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“How did you uncover your gift?”

I reached a moment of extreme bliss that some refer to as “enlightenment” or “awakening” but I refer to as finally stepping into The Quiet.

In that state, I became hyper aware of our interconnectedness and I could feel god’s grace move through me. It felt so wonderful and peaceful and deeply loved– its impossible to describe.

In that state, not long after, I started to get visitations by unique spirits that I realized were the guardian angels that people always talked about. I never considered guardian angels to be real but had felt god’s guidance for some time.

Ever since then, the guardian angels have guided me to people who have needed me to help them to connect with their guides, recieve healing and messages; and, as well, the guardian angels have brought people to me who needed the same thing.

“What is an ‘Angel Translator’ ?”

It is my word for my particular gift. 

It means I can help you speak with your guardian angel and recieve their messages and their healing gift.

You might be familiar with it being called being a “medium,” a “channel,” or “intuitive” or being a shaman. 

I personally don’t mind what you call me as long as you understand I only work with the guardian angels and no other spirits.

“Who are the guardian angels?”

You can learn more about them by visiting my guardian angels 101 page here.

“Can you help me connect with a loved one who is deceased?”

Unfortunately, I cannot.

“Can you tell me my future?”

Unfortunately, I cannot. I am not a psychic and do not have a focus on divination or predicting the future. If this is what you are looking for, you will need to find it somewhere else.

“I’m afraid of “dark spirits” but I still want to connect with my angel, what do I do?”

You should only work with me if you feel 100% open and comfortable with connecting with your guardian angel.

If you are not open, it will not work because your free will determines what experience you can have. You must actively choose to be open to your reading.

As far as dark spirits go: no person or spirit has power over you unless you let it have power over you. You also cannot deal with a dark spirit unless you actively call that in.

I only work with guardian angels and they are all loving, peaceful, and full of light. I often tell people that no spirit has hurt me but plenty of humans have, therefore I find there to be plenty of evidence to fear humans but I, for one, do not fear ANY spirit.

(Even the “dark” ones are actually sick and only there because they want healing and want to go to the light.)

“I have a gift, too, but it terrifies me, what do I do?”

You cannot change who you are. You must embrace who you are, or else you will suffer.

Still, you have a choice on how you express your gift. You can keep it private if you wish, but you must honor the gift for it is an essential part of you.

You may choose, for instance, to only engage with the gift for close family and friends and no one else.

Actively repressing or ignoring your gift is a form of self-violence and self-hatred, so I don’t recommend it. Instead find a mentor to help you manage this gift so you can find peace with it.

Your gift is not a curse or a burden, it was meant to lift you up, not bring you down.

“How do I connect with my angel?”

Practice. Meditate and pray on your angel. Try taking a whole day off where all you do is follow your intuition. Go with the first intuitive hit you get and do not doubt it. Read spiritual books that help you better connect with spirit and also keep up the work of healing yourself holistically – the more you love yourself the more the channels open up for you.

“What is your advice for Mediums/channels such as yourself?

Here are some tips I have given in the past. The most important tip I give is that you must be careful not to project your fear-based notions of the universe onto others. This is unethical and can be damaging to others. 

Please make sure that you can relay messages of love, healing, peace and empowerment. If you feel you cannot project that confidently then you still have more work to do before you become a professional channel.

You must be an open vessel, you can’t be closed, the presence of fear in you is evidence that you are not yet fully open.

“Is my guardian angel a dead relative or a deceased loved one?”

No. Your guardian angel is with you from birth until death and therefore cannot be someone you knew in this lifetime.

“Is my guardian angel an ancestor of mine?”

It is possible. But is not always the case. Most often the angel has not incarnated on this earth.

“Is my guardian angel my higher self?”

No. Your guardian angel is a unique external entity that has its own energetic signature separate from you.

It is the difference between you giving yourself advice and you getting advice from a friend. Certainly, you can view your friend as another aspect of you, even a higher aspect of you, but you may also recognize that your friend is different in a fundamental way, and them being external from you actually helps you in ways that you couldn’t do for yourself.

“Is my guardian angel my future self?”


I know it’s fun to speculate and the internet is rife with unproven theories but because the future is undetermined there really is no way that your guardian angel can be a future version of you.

You may disagree and I am completely okay with that, but understand that you are far better guided by an entity that is not you, an external aspect different and unique from you, than you, otherwise you could not be granted the objectivity that is required for your personal spiritual growth.

“Is my guardian angel an ‘angel in training’? Could he be new to this?”

Dear god, no. The work they do for you is far too important for them to be amateurs at their job.

I have sat with over 200 different guardian angels and not a single one was a “novice” or a “rookie” let me tell you. Each displays a genius level intelligence and they are all master teachers.

But I understand we want to make them more human so they are more relatable to us and we can wrap our head around it. Logically we want to fill in the holes our mind creates because that puts these beings into time and space, a box we can understand.

Don’t do that: trust me, they know what they are doing and they are perfectly equipped to guide you. Your life is too precious to be “practice” for even a powerful being of light.

“The way I feel/connect/resonate with the guardian angel is different from the way you see it. Is that okay??”

That’s more than okay – it’s brilliant!

I’m always curious to know how others perceive guardian angels. I do not see things as right vs wrong, I just see it as different perspectives/interpretations. When we speak of guardian angels it’s really a concept the human mind has trouble quantifying.

Although I am offering my perspective in this line of questioning know that I am not a fundamentalist by any means and am open to all points of view as being valid and noteworthy.

I only offer my perspective because you ask and perhaps it may be helpful for you on your journey. If it’s not helpful, feel free to discard what you find unhelpful.

“I noticed when you started this blog it wasn’t about angels – it was about you writing your first novel – what happened to that?”

You are correct.

What happened is that I discovered my blog WAS the novel I was writing. You yourself can go back through the archives and follow this wild journey. Enjoy!

“I wish you had a site just dedicated to your angel work, is that coming?”

Yes it is. I’ll be launching a new site soon, I hope to provide online video courses, retreats, lectures and workshops along with my healing/reading services. Stay tuned!

“How can I get set up a reading/healing session with you?”

Please feel free to visit my services page to find out more.

much love,Ollin