In Defense of Positivity + The Positivity Week Challenge!

In Defense of Positivity + The Positivity Week Challenge!

I think we create our reality.

I know: how very “New Agey” of me.

I suppose I am to be despised for my insistence on “magical thinking”–but people who roll their eyes at this don’t understand that it’s one rule. There is The Law of Karma and The Law of Divine Patience and The Law of Purpose. And The Law of Seasons. In other words: we create our reality, but we also have karma to work through and we have to be patient and we have to be aligned with our purpose at all time–oh and things must always ebb and flow and are inconstant–if you don’t get all of those rules you will think the Law of Manifestation or Law of Attraction isn’t working for you, when it is.

But my life is a testament to this truth: I have always find that if I intend to manifest something I desire, and if it’s aligned with the truth of who I am and what god has planned for me, it comes to pass. Sometimes even in the instant I wish for it.

That, to me, is the power of positivity.

For nearly eight years on Courage 2 Create we’ve talked about positivity and optimism, having an “abundance” and “opportunity” perspective and the importance of recognizing our blessings. 

Today, for the last chapter, let’s discuss what we’ve learned over the years about being grateful and looking on the bright side of life.

Reversing The Curse

It’s so important to count your blessings. Our blessings shift our perspective and lift us up, get us out of the funk of focusing on the negative. There is always more to be grateful for than to feel cursed for.

I promise you.

You are not cursed, you are blessed.

A curse is just that: a thought you believe is true for you.

You want to reverse the curse? Stop believing in the curses power over you AND stop and believe in your power to lift the curse by affirming :

I am blessed, I am protected, I am healed, I am provided with all the resources I need.

And then do your part: never curse another nor wish any ill will on anyone, affirm their blessings, wish them healing, wish them joy and abundance.

A curse only gets to you if you believe it and attach to it importance and power over you.

Only god has power over you my child, and he’s on your side.

Let me tell you something I have learned: we’re all going through something hard right now, anyone who says they aren’t are either lying or avoiding something, and if you were to see all that was hidden you would see we all suffer in our own way. 

Bad things happen to all of us. It’s how we overcome those things that’s important. For the spiritual warrior it is faith and patience that will get you through it.

The “bad thing” is part of the human condition, it doesn’t mean your cursed. 

We’re all facing our own obstacles, you are no different than the rest of us.

So enough with the fear of being cursed! 

You are blessed, you were always blessed, you will always be blessed.

Intention Junction

Growing up, School House Rock was a constant teacher to me: teaching me about government and grammar, etc.

One of the episodes I remember was about conjunctions: a very boring grammar topic, that was made utterly clear through the narrative.

I wish there was a school house rock today–as cheesy as they were, those episodes really stuck with you. I wish we could teach our kids the simplicity of positive mindset in these cartoons, too.

What would it be titled? Intention Junction? A cartoon teaching kids that in a moment of tragedy, crisis, or confusion they should always remember that their positive intentions must be made loud and clear in their thoughts and actions and that, when the issue is finally resolved, they will often see their initial positive intent reflected in their physical reality?

Or how about an episode entitled: “How counting your blessings shifts your reality?”

A cartoon showing kids that if you are in despair, or in need of hope, that the simple practice of counting your blessings makes you recognize that you are far luckier than you recognize?

Our outlook is as much a part of our reality as our reality is. We must always strive to focus on the positive, be optimistic, and recognize the underlying “okayness” of everything.

Yes, acknowledge the ugly parts of life, don’t ignore them, but then transmute them into the positive.

Looking on the bright side is not just a survival technique–it’s what keeps us aligned with the truth. And, after all I’ve been through, I am still of the belief that fundamentally life is good, positive and we ought to be optimistic about it.

And that if we’re not, our lenses are just foggy, and need some cleaning.

We are positive creatures by nature and, what we create, is always constructive not destructive.

We are aspiring, inspiring, and motivating forces in the universe. We, humans, are not the Debbie downers we make ourselves to be. The human spirit is positive, constructive, uplifting, and celebratory.

I know this to be true, and yet, humans have to relearn that this is who we are.

This is where I, Ollin, come in to make a case for your positive story arc:

Everything negative that occurred to you can be used to fuel your growth.

Use it.

Use that pain.

Use that anger.

Use that fear.

Use that trauma.

Use it like a catapult. To get you higher. Transmute that suffering to consiousness, as Eckhart Tolle would say.

Be lifted by your tragedy, not drowned by it.

I know it’s hard. I’ve had to do it many times. But every time it worked–every time.

