10 Signs of Spiritual Ascension

10 Signs of Spiritual Ascension

As I have said before, our earth is going through a huge consciousness shift, and since we are a part of the earth, we may be feeling profound shifts in our own lives. To help you make sense of these internal shifts, today I wanted to discuss some signs of “spiritual ascension.”

What do you mean by “spiritual ascension”?

Spiritual ascension is the process in which an individual goes from being an egotistical, self-centered individual to becoming an egoless, “enlightened” individual who can recognize themselves as part of the collective humanity, part of the greater consciousness.

To put it in more modern terms, ascension is the process while enlightenment is the product or result of that process.

What do you mean by enlightenment?

I define enlightenment as the state of being in total and complete awareness of yourself as an aspect of a collective consciousness that includes the entire cosmos. 

In that state, you lose a sense of personal identity and literally feel a greater sense of calm and peace but you also have a deeper sense of the collective whole.

In this state, you act as a vessel for something greater than you.

No: the enlightened state does not mean you do not have any more things to learn, room to grow, blind spots, imperfections, shortcomings, or things to heal.

No: the enlightened state does not mean you are better, smarter, wiser, or even more “special” than anyone else. 

No: the enlightened state does not mean you do not feel emotions anymore and do not encounter obstacles or challenges or that you do not have to deal with real world problems or the consequences of your actions.

No: the enlightened state does not mean you have “special access” to god, or are the sole authority on spiritual ascension.

On the other hand…

Yes: the enlightened state is a much more natural, normal, not-so-fancy awareness of what is: and much of “what is” may still be uncomfortable or unpleasant to experience.

Yes: the enlightened state is something you will only truly understand once you experience it, it is not a theory or a concept or an intellectual idea.

Yes: we are all already enlightened individuals, in a sense, and what the word enlightened is meant to denote is a concept the mind actually cannot grasp, nor can it truly define, for it is beyond the minds comprehension. This is because it is the mind itself we are attempting to heal and it is the mind itself that is getting in the way of the truth of our natural enlightened state, which we all knew and experienced when we were born!

Yes: regular people like you will become enlightened in our lifetime–the planetary shift happening, what Eckhart Tolle has referred to as the transition into The New Earth, involves the sudden enlightenment of regular people.

Yes: the gurus and sages of old were way ahead of their time and their words of wisdom can guide us as we make this shift as a collective.

Yes: enlightenment is your birthright and yes you will one day have to do as I and many others have done and from your platform share with us what the experience is like for you so that we all have a greater understanding of what is happening to all us.

This shift is the most important thing happening right now, no one is being left out, and we all have a role to play.

10 Signs of Spiritual Ascension

1. Growing empathy 

You will start to feel more and more other people’s emotions. 

When you self-heal you begin to experience more and more peace, groundedness, and joy. This brings you closer to the enlightened state, but it also makes you more keenly aware of the suffering of those around you: this is inevitable.

Since you are growing in awareness of your suffering and actively working to heal that suffering, that makes you somone on the path of ascension (choosing more love), but it also, paradoxically, puts you in conflict with those either not on this path (individuals neither choosing love nor choosing fear–thus remaining stagnant) or going the opposite direction (those choosing more fear, therefore increasing suffering for themselves and others.)

You will feel more and more the suffering of the people who are stagnant or those who are “regressing” in their ascension.

Your job is to not get caught in their net of negativity–which will feel very sticky to you–and stay in the realm of positivity.

2. A deeper awareness of your supernatural gifts 

As you ascend, you will begin to experience more visions, deeper, more real dreams, you might start sensing, hearing or even seeing non-physical beings, or your intuition will grow to the point that you will know things about people without even having to get to know them or learn anything about their history.

At first this is very upsetting: you might wonder why you are experiencing such gifts if, in fact, you were never interested in the supernatural or in being a medium or psychic or clairevoyant, but you will come to learn we all have these gifts to some degree: we always had them, it’s just we were not aware of them.

Remember these gifts are self-evident: they will reveal themselves to you at the appropriate time and in the appropriate manner; and how to use them and why you have them will become clearer to you the more you trust spirit to guide you.

3. Changes in diet, sleep, and physical sensations 

During the ascension process it’s important to be sensitive to the bodies needs.

For instance, you may be compelled to give up meat for a while, or give up junk food, or you may find yourself drawn to certain types of organic food that align with you.

All the diet quirks are essential to take note of.

Also: you may require more sleep than usual. Feelings of exhaustion or heaviness will not always mean there’s something wrong with you: it may mean your body needs rest because the shifting energy needs to be integrated through the healing power of sleep.

Finally: it may become even more difficult to keep up an excercise routine, this is because your body is currently focused on shifting the new energy within you and therefore is already expending a lot of energy.

