The Power of Words (And Writing)

The Power of Words (And Writing)

Word mastery is destiny.

I mean it.

Whoever you are, at whatever stage of your life, doing whatever it is you are doing, you should always practice becoming better at words.

Words are expression.

Words are a tool.

Words are a weapon.

The power to yield words effectively will take you places you never dreamed of.

Words can help you be more understood, respected and seen.

So few individuals are good with words.

Those few have great power over you. I guarantee that.

Take up your power and become a master of words. Understand grammar not as a shackle but as a a pair of wings.

You believe the rules of words work against you: not so.

The rules of words are actually made to liberate us – they were designed to facilitate the ease of communication.

Language is here to help us understand each other – we’ve forgotten that.

We’ve forgotten that because only the writers take time to master words. 

All of us should be word masters.

Communication is key. Learn to communicate effectively.

Getting Better At Writing

How do you get better at writing?

Read voraciously – read as if your life depended on it.

(One day, it might.)

Then write – express your own thoughts – as if their life depended on it.

(One day, it might.)

Over the course of seven years, I’ve taught you grammar and how to improve your writing.

It is now time to reveal to you that I did not do it to educate you – that’s what schools and universities do. 

No, I did it to help you claim your destiny.

I did not teach you writing so you knew how to write but so that you knew that writing was what will save you.

You have nothing but your writing.

When you die, what’s left that’s truly yours?

What you wrote. The words you used. The things you said. 

Memories and feelings are nice things. Events are nice things. 

But in and of themselves they are not destiny.

Writing is destiny.

Through writing we weave together the memories, the feelings, the events and we turn it into a story that makes sense.

It has to make sense – or else, what’s the point?

This is what I’ve been trying to teach you for seven years: this is what I meant that word mastery is destiny.

Get good at words. Get great at words. Be a legend at words.

Most people can’t compete – because they either don’t know or don’t understand the power of words.

They don’t get that what is written is our destiny. What we say is our destiny.

Who we are is but a word.

God is just a word.

Word can’t express the entire cosmos but it sure can let you know that this thing called a “comos” is out there. 

Though a word cannot fully encompass the idea of a cosmos, without a word to point to the idea of a cosmos existing, we are left with a universe that can exist without our awareness of its existence.

Suddenly, without the right word, we’ve lost the entirety of the galaxies.

With the right word, the galaxies open up – and we are suddenly not alone.

Our human destiny changes.

Such is the power of words and their ability to take us where our feeble senses cannot.

Much word love,


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