Divine Feminine Rising / Divine Masculine Humbling

Divine Feminine Rising / Divine Masculine Humbling

The Divine Feminine is rising.

This means, in the next few months, for women:

Be encouraged to take up job opportunities, roles, power usually reserved for men – the universe is shifting these opportunities and roles to you for a reason: to empower you and help you achieve your highest self 

For men: 

Expect the women in your life to no longer put up with you neglecting your spiritual and emotional growth and leaving it up to them to pick up the slack. If you are sacked, dumped, or simply put on notice by the women in your life for your personally neglect don’t take it personally. 

It is a wake up call – a push for you to step into your own highest self.

Women are waking up to the fact that they hold the power to shift the old paradigm and they are now actively shifting it on a grand collective scale. 

Mother Earth is calling them to succeed in healing the planet now that male rule has failed to do so.

To put it bluntly: Either help them or get out of the way. 

The Divine Feminine Rising 

Women: your inner Goddess is wishing to emerge. She is powerful and will cause turbulence in your life if you deny her.

Instead of fearing her: invite her in!

Allow for ritual, ceremony and celebration for this new emergence. Open to her, let her be free, unleash her gifts. It is a glorious, beautiful process that is happening.

Mother Earth is calling on all her daughters to help heal earths people. If you are a woman and feel her strong pull, respond to the call. Spend more time in nature, lead your loved ones there, buy products that are more organic and nature-based.

Care and love your own body as if it was the earth itself.

Mother Earth needs you, she has a consciousness, she is self-aware, and she birthed you into being.

The Divine Masculine Humbling

The masculine principle is now being pressed. 

King you must claim the thrown. Accept your crown. 

What does this mean?

Give up childlike pursuits that have you acting like less than the honorable man you are. You are greater than this.

Take up the mantle of being a responsible partner, father, citizen and leader. Be thoughtful about your choices – that they not hurt another, yourself, and may they be dedicated to useful endeavors.

The masculine principle is now being pressed. The boy must become a man now.

That means letting go of the need for violence and plunder, both internally and externally, and instead taking up the precepts of peace and love.

The masculine energy is an active energy and its intensity is often channeled into violence, but if channeled wisely its nature is not violent at all – it is intensely loving.

The momentum behind the masculine principle is a love that breaks down walls, barriers, and the fear of the ego. 

The egos defenses can be strong and sometimes cannot be torn down with energy that is at rest.

Men: use your intensity this week to create positive change for yourself, your family, and your community. 

Break down the “dams” in your life that keep flows of energy stagnant.

You do have the power, but you have to do it by pushing your nature through walls of resistance.

These walls were made to be broken anyway…

Part of pressing the male principle is recognizing the privilege you have as a man. 

Recognize the way you are treated that is different than women–and ask yourself why do I get to get away with this and not a women? You must always push yourself to see gender in situations and question whether the persons gender is directly or indirectly influencing the issue at hand (you will find that more often than not it is.)

When a woman must fight for her rights, stand beside her and offer her your support, the men who she can count on as allies are not many and she needs all the support she can get because sexism is a true and sometimes agonizing feat to fight against.

Use your masculinity to DEFEND the equality of the sexes and look within to clear out any negativity you have associated with the feminine – either within or without.

The masculine principle is being pressed but it must humble itself before the divine feminine rising, for the divine feminine is here to heal its men, too. 

Lift women up then, and channel your masculine energy toward breaking down the false barrier that makes the sexes appear unequal.

The Shift

As humanity goes through the shift what is being revealed to me is that for centuries men have played a dominant role in shaping humanities destiny and in this moment that dominant role is being shifted to women.

This is to create balance. After centuries we will return to equilibrium but for now this shift is necessary.

Much feminine love,


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