Spiritual Teaching 101

Spiritual Teaching 101

Today, I would like to share with you my advice on becoming a better spiritual teacher yourself.

1. Only teach to those who “enroll in your class” If people are open to receiving help and advice from you, then be there for them. But if someone isn’t open to you, isn’t listening and doesn’t want to hear you – then it’s best to invest your energy elsewhere.

2. Be a human first – teacher second: there’s something off about a spiritual teacher who has not fully integrated their own lessons. Be honest with yourself and others about how far you have come, what you can teach and what you can’t. Giving off a “I know everything and you know nothing” vibe is off putting and egotistical. You don’t need to be a “finished product” to be a teacher – nor “perfect.”

What is required is that you be human. 

3. Teach others to be themselves – you are trying to help people uncover who they are, not trying to create little “you”‘s. You are here to guide them in their truth – not superimpose your truth onto them.

4. No rigid rules – the only rule is the law of unconditional love, all is love – other than that everything is open to interpretation and different approaches. You can teach a system and process that works for you – but there’s no need to force a system on somone that doesn’t feel it is the right for. We are all unique and each have an approach that works and others that don’t. What works for you will not always work for others – the student might have to tweak the approach to their personality.

5. Be – I am a firm believer in quiet leadership – one that doesn’t boast and must make itself know all the time – one that is behind the scenes, slow but persistent, gradual but effective, being the lesson rather than posturing.

The “show don’t tell” approach to spiritual teaching. If you are who you say you are it should be self-evident in your actions and not just your words. Your students should feel it without you speaking a word.

6. No competition – there is no competition for students / clients. We each can offer something no one else can. If you have concerns regarding such things as competition or feeling like you don’t get “enough” clients/students , know that this is your ego talking – remember there are over 7 billion people out there – many whom are openly looking for guidance. 

Usually what is in your way is not the universe – its you: ask instead to be healed of whatever is blocking you from abundance rather than assume the universe is blocking you, or that there is too much “competition:” a fear-based idea based in conditional love, not the truth, which is unconditional love.

7. Moments without students to teach are organic, natural, perfect moments for you to return to solitude, learn, grow on your own. Instead of assuming something has gone terribly wrong, welcome the much needed respite. Usually the break is being forced upon you because you are not aware you need a break.

8. Get acquainted with contemporary culture – you would be shocked to find how much spiritual messaging is hidden inside many of today’s pop cultural obsessions.

It’s always fun to use these popular ideas in your own teachings to help the modern audience connect with you.

9. Spiritual teaching is actually not as sexy as it sounds – most of the time you are planting seeds whose fruit you may not even be around to see when it’s finally ready. 

The test for every teacher is to allow this to be enough. I recommend not concerning yourself with “fruit bearing” but with “seed planting.”

This helps keep you going because even if you encounter the fiercest resistance to your teaching of love and healing – the person can never erase that encounter.

Forever you will have planted that idea in their head, and that is very powerful.

Much love,


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