I believe in positivity–I know that it works.

I know it to be real.

I have been positive for you for nearly eight years. I believe that this is my responsibility as a writer and thought leader. I might have shared a sad story here and there, but I still provided hope and inspiration.

Ta-Nahesi Coates, a writer I have the utmost respect and admiration for–an incredibly intelligent man–said something that I very much disagree with recently that I believe he will one day regret saying: he said it’s not his job to present hope to his readers, that–and I’m paraphrasing here–if you want hope, you should go see a “preacher.”


That hurt.

Coates may not have asked to be the thought leader he is today, but he is one. And his words count. Not so much to the adults who have learned to think for themselves, but to the kids who are looking for a way forward, that look up to him, wide-eyed, for leadership and a way up out of their darkness.

No: one need not erase the dark and negative aspects of life to write a positive prescription to the issues we face. That’s a profound misunderstanding of positivity, positivity is the result of facing our current truth and using that truth as a start to get through and end up at a positive outcome.

Positivity is not delusion, nor is it bourne of ignorance or indolence. Neither is it merely propaganda or pandering or distraction or a sedative–it is the truth. It is the way. It is the light.

Leaders lead us to the light, not away from it. 

Give us light, Coates. The light that carries us through the burden.

In Defense of Positivity

I love Coates. I believe he’s the best living writer of social commentary out there. No one comes close. Seriously.

But I don’t think he thinks that. 

Like a true cynic, he cannot see just how high he has risen and just how impactful his words will be to the younger generations–his words, absent of positivity, may have stopped the next MLK in his tracks.

Who knows?

I know that’s not his intent, and my statement perhaps is too radical, but it may be his consequence.

I argue that positivity is not a belief, it is the truth of life, and to argue otherwise is to lie. 

Perhaps not to intentionally or consciously  lie but to lie nonetheless.

I’m not saying negativity isn’t real–it’s very real, truly real, but it can be changed.

And anything that changes is illusory, transient, a lie of the mind.

What lasts, that’s the truth. Ghandhi once noted this: he noticed, through observation, that eventually all that is good and positive wins out. The light always ends up winning in every fight. The trick is to be patient, and to be a leader wise enough to have faith in the positive.

I have learned that how we feel about something now will determine the future that will result of that emotional focul point.

Transmuting our negative emotions now into the positive helps to neutralize this unconscious creative process, manifesting a positive outcome as a resulting future.

That’s not a theory–I learned this through experience. I’m not a theorist, I’m a pragmatist, I only do what works, and this works. It always does.

What future do you want? Dream it, but then accept the reality of the present moment, however dark it may seem, experience it deeply but intend to heal and clear it, find the light of your dream in that darkness, it’s always there.

Follow that light and you’ll meet the sunrise soon enough.

How do I know that? Because I’ve done it myself time and time again–and it works.

Always works.

But positivity is an active principle: you engage with it, it’s no lazy man’s crutch or opulent mans ornate vestibule. It’s a tool, a practice.

After nearly eight years , positivity has led me through and out of many a darkness.

Positivity is not a “whatever,” it’s a profoundly serious thing.

Despite the darkness, I remain positive.

I’ll hold that space for you always, that’s my job, and if I can’t do that, I need to take a break from my pulpit and challenge myself to brighten up despite the negative because everyone on a raised platform is a preacher, whether they like it or not, and the choice is between a sermon that is conscious but uplifts and one that is conscious but further dampens our spirits.

I chose the former. I chose and will continue to choose to inspire despite all that ails us today.

I respect and recognize the decision to choose the latter, but I profoundly disagree.

I see a light at the end of this tunnel.

I always have.

And you should, too.

Positivity Week Challenge

For Courage 2 Creates last chapter, I want to give you one last Weekly Challenge: The Positivity Week Challenge. 

For seven days straight, engage in one of the following positivity practices each day and report your shift in attitude on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #positivityweekchallenge@OllinMorales

Have fun courageous creators!!!!!

The Positivity Week Challenge pledge: 

“Each day this week,  I intend to practice opening my heart, lifting my spirit, and getting attuned to the abundance of my universe.”

  1. Positivity Practice: Gratitude For Others

The person who left you and the person who hurt you often take up the most real estate in your head space, so today I want you to actually switch that around:

Look at who is with you, whose is supporting you, who loves you.

Look at who is healing you, who is reaching out to help you, who is being kind, who is making you smile.

Look at who in your life is busy doing the good works.

Then start sending them your gratitude either through a prayer, a thank you note, a hug, a gift, a meal.

