What Does”Mulidimensional” Healing” Mean?

What Does”Mulidimensional” Healing” Mean?

Healing happens on a multidimensional level sometimes – so although you may not fully understand it, intense shifts in energy can occur within your energetic system that do not appear to have any external physical trigger.

In those moments, it’s best not to get caught up in the conventional linear or logical progression of your spiritual journey. 

In those moments perhaps things will appear in your life rather stagnant or circular and yet inside you feel a great earthquake occurring.

This is actually a natural part of the shift. You are integrating lost parts of you, they are calling to you, and you are being reunited with them.

At first that reunification can feel rocky, unstable, chaotic, crazy, strange or weird but soon after there is a moment of great stabilization or equilibrium that is reached and the journey ends up proving itself to you as totally worth it.

Set the intention to recover the parts of your soul you lost on the journey, claim them as yours once more, and trust the natural healing process.

You don’t have to understand or know every detail about your shift toward greater consciousness – in those moments it’s best to practice trust, patience, and faith.

What is “multidimensional” healing?

Multidimensional healing, or healing on multiple and simultaneous layers of consciousness, is in service to the now moment – it is not a distraction. 

Disparate parts of you are being integrated and “retrieved” from the unconscious parts of you – precisely so that you may clear those things and be more here, in the now moment. 

Where your true power lies.

There is also information, knowledge and wisdom packed inside those lost parts of your soul. Those lost parts were in exile but they learned a lot in exile and so on top of healing you, when they return to your soul, they also inform you, adding to your soul memory.

Shamanic Journeying

Many shamans help people go on “shamanic journeys” to retrieve lost parts of their souls. These types of journeys, sometimes paired with potent natural medicinal herbs, are known to have existed in practically every spiritual practice on earth.

(For those interested in shamanism you can read Shamanic Journeying by Sandra Ingerman)

Some perfer to call me a shaman (though I do perfer the term translator) because my work resembles the work that many shamans performed for tribes and communities throughout centuries.

The main role of shamans used to be (and still is) to assist a person on a journey to retrieve these lost parts of their soul essence. Some interpreted these experiences as visiting other realms and other dimensions, but in the end, I think multidimensional healing is so elusive and indefinable because it escapes the minds wanting to grasp it.

Multidimensional healing ought to be experienced for it to be fully understood. Conceptual and intellectual understandings of this type of healing often fail to describe it and can even get in the way of its effectiveness.

Nobody experiences it the same way – and even a single person might experience Multidimensional healing differently each time he does experience it.

Surrender, be open, let yourself trust your intuitive impulses when going on a shamanic journey–whether guided by a shaman or by your angel.

Some guidelines (but no hard-and-fast rules): Images, symbols, visions you see on the journey are meant to reflect your inner workings and perspective – not those of anyone else. It’s important to ask what do these symbols, visions and images mean to you, not for anyone else. That is what is important.

Also pay close attention to feelings, colors and even numbers and what they mean to you.

Repeated numbers or number patterns are definite signs from the universe. 

If you notice a number popping up over and over again, it is your angel trying to catch your attention, recall that signs are meant to be deciphered: your angel is not able to spell it out for you. It’s a riddle or clue that you have to unravel on your own.

If you see a sacred number repeating itself over and over again, pay attention but do not let your mind try to solve it, it’s an intuitive exercise. You could ask others – you can even read books on it, but in the end, those are just guides, it’s really all about what the numbers mean to you in the moment you saw them, they can be serving as confirmation of something you were not sure about, as a whimsical way of telling you that you’re too lost in thought, as way of telling you that this is a good path for you, or it may be a sign to proceed with caution.

What is the feeling you get when you see the number? That will reveal a lot to you.

If you see a sacred number, go within, what does your intuition tell you it means?

Trust that feeling, not your mind, which will find sacred numbers impossible to decipher and frustratingly mysterious.

Wait, What? Are We In “The Matrix”? 

