The Last Chapter: The Reconciliation

The Last Chapter: The Reconciliation

The best stories also have the best endings.

We tend to forget that these days: so many stories seem to never end. Dead characters get magically resurrected and storylines that are supposed have concluded long ago get rebooted or reimagined.

Our culture seems to have a serious problem with endings – we don’t want things to be over anymore. We want things to keep going.

Well, at least, in physical form that is.

The Reconciliation

Our story began with a boy who wanted to publish his first novel, it is now ending with a man, becoming self aware of his own magical gifts, realizing that this blog was his novel all along.

How to reconcile all that?

The mind seems to have no answers – and yet it is crystal clear to the spirit.

The author of this blog began writing this blog from his lower self, a limited, boxed in version of Ollin, and as the blog progressed more and more, a higher self came through, the limitless, unboxed, expansive Ollin.

It would seem to those at first glance that they are opposites of each other, irreconcilable to say the least, but in fact both Ollin’s, the limited one and the unlimited one, are two sides of the same coin. We are one, fully integrated, acting both here and over there.

Its our culture that divides us. 

You, my friend, are neither your higher self, nor your lower self, you are both, together. You are the intergrated whole. In a sense, there is no, and has never been, a higher nor a lower self, we have always been one, but for some time, in order to grow, having a higher version of us was useful.

No longer.

There is only one me, he’s the one who started this blog, and he’ll be the one that finishes it. How he got from there to here will make more sense in the final chapter as we understand his journey–my journey–to be emblematic of every souls journey on earth in the modern world.

Many of you see yourself as limited, others as unlimited; others see yourself as bouncing between those two truths, I, on the other hand, see a vision beyond that holy triangle – something that integrates all view points.

The Last Chapter

I started this blog by sharing with you a time in which everyone was telling me what to do, and how I finally gave up listening to them, and followed my heart. And my heart said then: “just be you and you’ll make it through, just be you and you’ll survive.”

It’s been nearly seven years – and it has taking me that long to figure out who exactly I am – and I’m still trying to understand that.

Life is a never ending journey of self-discovery, and that is what started this blog, and that’s what will finish it – me, Ollin, having the courageous to be who I am (though it not look like what I or anyone else imagined) and having the courage to create a world in which I can be who I am.

That is the dream we all have isn’t it? To have to freedom to be ourselves – and the right to create a world where we can be just that?

We are on Chapter Eight, but we never really left Chapter One, we were always playing at self-discovery, always healing to peel back the layers to see who we truly were, and what we were capable of.

This is the journey of self-discovery, and everything and everyone here, on earth, is here for that sole purpose.

We are here to figure out who we are, why we came, and what we do now, once we’ve figured that out…

No story is just a story. Every story harkens back to that truth of self-discovery, it must. Why? Because it’s just who we are as a species. It’s in our blood to start small, then go big, and then go astronomically big. Then go further still (perhaps even beyond this dimension.)

We do not like stagnancy. We abhor it.

And yet so much of our culture today listens to our mind and not our spirit–our mind which wants things to stay the same, stuck in a boring box, and pleading with us constantly: “for god sakes don’t let it end!”

“Don’t conclude it.”

Well, I’m concluding it. So that we can both learn the value of saying goodbye, of moving on, of resolving our stories.

If we don’t learn how to say goodbye then fresh starts and new characters don’t get the platform and attention they deserve – and it’s only fair to give them that opportunity.

Our world needs to stop fearing the new, the different, the unconventional.

I for one do not fear it, I embrace it.

Seven years ago I embraced the new, and it served me well. Very well.

Now, seven years later, I say: bring it on once more.

Much love,


Part III: The Last Chapter: The Reconciliation begins today.

Happy seventh anniversary C2C!!!

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