What Is “The Love Stream”(A.K.A. Chi Energy) And How Do I Align Myself With It?

What Is “The Love Stream”(A.K.A. Chi Energy) And How Do I Align Myself With It?

For over seven years on this blog we’ve talked about love: it’s power to heal, its power to guide us down the right path, its power to create what we wish to experience in this world, and its power to give us courage.

Recall that Chi, prana, reiki, chakti, The Force are all just different words for love. Love is the cosmic force that binds us all into one interconnected being. God is love, we are all made of love, and to inhabit Chi, or The Love Stream, we must think, talk, and do loving things.

To step out of The Love Stream means we are engaging in fear or hatred. This does damage to us and the collective and this is where karma is created. 

To heal karma, one must re-enter The Love Stream by way of loving thoughts, words and deeds to onesself and others.

Today, I’d like us to review what we’ve learned about love over the years by examining an aspect of love we haven’t covered yet: hate.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Hate

Hatred is love not fully expressed, or channeled incorrectly–everything is made of love, god is love, but free will choice makes it so we can choose to close ourselves off to love or choke the The Love Stream itself so that we don’t get the full force of god’s love through our system.

If you feel hatred in your heart, channel that hatred in a healthy manner, hit a pillow, scream into a supportive loved ones shoulder, go for a jog. That hatred will break into tears eventually and you will experience an opening of the Heart and god’s love will enter to heal you.

Why did you feel the hatred? Because someone hurt you, so you closed your heart, or choked the Love Stream, so that then you carried the hatred that was previously just directed at you.

Therefore, ironically, only through feeling completely our hatred in a non-violent manner can we authentically forgive another for hurting us, for through the experience we learn that the hateful person is doing what we just did: denying god’s love to heal them. The hateful person is in great pain and suffering themselves, and the best thing we can do for them is to heal ourselves in a way they never could for themselves, instead of perpetuating the cycle.

This is the alchemy of the Heart, this is what transmutes suffering into deeper empathy and therefore the true gold of consciousness.

Pain As An Invitation For Deeper Love

Hate is just another form of pain. And as we’ve learned over the years, it is through our present pain that a more joyful future can be reached.

Pain is an invitation to sit still and be with a part of you that did not receive, or is not currently receiving, unconditional love. Pain represents a moment you stepped out of The Love Stream and entered into fear.

Pain is your invitation back into The Love Stream by way of loving attention.

People who attack you are just in pain, they cannot love you just yet because they cannot love themselves just yet. Take their attack as an invitation back within yourself to love the parts of you that haven’t been loved properly. 

Then take a step back from the attackers, get some space between the both of you, their attack was a warning shot, a sign that they may attack again. Heed the warning and don’t go near them until you feel they have learned to recognize and heal the pain within them that led them to attack you.

We are all vulnerable to the emotional shrapnel that is currently out there. It seems exhausting I know but we must work to honor and love and heal every hurt within us. This emotional shrapnel, I have found, naturally wants to leave our bodies. We can help it out if our system by giving it our attention, accepting it, loving it, filling up our own holes.

We also take a step back from the people who cowardly keep hurting us, and move forward to those who have the courage to love us as we are.

Step Into Love Today

The difficulty today, the struggle, the pain: face it. Don’t run away from it.

I know, that’s the last thing you want to do.

But avoidance is just another way of hating oneself or resisting what is. This puts you out of The Love Stream.

To get back in The Love Stream confront what you have been avoiding, face the struggle, deal with the pain.

It will be hard, no doubt, and the resolution may have you facing some unpleasant truths, but that’s you moving forward not staying stuck.

Avoidance never works, it’s us flicking the pause switch on life, the pain is still there, we’re just choosing to pretend it isn’t there and isn’t affecting us.

Bring love and attention to your pain, your struggle, your suffering. 

This is the way out of the pain, struggle, and suffering.

It’s what keeps you moving.

This is the path. The path of love.

How To Re-Enter The Love Stream: My Tips

1. Follow the little loves: do the little things you love to do. Hobbies, interests, foods, etc. Engage in things that bring you joy and happiness, be whimsical, and let these small loves lead you to your big loves.

2. Deal with what is in front of you, instead of avoiding it, especially if you are avoiding an emotion: feel the emotion to don’t repress it. Trust the healing journey.  The Love Stream sometimes doesn’t appear pleasant, sometimes it’s a harsh truth you need to face or an obstacle you must overcome. Instead of looking to the future or engaging in delusion, face the truth of this moment, learn the lessons life is trying to teach you through your current circumstances. Grow from it. Sometimes The Love Stream is leading you through growth and expansion by way of difficulty or challenge.

3. Go within: realize the external circumstance is a projection of your internal wellbeing. By going within you can recognize where you are stuck, clear out whatever pain or limited belief could be causing you the external problem and reflect on the ORIGIN of your issues instead of the symptom. Seek to cure the origin and the outer symptom will be healed or removed.

4. Teach what you are having trouble understanding or learning: this is a paradox I know, but if you’re have trouble understanding or mastering a concept life is trying to get you to learn or master, try teaching it to others, even if it’s just a friend or a family member, it will help you master the concept.

5. Share: share the things you love, the lessons you’ve learned, the wisdom you have gained. It could be as simple as pictures of your dog or as complicated as a novel, sharing gets you back in The Love Stream. As Emmanuel Swedenborg once said: we are all here to help each other.

6. Be still: sometimes The Love Stream is inciting you to explore The Quiet: The stillness that is underneath all situations where you recognize you are okay, all is okay, and there is no need for busyness or stress. Sometimes being still is the point of life, if you’re being forced to be still by life, please relax, enjoy the respite, be at peace. When life wants you to get moving again: trust me, it will call you, it has not lost your number.

7. Be open: if things feel stuck for you, review your life and see in what ways are you closed to life. Can you open some windows and doors in your life that you closed off long ago for some reason you can no longer remember? Why not open them again? Perhaps life is knocking on the back door today and you’ve locked it long ago? Time to unlock it!

8. Forgiveness: the fastest way to get The Love Stream going is to forgive those who have hurt you. Release them, let them go, and make space for other people who more than willing to love you in the way you are meant to be loved. 

9. Focus on the positive: we spoke of this last week, but it is true that by focusing on our blessings we always open ourselves up to even more blessings!

10. Don’t kill the messenger: if you are hoping, wishing and praying for help, and someone reaches out to you soon after, don’t shut them down, run the other way, or attack them. They are human messengers, guided by an angel, giving you what you need to hear. You may not like the message, you may find it bizarre, you may find it unexpected and random, and if it’s coming from a stranger you may find it suspect, but I guarantee you: you asked for it. Remember that god uses human vessels more often than he will send you lighting bolts, because he wants you to know he is in other people and works through all people. God is in everybody, (even sometimes the random spam message if you pay attention to your intuitive sense when you recieve it–sometimes to remind you to laugh).Don’t kill your messengers – in what these messengers have to tell you therein lies a great gift that may liberate you and heal you and get you moving to your next destination.

Much love,


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