The Law of Power

The Law of Power

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When I was born, my mother had to be given a Cesarean section, because I was way too big to come out the normal way.

Ever since then, I have been coming out in awkward and strange ways all my life.

I came out as a gay, self-identified Chicano in college, as a writer after college, and as a medium who speaks with guardian angels before I turned 30.

Every time I had discovered a new layer of who I was, I had a choice: a choice between standing in my power or not.

I could have let fear control my life, I could have worried about what people would think about me, I could have let all those people who left me or judged me for who I was, get to me, and stop me.

I could have given up, withdrawn from the world, believed what others believed: that not only that I was too strange for the world, but that the world was better off with me being invisible.

I am so glad–so glad–I didn’t give in to that fear. Me standing in my own power and speaking my truth has inspired others to do the same.

There was once a person who, when I tried to assert a boundary in my life, called me a “diva.” Of course, not only was the comment homophobic, but it was also meant to take away my power and my ability to assert my boundaries.

Today, I proudly reclaim the term “diva” that was once meant to shame me and disempower me.

I am a diva.

For me, being a diva means I don’t take s@$& from nobody!

I am a King, I am powerful, and I choose to stand in my power.

It’s been a long journey to get to that level of self-confidence, and you have been a witness to that journey , dear reader. There have been setbacks, pain, hurt, disappointment and dark times.

But I always knew as long as I was being me, I would be okay. That’s the beauty of standing in your own power: you stop looking for it anywhere else but inside you.

When you stand in your power, be ready, because there will always be a backlash; please stay true to yourself, despite the whiplash of confusion, misunderstanding and unreasonable fear: change eventually comes and you have no idea what kind of effect just being who you are has on the rest of us.

Recently, I taught a meditation class. After the class, I spoke with a student and he shared with me that he was shocked and amazed by my teaching style: “who was that leading the meditation class, Ollin? Was that you?” He asked with incredulity.

I said: “yeah, it was me, standing in my full power–doing what I was born to do: being me.”

Standing in your power may create awe, but that’s only because we’re not used to seeing people standing in their full power. But one day, we won’t be awed by this, it will be commonplace, and instead of awe, we will just be grateful to have each other, as The Course In Miracles says.

One day, perhaps, the world will catch up to this diva King you see here, standing before you.

In the meantime, I’ll keep egging you all on, until you all have the courage to stand up here with me.

Power Struggle

For nearly eight years we’ve talked about power: how to tap into your own personal power to uplift yourself, succeed, and help others.

Today, for Courage 2 Creates last chapter, I’d like us to talk about what we’ve learned over the years about our ability to stand in our own power and reclaim it.

Power Tools

Power was not what I thought it was.

I have come to learn that power is not about control, or even about wealth.

It’s more to do with sanity than anything else.

Power is you recognizing that no one has the power to change you, stop you, control you, hurt you, without you first giving them permission.

In the popular fictional TV series Supernatural, the character Lucifer rises from his prison in hell, but even he, in all his evil power, cannot control the human vessel he must inhabit in order to rule the earth. The human vessel must give him permission to enter.

According to the TV shows lore, the greatest evil in all the cosmos has no power over a mere human unless that human provides him with permission to enter.

In real life, the truth is similar: no one is allowed to enter your life, your mind, your heart, your soul without you first allowing it. This is a powerful concept so I will allow you to sit with it for a moment.

Got it?


Because it is really only your belief that others have power over you that allows you to leak your energy to them. If a person, or persons, are constantly in your mind in a negative way, you are leaking energy to them.

If you hold anger or hate toward someone you feel you can never forgive, you are leaking energy to them.

If you believe that others can decide the righteousness of your soul simply by hurling false accusations at you then you are leaking your power to them.

Power is a big deal. We may not want to participate in the power games of the world, and yet we cannot escape it because it is human nature, and humans are everywhere.

Protect your power by knowing that no one has the power to take it away or give it.

Your power is within you.

Reclaiming Your Power

Clear your mind space of toxic thoughts and people; heal your heart by transmuting your suffering into the gold of consciousness; surround yourself with loving and supportive people.

Meditate daily.

These are some of the ways to reclaim your power, but the most important of all is knowing you can reclaim your power, and that your power was never taken from you but that it was consciously or unconsciously given away to another, or to an outside circumstance.

You gave them power over you.

Even God, the all powerful, requires your permission to intervene in your life on your behalf, until you do, he will respect your free will choice to deny his miracles and healing.

Instead of blaming him, ask him to intervene to heal you to make a miracle happen. And it will come to pass because he was only waiting for you: waiting for you to utilize the power that he gave you to improve your life and make it one of joy and abundance.

The Ultimate Power Play

There are entire books dedicated to the law of power and how to utilize it to crush your enemy; but, still, I contend that there is only one power move you ever need to play and it’s quite simple.


Don’t ever LET them have power over you and don’t let them convince you they could ever have power over you.

That’s it.

Power is in the mind.

