The Next Step In Human Evolution: Awakening

The Next Step In Human Evolution: Awakening

We are all entering the next step in human evolution, this means that:

A. You may notice you or others are accelerating their spiritual growth in a way you never thought possible just a few years ago – (or even just a few months or days ago)

B. There is a strong pull toward wanting to release, heal, get rid of the things that are making you sick / depressed / unhappy.

C. You may also feel a powerful longing to shed what feels unnatural, fake, superficial or foreign to you.

D. You may even notice a tendency toward avoiding superfluous or wasteful activities.

F. Also: a wanting to get going already on fulfilling your destiny, making your dreams come true, finding and committing to your one true love, etc.

G. You may find yourself encountering greater and greater friction, jolts, “earthquakes,” tumult, awkwardness, shifting within yourself and without yourself as the dark and negative makes its way out of you and the light and positive makes its way in.

H. A growing preference for quiet, solitude, and peace.

I. A growing openness, softness, flexibility and grace as the ego dissolves more and more and you learn to love and trust life and yourself more and more, let go of fear and resistance, and let go of the need for everything to work out exactly the way you want it and also letting go of the need of it always having to be about you – and instead stepping into the story of us and giving up the false narrative of “me.”

J. Finally: you may now be experiencing a growing dissatisfaction, dissolution, despairing, almost mourning of traditional institutional frameworks which were supposed to make you happy, healthy and fulfilled and yet do not actually do so.

Your beginning to see through the lies and false exteriors built to make you blind consumers of goods that you don’t need but only serve your ego.

You are growing in awareness that these institutions do not serve your spirit but serve the egos need to feel separate and better than everyone else. 

But this is a lie. In truth we are all one, deeply interconnected, and the next step of human evolution is all of us suddenly waking up and not just UNDERSTANDING THIS to be true but actually EXPERIENCING this truth.

On that very fateful day (which will arrive sooner than all of us expect) we will go from homosapien to homoenlightened.

The Awakened Earth

As the next step in human evolution unfolds, mother earths increase in frequency will prompt unconscious negative patterns / emotions / energy to emerge from your system.

Do not be alarmed – this is perfectly natural. Just go with the flow. Release, relax, let go, be flexible and open during the process. All of it will eventually release.

(Even those of you who believe “I’ve been there and done that” with healing will surprised to find even you have some unconscious patterns that still need to be released.)

Fortunately each of you has been assigned a type of enlightenment “midwife” someone to help you release those toxins as they arise and keep you grounded and balanced throughout the process.

These “enlightenment midwifes” have been well trained and they know exactly what to expect. Trust in them and your shift will run more smoothly.

How To Evolve

Human evolution begins when we let go of the old paradigms of fear, limitation, and smallness and instead embrace love, expansion, and our inherent greatness.

We step outside of the “I” and we enter the realm of the “we.” We understand that who we are naturally serves the greater good, so we allow ourselves to be who we are at all times.

External attachments fall apart, and these attachments get replaced with a need to heal what’s inside us. Negative patterns finally get worked on until we can release that which keeps us stuck.

No longer do we tolerate the mediocre – we seek miracles.

Human evolution actually begins when we understand that, in actuality, we deserve miracles.

They are our birthright.

How To Evolve In Relationships: In The Present Life

The person that is most challenging you today is likely acting as a “mirror.”

They are likely representing aspects of you that you are unwilling or unable to accept within yourself. 

They might be displaying a great potential that you believe that they ought to tap into but haven’t yet. And this is greatly annoying you.

These “mirror” people in your life are there for a reason and you might feel like, try as you might, you can’t get rid of them.

This is because they are forcing you to confront something about yourself that you are yet unable or unwilling to address or tap into.

It’s not always clear exactly HOW they are reflecting the unconscious negative patterns in you, because much of what they reflect is something your are not aware of, but pay particular attention to what in their behavior really pushes your buttons. 

Instead of making yourself a victim of their behavior you cannot control, turn the mirror inwards: what are some choices you could make about your own behavior that can heal what they are mirroring in you?

Our cheerleaders are important and we must have them, but they often avoid revealing our ugly sides to us for fear of hurting us or alienating us. 

So, then, whose left to expose aspects of ourselves we don’t want to see: things like maybe a bit of overlooked selfishness, pettiness, or hypocrisy?

Understand that the difficult people are there for you too, though they not realize it, they are there to expose the unconscious negative patterns you still need to release.

Sometimes it takes a moment to figure out exactly what those patterns are, but keep looking, and they will often be things right under your nose.

How To Evolve In Relationships: In A Past Life

Sometimes it goes even deeper – sometimes the challenging people in your life are not mirroring you, but mirroring behavior you exhibited in a past life.

Here’s where it gets profound but where great relief can be uncovered if you just follow the breadcrumbs.

If, for instance, you have an intense reaction from this persons behavior toward you that appears to be without logic, meaning it seems incongruous with the current situation, you might be playing out a karmic loop with that person.

If the negative energetic connection feels sticky, like quicksand, there’s a chance there’s some bad karma you might be working out there.

This means that in a past life you treated this person the exact same way they are currently treating you and where the healing happens is when you can release judgment of this difficult person in the present moment because at one point YOU acted as horribly as they are now acting.

You can also find peace in the fact that next time around, this difficult person will have to play out what it was like to be in a similar situation as you but living what it would be like in your shoes, and on and on it will go until empathy increases to the point we’re we live our interconnectedness.

This is the point of past life regressions – not for entertainment purposes but as also serving the move toward collective enlightenment.

Happy Evolution!

As the awakening continues, it’s important to connect with others like you who can feel the big shifts happening and understand it to signify a collective awakening.

Don’t underestimate or ignore the significance of it,though no one is reporting it on the news.

I can assure you, having connected now with hundreds of folks across the globe, that the shift is happening though it usually is happening in private and often on a personal, solitary basis.

Don’t be alone anymore. Reach out to others who are like-minded. Get together in groups and share tools and experiences.

You are not crazy, you are sane (perhaps a little too sane).

Keep healing, keep growing, keep loving yourself and others more deeply.

This is the wave of the future.

It’s not going to be a technological revolution that’s coming around the corner as everyone expected – it’s a spiritual evolution that’s next.

Much love,


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