What is The Body (Or Solar Plexus) Chakra?

What is The Body (Or Solar Plexus) Chakra?

The Body (or Solar Plexus) Chakra is located two inches above the navel and is associated with physical fitness, embodiment, and physical manifestation.

(The corresponding color is yellow. The corresponding geometric shape is the icosahedron, the corresponding element is any intersection of two elements such as cloud: both water and air; lava: which is both fire and water; mud: which is water and earth; or lightning: which is both fire and air.)

Lessons of the Body Chakra 

The lessons of The Body Chakra have everything to do with the material, physical universe – the one we witness with our five senses: sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell.

This physical universe is reflective of our internal universe, the non-physical universe, which we establish when we work at the level of The Spirit, The Mind, The Expressive and The Heart Chakras.

Our body needs us to “be” in it, therefore it’s very important to always tune into our body and see how it’s doing. Physical ailments and issues always originate in the spiritual, mental and emotional realms so we must recognize that when we heal the physical issue we are only healing a symptom and not the origin of the symptom: the spiritual reason, the thought pattern, the expressive resistance, or the emotional pain that lead to our physical symptom.

Our body and the physical universe acts as a mirror of our internal world, therefore the lesson of The Body Chakra is the lesson of reintroducing ourselves constantly to the world we are creating with our connection to our spirit, our thoughts, our emotions and our expressions.

Gifts of The Body Chakra

The great gift of The Body Chakra is the gift of self-healing and self-correction. But only if we trust our body completely can we unlock this great gift.

The Body knows what to do to heal, stabilize, balance and replenish itself: it is perfect, and it will tell you what kinds of food it needs, how much rest, and what kind of excercise it needs to be engaged in to be happy.

Be careful: often our mind gets in the way of this gift. The Mind views problems in the body as things that are”wrong” with the body and that which need fixing.

But the body works with the natural rhythms of Mother Earth and it will take the appropriate time it needs, and it will go through the necessary discomfort and pain it needs in order to heal itself.

Do not force your body to satisfy an ego need of accomplishment or beauty.

The Body knows it is already beautiful and perfect as is and will become sick or stressed if you give it, for instance, more excercise than it needs, a strict diet that ignores its warning signals, or a super early morning wake up time that may increase your egoic need for more productivity but severely weakens the body’s need for rest.

Your body already knows what to do, just get out of its way and let it guide you to the right foods, the right excercise, and the right amount of rest it needs–it will make it clear to you on a day-to-day basis.

Just make sure you are listening to it.

Healing this Chakra

It is good to be aware of the recommended dietary, rest and excercise needs of your body. 

I believe that going to the doctor is good for you and checking in with other health experts is important, and am not at all of the opinion that western medicine is evil or wrong. I am not a doctor and do not offer the advice that only medical professionals can give, my opinion is and always been to treat yourself as a whole human being, so going to the doctor is good, but if you need a spiritual perspective as well I think it’s good to add that to what your doctor recommends, for instance: adding a meditation practice as you are recovering from a surgery.

But my advice to you as your spiritual teacher is also to remember that no one knows your body more than you do, and you are it’s number one caretaker: you must communicate to your doctor and other fitness experts when what they recommend simply does not work for your body, for instance if you are feeling pain or other negative symptoms, and it ought to be their job to trust you and try to find a solution to the problem.

Regularly tune into every part of your body. Talk to it. Send it love. Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, author of My Stroke of Insight gives thanks to all her millions of cells on a regular basis, showing her gratitude for the genius way in which they operate to generate energy, grow themselves, and self-heal–without her having to ask!

There is so much information out there on physical health and wellbeing that I often don’t go into specifics when it comes to taking care of our bodies –but I do believe that from a spiritual perspective I do need to inform you that your body is more perfect than you believe it to be, and that you can trust its powerful self-healing capabilities, and that you shouldn’t put your body in the hands of your mind, which might overstrain it, pressure it, and even render it ugly and useless.

Your body is too magnificent to be talked to so negatively.

Interlocking purposes 

The Body Chakra and The Sex Chakra are incredibly intertwined, for obvious reasons when it comes to procreation and sensuality, but for not so obvious reasons when it comes to our sense of freedom, safety, abundance and power.

As we will soon learn, The Sex (Or Sacral) Chakra, located two inches above the genitals, is our powerhouse for creating in the physical universe. The pure, unadulterated energy of sex can be utilized to generate powerful physical manifestations, but this energy cannot be utilized if we have not yet learned to honor our bodies and have not feed it the proper nutrients, rest, and excercise it needs to generate the ultimate power of The Sex Chakra.

  • Meditate today on your Body Chakra with the intent on clearing and healing the chakra.

Our journey through all the chakras continues… next we will talk about the very misunderstood but all powerful Sex Chakra.

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