What Is The Community (Or Root) Chakra?

What Is The Community (Or Root) Chakra?

The Community (or Root Chakra) is located at the base of the spine. The Community Chakra has to do with your relationship with your friends, family, coworkers and society at large.

Every individual you meet on earth is divinely ordered to meet with you. No one is in your life by accident: everyone enters your life in order to help you grow spiritually.

The corresponding color for this Chakra is red. The corresponding geometric shape is the hexahedron, and the corresponding element is Earth.

The lessons of this Chakra 

The lessons of this Chakra have everything to do with karma and mirroring.

What is karma? This is a rather misunderstood concept because ultimately only by working out your karma with a person can you learn what karma is and what benefit it is to your soul growth.

But it is important for you to know that The Golden Rule applies here: always treat others as you like to be treated, with love, kindness, respect, and honoring.

But remember that sometimes you are tasked with teaching somone an important lesson: sometimes acting with love means leaving a relationship or ending a conversation with somone who is acting in a hurtful manner to you or is not honoring your boundaries.

We must always act in ways that are loving to both us and the other individual involved.

(Allowing somone to hurt you or disrespect your boundaries is not practicing the golden rule.)

Remember that karma is just energy: it’s a neutral force that is coming to balance things, it is not coming to punish people or fulfill some vendetta. It’s a principle that is designed to deepen our compassion for one another by realizing what it’s like to literally be in somone else’s shoes.

Finally: other people serve as a sort of mirror, either they are there to trigger you to address an aspect of you that you need to heal or change; or they are there to reflect your best self — who you could be if you worked more on fufilling your personal dreams. Lastly, there are those in your life who are there because they mirror you exactly where you are, these are your spiritual colleagues so to speak, and we have them because it’s good to connect with somone whose on the same “level” or “wavelength” as you–somone to share the journey with rather than somone you must aspire to, or run away from.

The gifts of this Chakra

The gift of this Chakra is deep human connection. Life is just not complete until we share the experience of living with another human being.

Ultimately, we are here for each other, as Emanuel Swedenborg once said.

If you feel lonely, this is an impetus to learn how to develop new human connections. If your overwhelmed with too many people, this is an impetus to explore a solitary life for a while to see who you are without the community’s input.

We often cringe at the thought of “dealing” with relationships, but we ought not to shy away from uncomfortable conversations or painful discussions. Often times these conversations, often involving lots of vulnerability, really assist in strengthening a relationship (if it’s meant to be sustained) or resolving a relationship (if it’s meant to end.)

The gift in relationships is that no relationship is the same, and each connection develops uniquely. We can learn so much from all our varied relationships.

If we remember that each relationship is here to deepen and open ourselves up more to love, than we are mastering this Chakra. 

But if we go the opposite way, and become more bittter, jaded, untrusting, suspicious, vindictive, shut off, hateful or even vengeful of others then we are not truly mastering our Community Chakra.

Our community is here to teach us how to love god through “the other,” and if we can accomplish that, we actually, paradoxically, learn to better love the god within ourselves.

Healing The Community Chakra

Connection is key in healing the Community Chakra. 

What kind of “connecting” do you need to heal? 


For those of you who are givers and love helping others, try stepping back and allow yourself to recieve instead. Ask others for help instead of going out of your way to help others. Practice the act of receiving and this will help heal this Chakra.

For those of you who are heavy receivers, well, it’s time to give. You don’t have to give money, give some wisdom, some kind words, create some artwork for someone, be somone else’s sounding board for once. I noticed that the problem with receivers is they have major Main-character-itis: they believe they are the center of the universe. 

It’s time to humble yourself and recognize that its not always about you: sometimes you are literally only in a situation because you need to bear witness to somone else’s story, provide emotional support, or just heal somone else.

Being a supporting character is just as important as being the main protagonist and, in truth, each of us rotate between these two positions throughout our lives.

Finally: always balance this give and take. Never get too caught up in giving, or too caught up in recieving, the trick is to go back and forth between the two.

Interlocking purposes 

The Community Chakra actually stands pretty independent of all the chakras in that you can start with this Chakra, end with it, or throw it in the middle of your healing practice.

It is a Chakra that always fuels your growth no matter where you put it, or no matter what other Chakra you pair it with. You can even focus on it alone and it will generate great results for you.

That’s because relationships, like emotions, are a key factor of our development. They are one of the main reasons we came here and one of the main reasons we keep coming back.

Other people can spurn our growth much faster than we can spurn our own growth–that’s because we need that friction of two people rubbing against each other: sometimes it takes an outside force to get you moving in a direction it would otherwise have taken you years to go in. If it was just you on this planet, it would take much longer to grow, you’d take longer than needed or stay stagnant for ages.

Be grateful for all the relationships you ever had, the good and the bad, each has taught you something, each has contributed to your growth in some way.

The moment you meet somone, you are never the same again.

  • Meditate today on your Community Chakra with the intent on clearing and healing the chakra.


That’s it folks, that wraps up our seven part series delving into the chakras, what they are and how to heal them. 

If you would like to set up a reading/healing with your angel to help heal further issues in your chakra system, email me at ollinmorales@gmail.com with the subject heading, “Angel Reading.”

Happy Chakra alignment!!!

Much love,


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