Splurge, Part I

Splurge, Part I

Editor’s note: For over seven years on the blog I’ve shared with you my original fictional short stories.

They always come out of nowhere and disappear before you know it, so make sure to read and catch this last one while still you have the chance… This last one is brought to you via Tweet!!!

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Xiolena carries a hammer to the computer room. She shatters screens, tosses coffee & screams at teacher: “My silence is loud” #ollinsplurge

The teacher is silent. A man – he doesn’t need to speak. His shouting is quiet. She shutters. Waits. Smashes the sharpener. #ollinsplurge

No movement – his stillness destroys mountains. She quakes, cries. Hammers at the projecter, collapses, gets back up again. #ollinsplurge

she tosses aside the chairs the desks. Makes way. He sits. Nothing moves. Nothing ever moves within him, she noticed. #ollinsplurge

she kneels, as her grandmother knelt. She hopesshe prays. He covers his mouth. Makes him louder. The teacher, sir, is waiting. #ollinsplurge

Useless. She despairs. She twists, convulses. When will they learn? She disconnects the power. All darkness. The teacher glows.#ollinsplurge

”I will not stop, I will not bend,” she says, “I am power, I am safe, I am greater – I will… do you know..? Have you seen… #ollinsplurge

”I sit on the behemoth. I am… and will not stand for this. My brilliance is a testament… you will not see me. You will not #ollinsplurge

Xiolena screams: “I am this, I am him. I am as I am. You will not… you cannot… and I will not let you make me into not. “ #ollinsplurge

Teacher lights his lighter. Smokes. “Cruel, criminal” he whispers, raspy, and the oceans reverberate. She tumbles. He smiles. #ollinsplurge

“You stand where I put you. You are seen where I can see you. You are as true as I make you. I made you.” Teacher says #ollinsplurge

“I gave you that A- because you’re not the shine that fits me,” Teacher says. “Matt was A+ because he’s a step above rest” #ollinsplurge

”why not try harder next time?” He says. “Why the fuss? There’s no need to be so upset. You are… so lucky. So fortunate. #ollinsplurge

”a minus a plus. What does it matter the difference” he says. “What’s it to you? What’s it to him? You are the one. You are.” #ollinsplurge

when the gas is in the air you do not see it. She could not see it, but it was there, but no one would believe her. You should #ollinsplurge

when the gas is in the air you do not see it. But you can smell it. She’s unnerved this girl. You should be too. But they say #ollinsplurge

a narrator shouldn’t comment, but who says so? Who judges and who gets to grade? Who gets the grade? Who chooses? Who? #ollinsplurge

Xiolena was a girl. She got an A- while Matt got plus. What’s the difference, & who cares, and why does it matter? You’ll see #ollinsplurge

It happens when you splurge. Have you seen this girl splurge? Watch out for her, this Xiolena, she’s a radical, she’s a Stone #ollinsplurge

She returned that day. This time, but, she was ready for him. [End of Part I]#ollinsplurge

Twitter story in spurts of 140 characters – Title: Splurge – End of Part I – by Ollin Morales… #ollinsplurge to follow this thread…

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