The Karma of Cities and Towns

The Karma of Cities and Towns

For over seven years, The C2C has touched upon the themes of home and travel. Although not a dominant theme on the blog, connecting with the spaces we love was an important topic we’ve discussed. I’d like us to explore this topic once more today.

Your Home As A Reflection of You

Your home is a reflection of who you are: 

Is there a project in your home that is left unfinished? If so, look within first: is there is something emotionally left unfinished internally?

Is your place too small for you? Perhaps it’s time to expand what amount of space you truly deserve.

Your house too cluttered or dusty? Perhaps it’s time to clear up what you may be confused about in your thought processes.

You can’t get around to taking out an old item that has reached and past its usefulness and now just drags the place down? Try to see what in your past you don’t want to let go of.

Personally I have found that when my own mental perspective changes suddenly I feel led to move things around in my room, get rid of the old, and do some dusting.

Before you clean house, clear your head, unload your heart, bring forth your spirit and you will find that the rearranging or cleaning of your space happens more quickly and easily.

Psychic Free Radicals

Even when we reach a blissful state of grace or healing, we still might encounter psychic free radicals, which may discourage us.

What are “psychic free radicals”?

The negative thoughts and negative emotions of others that create a sort of dense or dark atmosphere.

This is why visiting nature is always recommended as you ascend, the trees and the animals do not emit these negative psychic energies, only humans do.

In fact a space of dense energy, like a city, only feels more calm and peaceful after a storm washes through it: nature itself must come in with heavy rain and wind to clear out this dense psychic energy.

Don’t be discouraged if on your healing journey you encounter psychic free radicals (because of humans the earth is full of it), just make sure to visit nature often or consider moving to a town or area where the energy is less dense and more light.

(It’s no surprise that towns or cities near nature are less dense of negative psychic energy, while those more isolated from nature are very dense with negative psychic energy.)

Remember that encountering psychic free radicals doesn’t mean your regressing or something is wrong, it’s just something we all have to deal with until most people shift to a more positive frame of mind.

You deserve to experience a smooth ascension, don’t let the negative psychic energy of others drag you down.

The Keepers of The Light

Some of you might be saying to me, as many clients do:

“But I can’t seem to leave this negative city/town no matter how hard I try? What’s going on?!”

And often the angels answer to this is surprising: you may be still stuck in this location because that town and its people need YOU even if you don’t need it/them.

You see, some of you came to this earth to be Keepers of The Light: your energy is so high and so filled with love and healing that it actually is designed to help balance the town you live in.

Your presence is there so that others can see their potential for their own light in you. You act as a mirror, a positive mirror, that inspires them to tap into the possibility of who they are. 

A part of you, your spirit, is keeping you in that town because you actually wanted to be there to be a source of light and hope.

If you are ready to leave a place but feel stuck there ask your angel:

“What further karma do I owe this city or town? What did I plan to do here that I have not done yet? What people have I not helped that I had planned to help here?”

Then let your angel show you the way.

Once you’ve completed your karma in that city you will find it much easier to leave.

The Karma of Cities and Towns

Edgar Cayce, the famous psychic, once said that each city and town has its own aura, just like every person does. I would add to that that each city or town has its own karma, a karma your spirit is invited to heal, or a karma your spirit is meant to be tested by.

For instance, living in a city or town with a lot of negative psychic energy may serve to forge your spirit, not damage it as you might assume.

The negative side of the city rubs against you until your highest self emerges, like removing coal from a diamond.

For instance: you may find that living in The City of Illusion may teach you the value of connecting with what’s real and what truly matters; living in a City That Never Sleeps may teach you the value of rest, relaxation and self-care; living in The City of Sin may reveal to you the freedom and joy of being a man of virtue; living in The Town of Convention may help forge a healthy rebellious side; The Town of Corruption may reveal to you that people of credibility and integrity actually have more power than even the most wealthy.

The City of Violence might teach you to find a sense of safety and peace within; The Town of Elitism might teach you the enduring quality of humility.

Sometimes you’re in a town that is not aligned with you spiritually because your are there to learn skills and lessons only THAT town can teach you.

If you’re stuck in a place you hate, try to learn what you need to learn in this negative place, use it for your soul growth, and know that your life there is temporary up until you have learned those skill sets.

Go On An Expedition 

If there are towns and cities that call you, and if you answer that call according to divine timing, I have found that everything you need to get there and live there will be provided.

But places call you for a reason, not just so you can enjoy them, but so you can learn from them.

The places that call you may be unwelcoming, for instance, or they may not have all the comforts you are used to. They may force you to prove yourself or even ask you to leave.

Other places that call you may be welcoming but may be hiding a hidden resentment behind their smile, they may be comfortable but something is a bit off about the style in which they provide it to you. They may invite you to stay forever but still change the locks on the guest house one day.

Still, there are other places, sacred places, magical places where you might be called to serve and connect with your ancestors, with Mother Earth, and with the infinite. There, in those places, things open up for you more easily, your story unfolds with greater alacrity, and this is because the land has a greater connection with something higher.

Each place, the difficult place, the seemingly easy place, and the place of wonder have their lessons to teach you.

All I say is don’t go with any expectations when you are called to a place, expect to be surprised, expect to learn while you are there why you are there.

This earth was meant to be explored by us. It was god’s wish for us.

So go, quickly now–go on an expedition.

Much love, 


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