Bummed Out? I Wrote This Post To Lift You

Bummed Out? I Wrote This Post To Lift You

Feeling down? Aw, chucks. 

Don’t worry:

I wrote this blog post to lift you.

You’re welcome.

Feeling Rejected?

All the doors that are closing for you today – stop focusing on them, because a thousand more doors just flung open, turn around, look at the openings, the possibilities, the opportunities – leap into them.

A closed door is a catapult not a boulder you must carry up a mountain, it depends on which way you are facing.

Turn around – use your closed door to catapult you to an opened one.

Turn around – your facing the problem the wrong way – you can prove it because it’s still a problem.

Catapult yourself to the next chapter of your story by moving WITH the plot not against it.

Catapult. Turn around.

Face it a different way, that’s how you’ll make it through today.

Feeling Like A Loser?

British ski jumper Eddie “The Eagle” finished last in the 1988 Winter Olympics – he was this self-taught working class poor kid who had a big heart and a great spirit. He became famous just for his enthusiasm for the sport and they even made a movie about him with Hugh Jackman.

How did a guy who didn’t even win get more famous and garner more success than the thousands of other medal winning olympians in world history ?

It was his spirit – his love of the game and his belief in himself beyond all odds.

Sometimes the winners are the losers, especially if they display bad sportsmanship, and sometimes the losers are seen as the true winners in the long view if history.

Added to that: sometimes institutions do not have the framework in place to award a persons overall impact on us.

Eddie The Eagle was the inspiration and hope we all needed at that time. For that he’s been awarded by Olympic history even though he finished last.

Are you feeling like you finished last today? Take the long view of history – be a team player, be a good sport, inspire us with your drive and courageous spirit and I guarantee you that although you may come up short in awards, you will be remembered through the ages.

Feeling Shunned?

Maybe your’re not rubbish. Maybe you’re so bright that no one knows what to do with you.


People – some people – like being normal, boring, small, and average. You being so awesome, in comparison to them, makes them feel less great about themself.

So they take it out on you.

Insecure about their own weight and jealous of your thin figure they might call you “fat.”

Slacking off at work and unhappy in their position, they might spread a rumor about you playing hookey when you’re the most responsible one in the office.

Lonely and yearning for love, they might brag about how many sexual partners they’ve had and then make fun of you for how few sexual partners you have.

There are some people whose insecurities get powerfully activated when they are forced to stand next to somone as fabulous and principled as you.

Sadly, that’s a trend that doesn’t end in High School: some of the most experienced, successful, beautiful and powerful adults are some of the most insecure people out there.

Don’t be so shocked anymore. Understand that this is a fact of life.

Listen to me: you’re excellent, they’re insecure.

Don’t get caught up in their net of internalized doubt, fear and hatred.

Go find a cricle of people who can stand in your shine and not feel threatened.

Feeling Unfairly Attacked?

No one wastes their energy going after somone who does not pose a threat.

No one attacks a person whose invisible.

If you’re being singled out – in my opinion – that’s a good sign.

It means you’re doing something right. It means you’re making a real difference and people are starting to notice you.

You’re finally in the spotlight. 

But if you’re not used to it, it can take you off guard if you don’t have the tools and awareness to handle it.

Its just what happens when you reach a certain level of success, people can get mean. You become less human to them, it seems, and more like an easy target they can smash to bits to make themselves feel better.

The nastiness you get when you’re in the spotlight will get to you – I won’t lie. But the trick is to get over it quickly.

How? You keep moving, you keep focusing on what makes you happy and what brings you peace.

All while you let yourself cry, scream and punch some unfortunate bed pillows.

You’re only human. Don’t listen to everyone else: there’s no such thing as “sucking it up” or developing a thick skin as bulletproof as Robocop’s.

That’s not possible. You’ll need to have your moment to shed some tears to properly handle the moment, but move swiftly after you’re done. Don’t get bogged down in it.

That’s the trick.

Remember that “they” want your apathy. They want you to forfeit. 

They want you to disappear.

Don’t give them the pleasure of your defeat.

Keep fighting the good fight til the very end.

Feeling Like It’s A Bad Day?

Are things getting scary?

Take a deep breath. Take it a day at a time. Focus on the now. 

Give yourself a fair assessment – don’t judge yourself by the traditional winning / losing binary. Look at it as a test of endurance, of resilience, of determination.

Your day will not get better or be helped by adding the extra pressure of being the best ever at dealing with this situation.

Your spiritual practice at this moment is patience–I know: patience.

(Cue eye roll.)

You hate that word. But its through having patience that you will come to respect the wisdom of patience.

Nothing arrives quickly – every fantastic day is the result of some bad days and some mediocre days – every day won’t be amazing because it takes time for good days to be developed.

This bad day is going to lead you to a good day eventually – and then, you might recognize the wisdom of patience which teaches us that everything is interconnected and it’s only if we break up things into seperateness that we miss the infinite oneness of it all.

I know you don’t want to hear it, but this day has everything you require and your job is to deal with the current situation no matter how much yout hate it.

If you don’t show up to the “bad” today then you can’t enjoy the “good” tomorrow – when the bad stuff can start to make sense and the healing stuff can begin.

Deal with this moment by trusting this moment. I know that can be scary, but that is the very definition of having faith.

Feeling Lifted? Now: Spread It.

For over seven years on this blog I’ve motivated you, inspired you, and–like today–lifted you up.

And now it’s time to tell you a little secret: lifting you up lifts me up.

It gets me going every time.

So the last best advice I can give you today, if you’re feeling crummy, is to go around and lift others up in whatever way you can.

Make them smile, make them laugh, lift them up.

You, in turn, will be back on top of the world in no time.

Much lifted love,


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