My Five Principles of Enlightened Living 

My Five Principles of Enlightened Living 

For over seven years on Courage 2 Create we’ve discussed ascension, enlightenment, consciousness and the work we do to create greater and greater awareness.

We have found, surprisingly, that raising our awareness–or our ability to be in the natural flow of life, and trusting this flow–helps us with our creativity and helps us live a fuller life.

Trusting the rhythm of life, being in the flow, accepting what is, not resisting, these are all recurring themes of the blog and they are also, I believe, the principles of living a more enlightened life.

Today, let’s review the principles we’ve learned over the years.

Here are my five principles for enlightened living:

1. Stop forcing it

What is meant to happen will happen at the appropriate time and place. Divine timing is perfect. 

Get out of your own way. Forcing it or struggling actually only increases your stress level and creates tension in your body.

If you are waiting for something to happen, like getting a new job, or starting a new relationship, do the opposite of what seems like the logical thing to do: let go of the situation, relax into it, release it, trust it, accept it, allow it–anything but FORCE it.

Let go of control, if you try to control the situation what you are doing is trying to infuse the situation with fear and fear closes the chakra system.

Keep the chakras open by letting go, trusting, and accepting that what is meant to happen will happen at the perfect time for you.

2. Give up trying to be right 

Within each of us is an intuition, a knowing, a gut instinct about what is right and what is wrong.

Each one of us has this little jimminy cricket, it is called our conscience – an intrinsic knowing of what is right and wrong. What’s good for us and what’s bad for us – who’s good for us and whose bad for us.

Part of the mission on earth is to trust and follow that conscience despite what others say, and despite the fact that this may make you a rebel, a minority or someone who “rocks the boat.”

But our mission here is NOT to impose our views or way of life on others. 

The principle of free will must always be respected and we must always get out of debating that our way is the “right” way or “the only” way.

All points of view are valid and ought to be respected (however we always have a right to disagree).

If you are in a situation where you feel the need to be right and this is clouding your ability to simply listen and see the other individual as a human being who just disagrees with you then you are caught in the pitfall of the need to be right.

This actually drags you down, keeps you stuck, externalizes your power as it is being wasted trying to make another person wrong instead of you trying to connect with another human.

If you cannot connect with another persons humanity–or they are unwilling to connect with you on a human level– it’s best not to enter the conversation at all.

You would just be wasting your time and creating more negativity.

3. Let go of trying to be everything to everybody at all times

In other words, don’t fall into the trap of perfectionism.

Who you are is enough, all you can do is try your best, and accept that even so, you may (and likely) will one day disappoint someone, fall short, mishandle something, make a mistake, fail, unintentionally hurt somone or just plain fall flat on your face.

This is part of what it means to be human.

To err.

Secondly: It is impossible to please everyone.

Focus instead on what pleases you and hopefully others will find it pleasing to. If they don’t, oh well, there really is no pleasing everyone!

Finally: you will have different seasons in your life, not all will be pleasant.

Sometimes you’ll be a pleasure to be around, other times you might snap at others out of exhaustion or stress. Some years you’ll look and feel fantastic and successful, other years you’ll look and feel quite confused lost and down in the dumps.

We are not always on, we’re not supposed to be always on. No one accomplishes sustained upward mobility or success–it is not natural.

Everything ebbs and flows. The angels always speak of the wisdom of the seasons and that all seasons are necessary, even the winter times, which all of us can agree we are not very fond of.

Are you a people pleaser? Are you a perfectionist? Are you someone who feels they always need to be “on”?

Part of loving yourself more is recognizing you will not be able to meet those impossible standards for yourself. 

You are messy, we all are, learn to love your messy self.

4. Shut up and listen

Stop talking – listen more.

Listen to what people say, what they do, listen to your body, listen to your intuition, listen to the thoughts in your head, listen to your breath, listen to nature.

Listen to the trees, the animals, the breeze. 

Listening takes you out of ego instantly – it brings you back to your true nature as observer or watcher of your own life.

You recognize that no, the cosmos was not made for you, but it includes you, you are part of it, and it speaks to you, and if you listen it can guide you.

But if you don’t listen, it can’t guide you.

Step into the quiet. The quiet has all the answers you seek.

Finally the last principle of enlightened living:

5. Seek understanding within

True understanding can only be found within. If your trying to crack the code of your current life challenge, stop looking for the answer externally, look within.

Eckhart Tolle has said that true spiritual teachers don’t give you anything you don’t already have: their job is to turn you back away from them and toward your inner guidance.

I would personally add that spiritual teachers are not here to provide you the best answers but the best questions. We are the ones that help to focus humanity’s line of inquiry toward the topics that truly matter–but what answers you find through that line of inquiry are not up to us, but up you.

You know–already–who you are and what you came here to do. 

You know what to do next.

Go within. 

The answer is always there.

Much love,


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