

External proofs will wither away leaving you finding absolutely no ground to stand on. The only ground you will find will be your very soul.

It will be the only thing you can trust, understand, know.

The darkness is built to condition you out of relying on anything besides your gut. What an extreme way to do it, I know, but one day you will recognize the brilliance of it.

It is only through the darkness where you come to appreciate and respect the power of the light.

 #4. Rely on others

The shift is meant to teach us that none of us can do it alone. This laughs in the face of years of conditioning that say we all need to be independent and self sufficient.

The moment your stop being so stubborn and recognize you need help is the moment you allow the shift to begin to heal you.

we are all in this together, learn to allow the love and healing of others to enter your sweet heart. Learn to be open to their support and healing. Learn to recognize your are deserving of getting assistance…

#5. Rest

If you feel like giving up, don’t take it as a sign of weakeness, take it as a signal to rest and relax.

The feeling of wanting to give up is not wrong – it does not mean you’ve suddenly lost your capacity to be a “go-getter” it just means you are in need of rejuvenation.

 #6: The shift it is inevitable – it is affecting us all – right now. 

You can run away and hide, resist it all you want, but sooner or later your gonna have to move in the collective direction of greater and greater awareness.

Practice being like a willow tree then – be soft, be flexible, be open during the storm. 

Your resistance only makes it worse.

#7. Pay attention to repeated names, books or teachers that keep popping up in conversations, themes and patterns that you notice. 

This is your angel trying to guide you – pay attention and take it seriously because your angel is trying to take care of you in this delicate time. Rest assured that in the signs are the key to help you find peace during this tumultuous time.

Much love,


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