One Last Time: The Start of A Very Long Conclusion

One Last Time: The Start of A Very Long Conclusion

“People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint – it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff.”

– from Dr. Who, TV Series

In 1936, Franklin Lloyd Wright, the famous American architect, had a vision for an American home that was made of organic materials, blended in with the nature around it and was affordable to the average citizen.

These houses were modern-looking, simplistic, practical, incredibly unique and small. There were several quirks; the entrance didn’t face the driveway, the kitchen was reduced to a tiny compartment that couldn’t be “visited” as much as only used. 

Wright called these group of houses, located in Pleasantville New York, Usonia, a play on the acronym USA and utopia.

No one had a mortgage in Usonia – everyone shared the cost of living.

This town still exists today and the influence of Franklin Lloyd Wright on modern home design has forever been set in stone. Literally.

The reason I mention Wright and the magical, mythical American village of Usonia is because here was a man who attempted to stamp the world with a positive vision – and it has stuck with us. 

It has remained. Even though Wright is dead.

Great ideas remain. While the people who dreamed them up, die.

Wibbly – Wobbly, Timey-wimey 

The British TV series, Dr. Who (a hit in Britain, a cult hit in the US) is the story of an alien, The Doctor, who can travel through all of space and time – and sometimes, when it suits him, other dimensions.

Every three seasons or so, the actor who plays the character changes, and this is explained in the series as The Doctor going through a regeneration process: he changes form but remains fundamentally the same in spirit.

The man dies and dies and dies but the idea of him remains.

At one point in the series, the Doctor explains the nature of time and space to a bewildered human stuck in the middle of strange supernatural things happening all around her.

He tells her that, in reality, there is no cause and effect, no here or there, no then and now or soon, true reality is all just a non-linear blob of “stuff.”

It’s not a concrete material substance you can wrap your head around: the universe is a thing – not a person or a place or a single event.

Life is a thing. A story. An idea.

The physical: that’s not really real, it’s actually the fantasy.


The true reality is what is constant through all of it: the stuff.

Reconciliation: Start Here – No, Wait –There!

When I began my blog more than seven years ago, I did not know this – but now I do.

I now understand that everything is happening all at once and we are only percieving it as all happening at different times.

That’s why, when we go deeper, we unearth so much – this is because all that exists, all the knowledge and help we need, can only exist here and now, because that is all there is.

No future, my friend, no past.

Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey.

All now.

And so what is a poor boy left to do, but build his home here and now.

A Very Long Conclusion 

Today begins the very long conclusion of this now seven year project of mine to publish my first novel – and to create the life I want.

But in order to write a great novel, I had to learn how to live a great life.

And what makes a life “great”?

It’s building an idea that will outlast you.

It’s going beyond the Body, to reach the Spirit.

The everlasting spirit.

I can assure you: fame, money, even success may allude you, but what is in the power of every human now living is your ability to plant an idea on this land that will outlast your physical existence.

This is the powerful force that artists call creativity.

This is why writers and other artists are so tickled by creativity: because of the great power it holds. Creatives understand the power of creativity because sometimes it is creativity itself that completely transforms the creative man first – and so, he knows, and does not doubt, the effect it can have on another.

This is at the very core of Courage 2 Create, this blog, this surprise novel: the little secret that each of you has within you – the power to create and influence this world in the way you see fit. That all it takes is a little bit of courage and the entirety of time and space–including all of its multidimensional reality–is yours for the taking.

Courage 2 Create may never have reached mainstream popularity but it has accomplished the very thing it set out to do.

It has planted an idea – a seed – that will outlast me.

Even today, I still see people sharing articles I write seven years ago – search engines spitting out results with my name on it – strangers, all over this world, never once hearing about me, suddenly dropping in on my blog at the exact time they needed to hear some words of comfort and inspiration.

I now understand why Courage 2 Create was never meant to reach the heights of other blogs in the mainstream – it was never supposed to.

It was always meant to reach only those who needed it: oddly invisible to the rest, it was only ever meant to reach you, dear reader, at this time and no other.

Why are we so obsessed with fame, success, and accolades, when we are always given what we need by life, as long as we set out to do good for ourselves and others?

What you have, and what you are, is always enough, courageous creators.

You never lack; don’t believe those who tell you otherwise, even your own eyes and ears, though they be utterly convincing.

And don’t forget the power of your own words. It’s the words, people, the words. 

The word.

The word is like The TARDIS, the time machine Dr. Who uses to travel through time and space. The word is the machine – the vehicle that we use to take us to any place we wish to go.

Just name it, just say it, and you are there.

Speak the word and the word will take you there.

It’s all here, anyway. Not over there.

Wibbly-wobbly, timey-Wimey.

Where do you want to go, who do you want to be?  

Let the word take you there. Speak it into existence. Call it in.

Use the power of creativity. Dash all limitations to pieces.

Fear kills creativity – it strangles it, suffocates it.

Be courageous then. 

Set out to be the Franklin Lloyd Wright of your generation.

Build a home… build twenty

Build a vision. 

Plant an idea in our heads. And make it a good one. (One that helps, please, not one that hurts.)

If success comes, if money comes, if fame comes, welcome it, but even if none of that comes, you will outlast the rest. You will even outlast the famous, the rich, the powerful and the successful.


Because you became an idea. You transcended the physical. 

And that’s why we came here for:

To be more than who we are.

To be the thing. To be the stuff.

What nobody can wrap their head around, but whom nobody can forget.

If they can’t ever pin you down, then you are really free.

Don’t let them define you.

You reach true success when you remain, stubbornly, and forever, undefinable.

Much love, 


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