Why “The Secret” or “Law of Attraction” May Not Be Working For You

Why “The Secret” or “Law of Attraction” May Not Be Working For You

For over seven years we’ve talked extensively about dreams, imagination, and manifestation on Courage 2 Create.

Today, as part of C2C’s last chapter (which officially ends in February 2018, don’t forget!) is like us to review what we’ve learned over the years about manifesting our wildest dreams.

Why The Secret Doesn’t Work For You

These days, a spiritual law know as the “Secret” or “Law of Attraction” has gotten a lot of popularity in recent decades, today I’d like to address this law and help you find reasons why this law may not be working for you.

We Live In A Non-Egoic Universe

If “The Secret” or “Law of Attraction” isn’t working for you it’s probably because it is often taught from an egotistical and materialistic paradigm.

In truth the universe will conspire to bring about your desires if and only if they align with the collective good–but if they don’t, tough luck.

The universe won’t move an inch for a selfish wish or one that could hurt you or others in the long term.

It is also not in the habit of delivering more physical attachments to you that it sees in the long view will only prolong your suffering and not address the real underlying issues you have.

The universe wishes joy, love, healing and peace for you but sometimes what you want–you don’t realize it–but it’s actually bad for you.

If The Law of Attraction isn’t working for you, try this: accept that what you want may never happen and be okay with that. Surrender to that possibility. Then tell god that even though you may perfer a certain outcome that, in the end, what you wish for is that which will be in the highest good for you and the collective in the long term.

Then have faith that god will deliver you the exact experience that will not only lift you up but lift up the collective and that it may turn out even better than anything you ever wanted or dreamed.

Then pay close attention, you will soon get a bit of a nudge from your angel, follow that nudge, and you’ll get to where you need to go: not the path that will only serve you and you alone, not the path that will get you fancier shoes but leave your heart and soul empty, but the true path destined for you, the one that serves the greater good and feeds more than just your pocketbook, but your heart and soul, too.

In the end, The Law of Attraction and The Secret weren’t wrong: they were just too small. 

God doesn’t just want YOU AND YOU ALONE to succeed–he wants us all to succeed. 

He doesn’t just want you to have material things, that’s actually the least he wants for you, what he wants to grant you is a true life.

We Live In A Divinely Perfect Universe

The second reason The Secret or Law of Attraction may not work for you is that our culture usually conditions us out of being ourselves: we are constantly bombarded with messages in the media that tell us who we are is not good enough, that we cannot possibly succeed or make it by just being our natural authentic selves, and so often WHAT we ask for comes from our cultural conditioning, things we have been told we need but don’t.

Recall your childhood obsessions and loves, this usually provides some clues to who you truly are and what it is you truly desire, don’t be afraid to ask for situations that honor the natural, authentic self you are.

The universe, or whatever you wish to call it, wants you to be who you are, and will more quickly send you things that align with who you are than with who you are not.

Go on a journey of self-discovery: find out who you truly are outside the cultural conditioning, let yourself be that, and then manifest what you desire from that place.

You have a destiny to fulfill you were given when you were born but first you have to clear out any false destinies others may have convinced you of as you grew.

Your deepest desires arise naturally from you, no one has to tell you what they are, in fact, only you know what they are: but you have to look within first.

We Live In An Emotional Universe

The third reason “The Secret” or Law of Attraction doesn’t work for you is that you may be skipping another lesson we came here to learn: the lessons of the Heart.

When we intend what we want but we don’t FEEL deserving of it or that it truly can be ours, this gets in the way of our manifestation.

Not because of “vibrations” as it is often said, but because part of our lesson here is to feel what it is to be alive and many of us have been taught to numb our emotions.

It is not natural to think you are undeserving of things, it is natural to think you are deserving. So at some point on your journey here you ran into an event that caused you emotional damage, creating a feeling of unworthiness, but instead of processing that feeling in order to learn the lessons of the Heart, you stopped yourself from feeling the emotion–letting the emotion come and go–instead you buried it deep within, and it stuck with you.

If the Law of Attraction is not working for you, set aside this universal lesson for a moment, focus on healing your emotional wounds for a while, feel what it is to be alive.

Feeling is healing and it’s also the thing that gets you back into the present moment where your power to manifests arises.

It’s not that your “vibration” is off, it’s that your emotional state is making it so that your’re not here, your not truly in the present, but living in the past.

Feel the feelings, let go of the past, re-enter your present awareness and then try again to manifest.

We Live In A Non-Spacial and Non-temporal Universe

The final reason “The Secret” or Law of Attraction may not be working for you is that you are still of the belief that time and space exists.

This is very hard for most humans to get past. It seems chaotic, strange, and far too whimsical to believe there is no space or time. 

But next time you travel, ask yourself if the place you’ve gone to feels fundamentally different then the place you just left. On the physical level it may look different, but if you tune in spiritually, you may sense you never left. Trust that feeling next time you travel.

As far as time, traveling exposes that lie, too: how is it that in the place you just traveled to its evening time, when, in the place you just left, its morning? How can time exist if two physical places on earth are in fundamental disagreement as to what those numbers on the clock mean? Our own delicate concept of time has to adapt to the wiggly nature of how things really are.

How does this fact not seriously challenge our fundamental belief in time?

Time is a human creation and space is a lie of the mind. 

To help you grasp this, go to sleep.

Pay attention to your dreams: notice the fluidity of time and space there. This is actually how things are, but our left brain does a great job of organizing things in a linear fashion in our waking stare.

Or pay attention to your own imagination: your day dreams, look how fluid they are, ideas and images come and go so easily there. This is the world of the right brain.

Now, theres nothing wrong with our brains left hemisphere: it serves an important purpose in our lives.

But imagine a movie projector that’s so clouded with dust so that when it projects the film on the movie screen, it projects only a small portion of the film that could be seen?

This is what our mind does to all our wishes hopes and dreams: it clouds them with the limitation of time and space – and so when we intend to manifest, we are working with a cloudy projector.

Not a faulty one, just one that needs cleaning.

The Mind says:

“You want that dream career? I researched it and it looks like it takes an average of 20-30 yrs to achieve it, so let me add that time to it. Oh and that dream house, yeah you looked at the market lately? How about a dream apartment instead. Downgrading that now. And a soul mate ? Have you seen your waist line? We’re gonna have to put off dating til you lose a few! And travel? How about a staycation? The world is looking scary.”

For everything you dream the mind inevitably reduces your dreams by the limits of time and space.

Make sure when you intend to manifest to be very conscious of the minds trying to limit you by adding more space and time to drag the process down. 

After all that which will deliver to you what you desire is far far greater than your minds ability to grasp it.

It is has infinite space and time.

The Law of Attraction or The Secret Isn’t Why We Came Here

Although The Law of Attraction represents a spiritual truth it should noted that it isn’t the main reason we came here. We can here to uncover who we were, to transcend suffering and yes, transcend the physical.

If material things get in the way of that main goal then laws like The Secret don’t work for us.

Instead of focusing on The Secret, and the material world, I recommend that you seek energetic balance within. Go on a journey of self-discovery. 

I guarantee you that it will be on that journey where you will come to understand that The Law of Attraction is in service to that journey rather than the main focus of the spiritual journey itself.

Much love,


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