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“Hey, Ollin. What’s the story behind your pen name?”

Ollin is an Aztec symbol that means “movement” and “change.” Ollin is written with two “l” ‘s, not one, and it’s pronounced “O-leen.” Please don’t call me Ollie, Oly, Olly, or Olé. Not a fan of those nicknames. Sorry. Thanks!

“Why do you use a pen name?”

I went with a pen name because I felt that my real name was way too common.

“Where do you live?”

Southern California.

“What is your fiction novel about?”

It’s a children’s fantasy story inspired by Mexican-American mythology, history and culture. (See also: What Are You Writing About?)

“Is it just one book, or is it a series?”

I’m not telling.

“How do you come up with your ideas?”

The process of picking the idea for the novel I am currently working on was detailed in this post: Hooked On The Right Idea. For more on how to find really great ideas read: The Frustrated Writer’s Guide To Generating New and Amazing Ideas–All The Time.

“Where do you get your inspiration from?”

The true, although unclear, answer is: everywhere.

“What’s your writing schedule like?”

Right now with a full-time job I’m lucky to get about 4 hours of writing in per week. For more on how to fit writing into your busy schedule please read: The 4 Essential Elements of A Writing Schedule That Works For You. For more information about my 4-hour a week novel writing schedule please read: The 4-Hour Novel: How to Balance Work, Life, Blogging, And Your Passion.

“I always wanted to write something, but I never had the patience or discipline. How do you do it?”

It’s not really about discipline. It’s about having the right tools at your disposal and a lot of support from family and friends. I recommend that you read How to Get Off Your Lazy Butt and Start Writing Already for some great starting tips.

“What blogging advice would you give to beginning bloggers?”

My best advice is to write about what moves you the most. Blogging is one of the most challenging forms of writing out there, and you have to be absolutely in love with the content you are writing–and the form you are writing it in–for your blog to be successful. (Read: A Beginner’s Guide To Blogging.)

“What happened to all the your blog post pictures?”

I’m trying to simplify the blog and also reduce my workload. Plus, I agree with Leo Babauta of Zen Habits that, often times, blog pictures can be a distraction from the content of the post.

“I left a comment on a post, but I don’t see it anywhere. Why wasn’t my comment approved?”

Whenever you leave a comment on the C2C you are agreeing to the following comments policy:

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If you believe your comment should not have been deleted (or marked as spam) please contact me at courage2create@gmail.com.

“I want to leave a comment on an older post you wrote, but the comments on that post are closed. Why is that?”

C2C comments close after two weeks.

Why? I used to keep the comments open indefinitely, but the problem was that this caused more work for me.

I don’t have as much help as I need at the moment when it comes to looking after the blog, so losing comments after two weeks gives me some extra time to have a life.

“Can I be a guest blogger on your blog?”

Unfortunately, I am no longer featuring guest bloggers on the C2C. Sorry. (Read this post to find out why I made that decision.)

“I would like to read one of your short stories but can’t seem to find them anywhere on the blog. Where are they?”

Ahhh…. You caught on that the three short stories I previously shared on my blog have mysteriously gone missing, eh? You’re a clever one. Don’t worry, they’re all in a new eBook which you can now purchase here.

“How can I get an answer to a question that isn’t addressed here?”

You can send me any of your unanswered questions to courage2create@gmail.com. I’ll send you a response as soon as I can.

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