This does not mean you should give up excercising completely–it just means you should be more sensitive to your bodies needs. Long walks in nature will be perferable to your body during this time rather than intensive workouts at the gym, for instance.

Remember these shifts are temporary and you can return to your regular routine once you feel the new energies have fully integrated.

Be warned: you should still be ingesting meals regularly – even if you sense a decrease of appetite or disinterest in food, still make yourself eat at your regular times. Fasting during this time is not only not necessary but it’s also dangerous –keep feeding your body nutritious foods, just pay close attention to the specific types of foods it needs.

Also: minor aches and pains are to be expected as you are growing into greater and greater awareness, but consistent pain that never subsides, or intense physical pain, should still be a cause for alarm.

You still should consult your doctor for chronic or intense physical issues during this time. 

4. Feelings of ecstasy, bliss or grace

Moments of sudden ecstasy, bliss, or grace, that are sometimes orgasmic in nature, are to be expected.

Enjoy them but let them pass. Their passing does not signal that there’s something wrong, your body simply cannot handle constant ecstasy at this moment and must always integrate such experiences after they occur.

Also: be careful to share these experiences only with supportive loved ones. You do not want judgment, skepticism, or egoic inquiry to taint what is a beautiful, miraculous process.

5. Feelings of isolation or loneliness 

This kind of profound experience can make you feel weird or strange as not many in the mainstream can validate what is happening to you.

At this time, it is important for you to reach out to others like you, who understand you, and who can validate what you are going through.

This will make the experience feel less isolating.

6. Overwhelm or chaotic feelings 

Shifting at this time in our collective history is very challenging since there is still so much negativity in the world that needs to be cleared out, therefore in order to deal with the feeling of chaos and overwhelm, you MUST engage in daily meditation practice, visit nature often, connect with your body often, connect with healthy nourishing foods on a regular basis, rest and relax, and go connect with others–like you–to help you stay balanced.

Although overwhelm and chaotic sensations may occur, you don’t have to be in that state constantly, instead, keep up the ritual of grounding yourself whenever you feel such sensations.

Water is an excellent grounding element: drink lots of it.

7. Increased synchronicity 

Increased synchronicity is to be expected in your ascension process: synchronicity are moments of delightful meaningful coincidences.

You might suddenly land on the perfect job opportunity, or meet with the perfect job partner, or romantic partner.

You might find yourself suddenly in possession of greater financial resources or you might find yourself suddenly winning a prize or a trip to travel to an exotic location.

Enjoy these synchronicities, enjoy the ride they take you on, accept them as your destiny.

8. Shedding old skin

If you feel the need to shed old clothes, an old job, an old relationship that no longer serves you, feel free to shake it off and intend to attract something that matches where you are at at this particular juncture.

9. Deeper contemplation 

You might find yourself not only wanting to ruminate more on the nature if life and existence but being “forced” to do so by the nature of your current circumstances –please do not resist such moments. Although seemingly insignificant, these quiet moments of self-introspection are helping your logical mind integrate the shift that is currently happening to you.

10. Emotional upheaval 

As if #’s 1-9 weren’t enough to deal with, you will also encounter great emotional upheavals at this time. Some will be positive, some will be negative, and still others will feel weird, strange or awkward to you. 

This is all part of the process.

Remember that when it comes to emotions, allow them to arise, feel them, and then release them. Don’t hold on to them, let them go.

Many of these upheavals will have no logical basis and your challenge is to let go of finding out the reason why you are experiencing the emotional shift.

If you need a reason why, just tell your mind that you are shifting, and this a normal part of the ascension process, and your mind just needs to accept it and move onto other matters!

These emotional upheavals are the result of very high frequency energy blasts Mother Earth is releasing into the atmosphere to heal itself and the psychic damage we have done to its aura over the centuries: it is so healing that the negative energy comes to the surface as emotional upheaval. Go with the flow, do not resist, let the energy release itself through you, it wants to exit your system.

Your emotional health is still important during this time and do not get confused: although the ascension process can trigger emotional upheaval, there are healers out there who came to this earth at this time to be therapists for that particular reason.

(Another note: although the spiritual ascension process is mainstream, in that a lot of folks are going through it, there is not yet a mainstream awareness of it, so be careful not turn down a therapist just because he or she doesn’t understand the spiritual dimension of what you’re going through. They have tools to help you emotionally, that’s what matters most of all. If you can find a therapist that “gets” the spiritual dimension that’s great, if not, that’s great too as long as they give you the tools you need to heal at the emotional level.)


There will be so much that you experience at this time that is not listed here because each of you is unique.

Be sure to document the process so that you can share with others like you. Share your tools, tips, and strategies with others so that they may gain from your wisdom.

Happy ascension!!!

Much love,


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