The Key To Always Being Courageous

The Key To Always Being Courageous

For the last seven years, we’ve spoken about courage.

Courage in love, courage in life, courage in spiritual transformation.

Courage in speaking up, in being ourselves, in standing up for what’s right.

Courage has been an overarching theme of Courage 2 Create, and today, as part of the blogs last chapter, I’d like to review the surprising things we’ve learned about courage over the years.

Courage Potential

Courage is a spectrum: this means that on one end we chose fear, limitation, closing our hearts; on the other end of the courage spectrum we choose love, expansion, limtilessness, and an opening of our hearts.

The more we choose love the more courageous we feel – the more courageous we become.

The more we choose fear the less courageous we become.

It is my firm belief that each of us has great potential to be courageous, but we need not only take giant leaps of faith in order to discover this. We can tap into our courage potential by doing little things that feel a bit risky, a bit dangerous, a bit out of the ordinary, and slowly build up to greater leaps of faith.

We must always begin with baby steps of courage. 

The more baby steps we take, the more adult steps we can take and, finally, we might find that we are absolutely ready for a great, big, giant leap of faith.

You work towards leaps of faith.

You don’t start with them.

(If you can, you are very rare!)

If you take more gradual, incremental steps toward courage you are more likely to succeed in life. But if you don’t take baby steps of courage, and rush into a giant leap of faith and fail at it, you’ll likely act cowardly at even the most benign challenges afterward.

The reason this is so, I believe, is because there’s a small child in you that’s afraid to be too vulnerable, too at risk, too different.

You must cajole that child, invite him in slowly and gradually, develop his confidence bit by bit. 

Then, and only then, will you uncover the secret to courage: doing little courageous things at first helps us get ready to do bigger courageous things later.

But starting with the big courageous leaps of faith often backfire, traumatize us, and make us even prone to avoid even the smallest acts of courage for ourselves going forward.

This is the surprising thing about courage that we have learned over the last seven years.

Big Courage Starts With Small Choices

What do I mean by “baby steps of courage”?

I mean that if, for instance, you are terrified of heights you should hike a small trail first before you try and conquer Mt. Kiliminjaro.

If you are scared of the dark, gradually lessen the illumination in your bedroom–don’t go stark black in a split second..

If you are afraid to write, write the worst thing you’ve ever written, just for you and no one else, before you approach a publisher to publish your novel.

Take baby steps. Tap into your Courage Potential… gradually. Over time.

That makes things go slower yes, but it’s also very effective.

Courage Potential was one of the very first principles that I learned on this blog and shared with you.

To this day, I still live by this principle; it is so simple but it has really helped me (a shy person who often prefers anonymity) become an international blogger who has over the years been on more than one occasion been critiqued and attacked by absolute strangers and who yet continues to help and offer his advice as honestly as possible to you publicly.

I never shied away from a fight, I never shied away from being myself, I always presented myself exactly as I am and shared what I believed with convinction even though I have lost some subscribers all along the way.

How can I be so courageous? 

There’s nothing special about me.

I just live by a principle that serves me well: I just tap into my courage potential.

Now, It’s Your Turn To Show Us Your Courage

The second part of Courage Potential is understanding that the more courageous you are, the more you give us all permission to be more courageous.

No one wants to live in fear.

We all want to live through life confident and determined. We all want to be the heroes of our own story.

But heroes don’t start off with courage. They develop it, over time.

Little by little, we see them gather strength, uncover their voice, and reach heights that inspire us.

Have you reached that level yet? Or are you still absent in courage?

Tap into your might. 

There is a little warrior in you ready to roar.

You may think yourself small, weak, cowardly, shy–a meek pushover.

No, sir.

No, ma’m.

You have so much potential to be more.

Tap into it today by making little choices, little acts of love for yourself and others, and witness the miracle as your strength and courage grows.

Soon, you will inspire us all with your bravery.

Much love,


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