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Letter to My “Enemy”

Letter to My “Enemy”

June 21, 2010

Dear “Enemy,”

You have compared me to a terrorist. My need to hold the love of my life in my arms, in your eyes, is equal to a man strapping an explosive to his chest, detonating it, and decimating a street corner filled with people. You’ve stated that a love like mine could lead to bestiality. That the charming kiss between me and him is equal to a frothy lick from a canine. You claim that as soon as I get a certificate binding me to one man, I will inevitably search for multiple certificates that can bind me to two, three maybe even ten men. My love for men is false enough to be invalidated by the law but is also, somehow, insatiable enough that the law must rush to contain it. {This is equivalent to proclaiming that a monster does not exist, and then insisting that a cage must be constructed to trap this same monster.}

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