Help Me Rent A Healing Space: Donate To The C2C Today!

Help Me Rent A Healing Space: Donate To The C2C Today!

Hey courageous creators,

I am asking for donations today because I am hoping to raise money to rent a space for my Angel Readings / healings.

Here’s some other AWESOME reasons why it’s a rad idea to make a donation today:

1. The Content

Even if you’ve never recieved a healing or reading from me, and don’t plan to, you have benefited for over seven years of quality content available to you on this blog for free without ads (ooh those pesky ads) and without intrusive corporate “branding campaigns.” (You have never heard me say: “follow your passion –buy a coke!” Thank god.) There’s no paywall that keeps out those who can’t afford it. There’s no paid subscription service.

What refreshing set up, huh? 

The content on this blog has inspired you, motivated you and kept you going over the years…

For free!

This is now your chance to give back to The C2C in an amazing way as well as to help support the authors mission to bring the healing and love-filled messages of the angels to more people.

2. You are supporting messages of light and love and healing to combat the negative stuff that’s out there.

Let’s face it! There a lot of negativity out there and your donation can contribute to helping combat that negativity by supporting a mission that helps to spread love and light and healing throughout the world.

3.  Because it makes you feel good

Giving your support to a cause that’s been so helpful to you over the years just makes you feel good, don’t it?

4. The money will go to help me rent a space to provide more healings and readings to people.

Again, the reason I’m asking for your help today is I need assistance in expanding my ability to help clients in need of my help.

I believe that expanding beyond just providing virtual healing and readings, I can better serve people, but renting a space isn’t cheap and that is why I’d greatly appreciate your help in making this happen.

A little goes a long way!

(If the button doesn’t work please send donation to via PayPal. Thank you!)

Thank you for your donation.

Much love,


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