Focus instead on standing in your own power; spending your days and nights focused on trying to manipulate others so you can have power over them only empowers those you wish to manipulate, since your wholly obsessed with them and not on you.

This is why the power hungry often get destabilized at one point or another: because they focus on other people’s power and not their own; they fail to understand that people must give permission to rule over them, and if they withdraw that permission, the ruler’s power is gone.

In the end, you have no true power over others, you only have power over yourself: focus on that, nurture that, stop buying books on power games and how to beat them, there is only one trick you need to learn and it’s truly simple: there’s only one thing that has power over you and that’s god, but he’s giving you the keys to unlock his power, it’s in you, and WHEN and HOW you wish to use it is up to you!

He’s stepping aside.

Get out of your own way, then.

Take up the keys, unlock your power now, utilize it to the best of your ability, don’t let others who want to manipulate you or take your power away from you, distract you from you standing in your own, god-given power.

No one can take it, no one can give it, but only you must choose to utilize it.

Exercises To Regain Your Power

1. Kindness Always Wins The Day

Always be kind. In the end, those who witness any power struggle between you and someone else will always side with you, and proclaim you the victor, for it will be clear to them that the rude person is the loser. There are many people who are so unused to kindness that a simple “how are you? How may I help you?” disturbs them or frightens them. It’s strange I know, but we must practice non-judgment and recognize not all were raised with the kindness we were bestowed with growing up. Being kind when someone is rude is hard but even if you just plant the seed of kindness, so much unseen can be accomplished because your intention is good and pure.

2. Disengage from Energy Vampires

It’s nasty out there. You don’t have to put up with. If someone wants to pull you into unnecessary toxic drama or some ridiculous toxic power struggle, try disengaging from that individual or situation. You being there only helps and feeds the energy vampire. (Read Judith Orloffs Empaths Survival Guide to learn more about how to protect yourself from energy vampires.)

3. Find Power Within

So many of you are waiting for someone to approve of you, help you, love you, give you money, or give you the big break. I find that waiting for an outside power to give you your power is highly overrated. Your true power arrives the day you recognize no one has it and no one can take it, it’s in you all along. It’s like Dorothy and the ruby red slippers: you always had the power and you always will. No one can steal your mojo, Austin Powers–that’s a game that’s all in your head. Set out today to harness your souls internal combustion engine and then let it rip!

4. Power Is As Power Does

Many of us hold the belief that power, in and of itself, is evil. It’s not. It’s all about how you channel the power you have. Channel your power gracefully then, lovingly and focus it on the positive, on healing. Focus it on the people who respect and honor your power not on those who would dishonor and waste it.

The moment someone is rude to you is the moment they are quietly telling you that they cannot be trusted with your power, and they may even try to wrestle it away from you out of fear or hatred or jealousy or desperation.

Don’t help them by channeling your power their way–instead refocus it on those who return your kindness instead.

5. Go Go Power Rangers

Join your power to others who want to use their power to heal and help the planet, and you will see your own power grow and accelerate–this is how you gain more power, not by taking it, and depleting another, but by sharing your power overflow and empowering another.

6. Leave Power-Sucking Environments

Some environments are energy depleting environments. I do not judge those who chose to work in these environments, I’m sure there is hope still that those environments will change; but, sometimes, you have to make the best choice for your own spiritual and mental health and wellbeing.

7. Love Is The True Path To Power, Not Fear or Control.

Read Gary Zukavs The Seat of The Soul. Zukav teaches us that our true power lies in being our authentic selves and not in controlling someone else’s power. In truth we have no power over anyone, for this is contingent on them giving us permission: them allowing us to take their power. That type of power-grabbing does work, but only temporarily. Zukav teaches us in his book that true long-lasting power is gained through self love, acceptance of our true self, and allowing ourselves to express this self. In other words: true power is gained through love, not fear or control.

8. Empower Another

When sitting in your own seat of power, miraculously, you gain the ability to help and heal another with the power that overflows from your essence. When you get to the point that your personal power is such that you can help empower another, please do so. It’s important to remind people how powerful they truly are and that, in fact, no one can take away their power. We know this but, during trying times, we do need this reminder from an outside source.

9. Sex (orSacral) Chakra Meditation

Your Sex, or Sacral, Chakra is where your power to create pleasure, wealth and success lies. No wonder so much drama in human culture centers around sex and money: this is an attempt to control the Sacral chakra, the energy center located above our genitals. Most of our Sacral Chakras are shut down, heavily guarded, or fried because of this. To unblock your power, meditate on your Sacral Chakra often, send it a soft pink light of healing energy. Be gentle and slow. Trust it. Listen to it. Unlock its secrets. Open it like a flower, one petal at a time, and you will see your great power returning more and more each day.

10. Feel Powerless

Sometimes no matter hard we try to sense our power, we may continue to feel powerless.

Here we are processing an emotion, and, as we learned time and time again over the years: emotions are temporary. Therefore, allow yourself to process the emotion of “powerlessness” and trust me, the feeling of being powerful will return, eventually.

Because your natural state is that of a powerful supernatural God/Goddess.

Much love,


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