Help them in some way. Or just think of them fondly.

Imagine their dreams coming true.

Finally: Have the intention that you will become more obsessed with the people who stick with you, Love you and heal you, than the other folks, who don’t deserve to live in the guest house of your psyche.

Give the prime real estate in your mind to your loved ones and supporters.

Then inhale and exhale.

Affirmation: “I am blessed by people who love me and support me and who stick with me through thick and thin.”

2Positivity Practice: Abundance and Blessings

We often focus on what is lacking, what we owe, what we wish we could have, where we would rather be, or who we wish we could be.

These thoughts often leave us depressed if we are hooked on the idea that who we are now and what we have now is not enough.

Today I want you to switch that: 

Look at your blessings: what do you have that others lack? What about you is something others might envy? What about the place you live in is actually better than other places you could be forced to live on this planet?

Abundance is not about being delusional – it’s a shift in perspective – it’s about recognizing that actually who you are, what you have, and where you are is not only enough…

But absolutely perfect.

Affirm: “I am enough. I have enough. I am where I’m supposed to be. I am perfect. This space is perfect. And I now begin creating my life using the resources, time, and people that god has provided me with today because–by his wisdom–it is truly all I need.”

3Positivity Practice: Power

A feeling of powerlessness and helplessness gets us feeling negative pretty quickly.

Today, I want you to practice reclaiming your power by recognizing that you get to choose what to think, what to say, and how to act in your current situation.

Write a long list of all the things you can think , do, or say that will help you feel better and more empowered and DO THEM.

It works!

Affirm: “I am powerful. I am influential. I reclaim my full power today and I think in love, speak in love and act on behalf of love. And because of that, I change this world for the better.”

4Positivity Practice: Awareness and Responsibility 

Become more aware today.

One of the most simple practices is simply starting to pay attention to the images you are looking at on a daily basis, what are you reading in a daily basis, what are you doing on a daily basis.

Become a positivity detective of your own life: review the people, places, things and Thoughts currently in your life: what could be contributing to your state of negativity?

There are some things that are bad that are unavoidable, this is very true, it is important to be informed: but you don’t need to overwhelm yourself, or add more worry to an unfortunate situation that is already pretty unfortunate–maybe there are things you are engaging in that you don’t have to see, listen to, or engage with.

Can you let those unnecessary negative things go?

Affirm: “I reclaim my life. I take full responsibility for the activities I engage in and the thoughts and images I feed myself. I now choose to engage in more positive or constructive thoughts, actions and spoken words. I am responsible for my life.”

5. Positivity Practice: Nature

Spend time with an animal, plant or a natural landscape.

Sit with it and listen. Learn. Emulate. Admire. Talk.

Joy moves through natural things more easily because positivity is the nature of all things.

Only humans choose to refuse this natural flow.

It’s simple I know, but nature will always remind you that positivity is the natural order of things, you just need to listen to its message.

Affirm: “I am one with nature and nature is positive. I commune with nature and nature is positive. I listen to nature and I learn from nature’s wisdom that the light vanquishes all darkness and hope is everywhere.”

6Positivity Practice: Visualize

Visualize a better world for yourself.

Sit in quiet meditation and visualize all the things you WANT to happen for you.

Imagine how you feel as you are a witness to these dreams manifesting.

Laugh, cry, and jump with joy as you imagine these things becoming realized.

Open your eyes, breath in and out and affirm:

Affirmation: “I create a bright future for myself, and I release this dream to the universe, finally I accept that what comes to me today contains the keys that will unlock this treasure for me. I will honor and respect the whimsical or modest way god chooses to answer my prayers and I trust in divine timing.”

7: Positivity Practice: Surrender

Negativity can get to us if we believe we have to be the ones to help everybody, save everybody, and fix ourselves and all our problems–right away.

That’s just not how it works.

We always have to surrender to a greater power the things we cannot change, control, help, or save.

We must trust and have faith that god will take of everything we do not have direct power over.

Sit in quiet meditation and review everything that is currently out of your power that you are wanting to fix, control, or save.

Then imagine yourself handing all of those people, things and situations over to god.

Release them, and trust that he will take care of what you cannot do on your own.

Affirm: “I surrender the how to the universe and simply focus on my what. I release the need to be savior of another and only offer my advice or help to those who choose to accept it. I honor and respect the boundaries of those who openly refuse my help and don’t wish to receive my advice. They have a right to live their life in a way they prefer just as I do, so I release them and trust they are perfectly capable of handling things themselves and god will continue to assist them.”

Much love,


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