Healing: The Never Ending Journey

Healing: The Never Ending Journey

For nearly eight years we’ve talked about healing: healing writers block, healing emotions, healing our bodies, healing our minds, healing our souls and finally, healing our communities.

What have we learned over the last 8 years about healing? Well, first of all: it never ends!!!

Today, for Courage 2 Creates last chapter, let’s talk about what we’ve learned about healing over the years.

How To Make Yourself Whole

My healing journey began simple enough: I wanted to cure my writers block, and so I theorized that if I tackled the block from all sides, surely, something would work.

And it did: in fact, approaching my writers block holistically worked almost too well (I even wrote an eBook about it.)

Holistic healing soon became the mantra of Courage 2 Create: healing your writers block meant not just working with your mind, but your body, your soul, your heart, and your community–all at once.

I learned and shared with you on this blog that we were much more than just our minds, we were our hearts, our bodies, our souls and we had to honor all parts of who we are or remain stuck in procrastination and stagnation.

Little did I know that this was just the beginning of a profound transformation for me: healing my blocks made me someone who believed that we were capable of self-healing and that our underlying problems could be understood and remedied.

But I had opened up the Pandora’s box with that revelation, because I had no idea at the time that the self-healing journey was never ending, and that, at each interval of profound healing, one only becomes more and more aware of the supernatural elements of the universe.

As a former atheist, trust me, I was really not anticipating this.

Since then, I have come to understand that we are living in a moment of profound transformational change for humanity.

My move toward the supernatural is being mirrored by people all over the world, from the working class guy to the major Hollywood celebrity.

It largely goes underreported or is misunderstood when it is reported, but this collective awakening, I believe, is where all this effort of self healing is taking us, until we have reached a collective enlightenment.

Beyond Chakras and Auras

I had no idea, but my holistic approach to healing in the beginning of this blog was actually an ancient practice, and was most notably used in ancient India, except there it is was often referred to as “healing the Chakras.”

For centuries the Indians understood that our lives were reflected on our Chakras, or energy centers and they had developed ways to heal these centers and make sure the flow of “chi” or “prana” remained in “clear.”

It was the disruption of the natural flow of energy, the ancient Indians and Chinese knew, that led to mental illness, physical sickness and interpersonal discord. 

They understood the role of auras, as well, and the need to heal and maintain them.

My journey was therefore just a modern re-telling of an old story that’s been going on for centuries.

Courage 2 Create has, in many ways, been the story of this basic holistic healing journey: mind, body, spirit, heart, community, all being reintegrated and folded back into one central flow, what I call the “Love Stream,” or what Indians call prana, or what the Chinese call Chi.

But once you unleash that flow, and reach the enlightened state, or samadhi as the Indians call it, that’s only the beginning. There is a world beyond the Chakras and auras that need your healing attention, and this is the point in which Courage 2 Create must end, so that I can explore this new, strange world.

If you haven’t noticed, things have gotten weirder over the years: I started off with earthly, practical concerns like making your writing deadlines and setting productivity goals–and these days I’m taking on topics such as angelic beings, past lives and other dimensions.

How on earth did I get from there to here?

It’s the healing journey itself. It’s inevitably where it all leads. It goes from natural to the supernatural the more you traverse it.

At first I thought I’d gone off the rails, but perhaps it was necessary: we had to cross this threshold. We had to go deeper, wider, and more transcendent.

Because that’s the journey of humanity.

Life is like a Stanley Kubrick film: things only get stranger and stranger the more the story unfolds, and you want to call the story terrible for its brash need to be more than just a movie but you slowly begin to recognize the story and its creator are far smarter and more advanced than you are.

I did not intend to speak to Angels–I did not  even imagine my story would involve the supernatural.

I was just being me.

But because I worked to heal me I uncovered more and more of who “me” was.

And who “me” was… was odd. Very odd. Wonderful, beautiful, healing, positive but still… odd.

But I suppose, in the end, when we really get to it, we are all odd in our own beautiful way.

Healing The Block

For eight years we talked about productivity and how to get things done. We accomplished this through the process of healing.

But the word “healing” I now have come to realize is such a basic and misleading term. We’re taking about deep transformational stuff here: earth-shattering change.

It has made me recognize that there is great wisdom to those writers out there who refuse to heal their blocks. I used to think it was just out of fear of failure, but no, now I think it’s primarily out of fear of success.

Somehow people who refuse to cure their writers block actually know what’s on the other side of healing: deep earth-shattering tranformation.

That’s why they refuse to go down that road: lest, like me, they start speaking to angels.

God forbid.

In the end, “healing our block” turns out to be a red herring of sorts, a decoy for a much more fulfilling different path. 

Healing is a way of clearing, recalling, stepping back into who we truly are.

That’s a harrowing journey, because who we are turns out to be quite strange indeed, and infinite.


Healing is not, in fact, what it seems to be. It seems to be the thing we do to get back to creativity, back to work, or back to living life. But, in fact, healing is the journey. It’s the main attraction.

Manifesting our wildest dreams is in service of that healing journey, not the product of it, or the reason for it.

We dream in order to create, we do not create in order to dream. Ours is a journey of self-discovery, and the material world is designed to help facilitate this journey, not the other way around.

To put it more simply: we came here to heal, and our dreams are here to help us heal, but we did not come to dream for the sake of dreaming and meanwhile ignore our great suffering.

All of life is in service of one journey: the journey of self-discovery. All of life is designed to help us grow and uncover who we truly are, and that’s a journey that never ends.

Courage 2 Create began with a need to heal my writers block, it is ending with the recognition that this self-healing journey was the main attraction, the main focus of the journey, not all the “productivity” that I was desperate to achieve.

Seek To Live, Not To Produce

I had it all wrong. We’ve all had it all wrong.

I wanted to heal writers block to be “productive” because that’s what you’re supposed to be: a quality producer.

I never realized just how much our capatalistic culture had affected me, to think I was convinced healing was all about the product.

No, healing is not what you get out of it, healing is it.

It’s the reason we were born: to, time and again, uncover who we truly are, through the power of putting back all the shattered pieces back into one, whole, thing.

That’s why ever story must end, because it reflects this healing journey, which is what we came here for: to integrate everything we’ve experienced and make sense of it all in the only way we know how: to tell it like a story.

Beginning, middle, and end.

Seek to live, not to produce my friend.

The healing is why we are here, not what comes of it.

Much love,


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