When we go to sleep and have a dream, we catch a glimpse of what reality is truly like: no time, no sense of space, no immutable personal identity. We can move from a scene from our childhood to a scene from our college years from one second to the next; be in Portland one second–and, the next second, in Africa. We could be ourselves one moment and then look in the mirror and see a stranger’s face but yet not be upset by it. 


Because the physical laws we are so wed to in our awakened state are completely upended. 

This is true reality. 

Trippy I know, but when we go to sleep we lose the one thing that keeps us together in our awakened state:

a sense of personal identity and seperateness.

Which is, and always has been, the ultimate illusion.

In our awakened state, however, we take the illusion of seperateness as truth, which works for us on the surface level, but at deeper, unconscious levels, it does not work for us. 

Therefore, there is a need to explore what some call, and what our mind may perceive, as other dimensions, realms, and realities. In truth, however, nothing is separate from us. It’s just our mind perceiving it as so. We really are one with everything.

Since our truth is not confined in a box, it’s neither linear nor logical. It cannot be contained. In fact it cannot truly be explained, as you can see, since I’m trying my best to explain it you but I’m failing at it at every turn.

For some of you, you might be drawn into shamanic Journeying to re-integrate the lost parts of you, some might be drawn to connect with angels (like my work) or nature spirits; perhaps some of you might have a near-death experience and want to connect with those on the other side of the curtain.

For still others, it may take something physical, of this “dimension”, to catapult you to exploring other “dimensions.”

A financial collapse. A divorce. A sickness. 

Either way, the journey always will lead you to discover that what is over there, in the “twilight zone”, is actually an integral part of you that you are unaware of. 

So that which seems foreign to you at first, suddenly feels like a reunion – a reconciliation.

The weird stuff is actually not as weird anymore, it was only weird because it was separate from you, because you pushed it away from you, and in pushing it away from you, you are the one that made it weird – or strange, or unnatural – or scary.

When healing at a “Multidimensional level” you really are not going off someplace you have never been before. You have very likely known these places, it’s just you’ve forgotten them.

You’re on a journey of remembrance – it’s not a leaving home, it’s a going home.

Our Multidimensional Journey

Oh the things I have witnessed and heard these past two years working as an angel translator – I’m not even sure a hundred books would contain it all!

There is so much out there – so many different kinds of experiences to be had.

You can choose any one of them – but what I can say is that there is sure to be one, very clear throughline no matter what pathway you choose: all these multidimensional journeys will all lead you back to yourself.

That’s because every single road leads back to you. That’s because you are the road, and the road is you. There is nothing else.

It’s a healing journey. It is not negative, I assure you, though there may be many who out of fear or ignorance might deter you – you yourself might deter it, out of your own stereotypes, misconceptions, past traumas or fears.

If you are afraid, you are likely not doing it right. You are likely seeing things from the minds point of view, which sees anything weird or strange or different– as just dangerous: a thing to be avoided at all costs.

But if you only knew just how much you were loved and supported. How much wisdom, assistance and healing you would gain by just exploring a part of you that’s a bit on the whimsical side–you would be blown away.

Truly floored.

We betray ourselves so much by not going on magical and miraculous journeys simply because the methodology seems a bit quirky. Or it’s not what sane, rational-minded people do. Or so-and-so doesn’t let me. Or…

Sometimes the quirkiness is the essential part of the ride. It makes it fun and adventurous and not boring.

Sometimes sanity looks rather crazy, especially when it’s based on illusion.

Sometimes other people are just trying to control you because they are afraid the journey will make you leave them. Which has nothing to do with you or your obsession with The Upside Down, it has to do with their fear of being unloved.

Tell those who wish to control you to go see a shrink. Meanwhile, you say you’ve seen enough shrinks: there’s a whole other reality you want to explore now.

A piece of your soul is calling you from the other side of that wormhole (a relic leftover from a supernova blast) and your certain that that’s where the next part of your story is headed.

Much love,


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