All Will Be Revealed

All Will Be Revealed

This seventh chapter of Courage 2 Create had its challenges, but it was truly amazing.

During this latest chapter, I have healed people from all over this great country (and the world), and I promise you there are talented, amazing, beautiful, strong, kind, loving, honorable people all over this great nation (and globe) fighting to heal themselves, heal others, be good people, be successful, build on our progress as humans, move us forward toward a more unified and equal society.

Do not despair – there are light workers everywhere – not just here but across this beautiful planet.

You’re not alone. We’re here to heal.

You just have to have the courage to reach out. 


We are all always okay. 

Messages from spirit are always positive, uplifting, constructive and never negative.

Question anyone or anything that would have you in a state of fear or powerlessness.

There is nothing wrong. All is right.

You are okay. We are all okay.

Life likes to push you at the places where you”re stubborn, closed and rigid precisely because those are the places you’re not letting the love in, and consequently, it’s where you’re suffering.

If you’re wondering out loud why life seems to be pressing so hard up against you, can you recognize that it’s actually you who is rigid, walled up and stubborn? Can you recognize that actually life is directing you in the way of greater healing, happiness, and wealth but you’re the one refusing to go along with the program?

Let go already. Surrender already. You’re actually not hurting anyone but yourself.

Life actually isn’t pressing you hard, it’s pressing you soft, but the walls you’ve built around your heart have made cool breezes feel like sandstorms.

There will always be challenges on the individual level and at the global level but what is true is we are all spirits and therefore can transcend any situation that affects us merely on the physical / material level.

Have faith and seek only those who instill faith in you.

Stay away from the rest.

Courageous Creator Salute

I love my clients. You have all given me so much hope this past year. You have reminded me and shown me that there are strong, courageous, gifted, empathic, sweet, selfless people who are here to do so much good in this world.

To my fellow spiritual warriors: you give me hope. I thank you for being you. And I ask you please do not ever give up no matter how hard they go after you.

Your are not weak – your sensitivity makes you strong. You are not a wimp – your kindness makes you powerful. You are not crazy – you are just way too sane to participate in the craziness of this world so attached to the fear paradigm.

You are not wrong, who you are is right. 

You are in the arena, and being in the arena can exhaust you and make you feel like crap. 

But the world is different because of you, and it’s different for the better.

My fellow spiritual warriors -more than ever we need you to get out of your own self-doubt, and your limited beliefs and your own lack of self trust.

Love yourself and your uniqueness. Align yourself with your intuition and don’t question it. Believe in your greatness. Trust yourself. 

You do influence people, you do change their lives, and the world is better with you.

Now, no more of this internal struggle, win that battle already and join the rest of us in the fight.

We need back up.

All Will Be Revealed

So much is happening for all of you – so quickly. Change can happen very fast and sometimes it is dizzying – this past chapter of The C2C was particularly jockeying and tumultuous for me. There were many ups and downs and unexpected detours and ever more mysteries that still stubbornly remain mysterious.

But I still maintain that things, eventually, always, reveal themselves.

Whether it is your path, whether it is who you truly are, whether it is the intentions of another, what lays at the root, will bear its like fruit at harvest time.

All will be revealed. 

And it won’t be revealed “out there” – it will always be revealed “in here.”

You always find the answer looking within. Always.

Today seek to find the reason for why you are where you are – don’t seek to find a way out, seek to find a way in.

Sometimes it isn’t about “moving on” it’s about moving inward.

If you feel you’re not going anywhere, perhaps it’s because you’re not supposed to leave yet, perhaps it’s not supposed to get better yet, simply because there is something to learn here still.

If you can’t move horizontally – it’s time to move vertically.

What more can you uncover here – in this spot you seem not able to escape?

Perhaps the way out of your current challenge isn’t out of it, but going deeper in – and perhaps what led you here in the first place.

Preparing For Endings

It’s time to prepare for endings, and it’s time to ready for new beginnings. No more time to waste:

Who both of us were seven years ago today we no longer are, what this blog was seven years ago today, it no longer is, and where were all headed is nowhere none of us planned, but we are going there anyway.

Why resist it? Embrace it. Embrace the journey. Let each revelation expand you, develop your character, solve the riddle that is you.

Let no convention keep you from your destiny-even the conventions you built for yourself at a younger age, when you were still naive to the greatness that you were.

Courage 2 Create was always, since its inception, about getting unstuck, about moving forward and not backward.

Bravely and without guilt.

Do not ever be ashamed of who you are or who you have become even if others find it to be strange or disagreeable.

You need not apologize for existing. You need not apologize for changing your mind. You need not apologize for being you, whatever that means for you, at whatever stage of life.

There will always be a bunch of folks who will find you too much of this or too much of that, if I have learned anything after seven years of writing publicly is that there is no real pleasing people.

You can only please yourself.

So be the person you are proud to be, you are happy to be, and do the things that feel right to you and make you happy. And if the things that made you happy and felt right at one time, don’t feel right anymore and no longer make you feel happy, have the courage to end them and start something new.

Creativity is a constant process of revelation, so do not get so wedded to the limits of you and your life, hold a space instead for what’s possible.

Because what is true for you today may not be true for you tomorrow and what lay bundled in confusion at the center of your heart for so long might suddenly become clear to you, exposing an entirely new path to explore in a direction you never thought of.

But far better than what you dreamed.

Much love,


End of “Part II, Chapter Seven: Revelation”

“Part III: The Last Chapter: The Reconciliation,” begins on February 26, 2017

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