What Is The Sex (or Sacral) Chakra?

What Is The Sex (or Sacral) Chakra?

The Sex (or Sacral) Chakra is located two inches above the genitals. This Chakra has to do with sexual intimacy, creative power, our sense of freedom and abundance, our sense of safety and security, and finally are ability to balance our inner masculine and feminine energies.

The corresponding color for The Sex Chakra is orange. The corresponding geometric shape is the tetrahedron. The corresponding element is fire.

The lessons of this Chakra 

The lesson of The Sex Chakra is the ability to stand in your own power, to honor your inner man and inner woman, and to harness the infinite creative abundance that god, or whatever you wish to call it, has to offer you.

This Chakra also challenges us to enjoy the sensual pleasures of life without guilt or shame. 

Can we allow ourselves to indulge in life’s ecstasies? Can we engage in luxury and the erotic side of our nature?

It is hard for many of us to do so because many of us have been made to feel guilty or ashamed about our sexuality; many of us have felt our power violently taken away or felt pressured to play power games to beat the competition, or keep our jobs.

Guilt and shame have severely damaged all of our Sex Chakras and the obsession to control how we use our personal power has exhausted, fizzled, and fried out our internal spiritual power circuits.

As a culture, we really need to learn that it’s okay to be sexy, it’s okay to stand fully in our own power, and it’s okay to enjoy the pleasures of life.

I believe that true sexuality is really the purest form of universal love, and that if we are being encouraged to objectify or take advantage of another sexually this is NOT true sex. Sex without unconditional love is not sex at all, it is violent and hurtful.

(Note: I am not saying one has to be monogamous or married for their to be a loving approach to sex, I am just saying that love ought to be present, which I believe can exist in both monogamous and non-monogamous relationships. Another way to put it is to say that sex should be without abuse or dishonoring of boundaries of any kind.)

Sex, in its true form, is simply a sensual expression of unconditional love.

The gifts of this Chakra 

The gifts of this Chakra, which manifest as more resources to do and be what we want to do or be, do not come from an external action.

Our Sex Chakra can help us open up a treasure chest of money, romantic love, and power but we have to recognize it is originating from us not coming to us.

This is hard for me to explain so bear with me: you already have a power that you were meant to bring into this world. This power was given to you by God to influence this world for the better by healing it, bringing it more joy, etc.

So, therefore, the power you desire is already yours, the trick is you have to choose to stand in your power.

This means taking responsibility for your life: you get to choose your thoughts, your words and your actions. These are things that come from you.

And that’s very powerful.

The gift of this Chakra comes when you finally realize this truth and utilize the power you have been given to shape your reality, channeling your god given potential to create your reality.

For instance: by choosing to react to a situation with love and healing instead of hate, fear or anger, you are standing in your full power as a creator in this universe.

Healing this Chakra

Surprisingly, you do not need a partner to heal this Chakra. But healing this Chakra can be done with a partner if you wish.

I recommend studying the wisdom of Tantra, an ancient practice that has been passed down by our ancestors to help us activate our divine sensual and sexual energy.

You can also work to activate your kundalini energy.

Just intend in meditation to activate the kundalini energy, a powerful and potent sexual energy that lays dormant at the base of the spine, and it will be activated. Enjoy the ecstasy as the serpent like energy infuses your body with a sense of your own power and creative impulse.

Practice honoring the male and female in you: recall that the feminine is receptive and open; the male is active and assertive. Both need to be balanced within you in order to truly harness your power to create what you want in this world.

Finally, rest your sense of security, safety, and abundance in your own sensual energy. This energy is proof in and of itself of a power greater than you that sustains you, creates you, and will always keep you safe no matter what.

We lose our power / our sense of abundance / our sense of safety when we put our supply of those things outside of us.

No, never again. Seek your power within, unleash it, allow it to be, stand in it fully.

You are responsible for generating romance, wealth, and safety in your life. 

No one else is.

Interlocking purposes

The Sex Chakra is deeply connected with our Heart Chakra. This is because our Sex Chakra runs on pure unconditional love. If our Sex Chakra is only being utilized mechanically and with detachment then that is when our sex lives can become stagnant and dead.

Our sensuality needs to be something that provokes emotional love. Do not listen to people who tell you sex can happen without love. It cannot. 

(The act of sex is the most profound spiritual experience one can have–so true sex doesn’t happen without spirit either.)

Don’t be confused: I am not making any judgment about the amount of sexual partners one should have, or the type of sex one should have, I am saying that whether you have one partner or several, if love is not present it will not be as truly fulfilling for you as it could be and you will feel it and know that to be true.

The impetus for sex is the impetus for healing. Sex is a profoundly healing experience. Before we engage in loveless sex then, let’s try to heal what ails us before we engage in an act that can only truly fulfill us when love is present.

  • Meditate today on your Sex Chakra with the intent on clearing and healing the chakra.

Almost done… the last Chakra in our seven part series will be discussed next!

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