“Hey Ollin. What is your Man In Progress series all about, and is there anyway I can just follow this series?”


The following are links to an ongoing series within this blog entitled MIP (Man In Progress).

After my 25th Birthday I decided to improve three aspects of my life, my physical well-being, my romantic relationships, and my writing career. My philosophy is that a writer’s work and his life are irrevocably intertwined and in order to improve one, we inevitably have to improve the other.

On this page you can follow this progress from its inception in 2010 to today.

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From Chapter One of The C2C

Man In Progress


Writers and Their Broken Hearts

Writers and Their Bodies

Writers and Their Careers

A Guide To Turning Every Loss Into A Win

The Story of How An Unfit Man, Allergic To Any Kind of Physical Activity, Fell In Love With Running And Became A Better Writer In The Process

Writers and Their Sleep

Writers and Their Mended Hearts

From Chapter Two of The C2C


Becoming The Caretaker of Your Soul

9 Negative Beliefs That Are Sabotaging Your Writing Career

Writers and Their Sex Appeal

The Courage To Start Again, From The Very Beginning/MIP Progress Report (2010-2011)

Writers and Their Opened Hearts

From Chapter Three of The C2C

Writers and Their Career Goals

Writers and Their Food

What Moves You Is Real

Burying Your Past Self: A Ritual

MIP Progress Report (2011-2012)

From Chapter Four of The C2C

How To Act

Writers and Their Love Stories: Part I

Writers and Their Love Stories: Part II

Writers and Their Money

9 Things I Learned After Becoming A Vegetarian Writer

Why Progress Is A Spiral (+ MIP Progress Report 2012-2013)

From Chapter Five of The C2C


Writers and Their Soul Mates

A Chubby Writer’s Guide To Losing Weight

My Thoughts On Manhood

Why Narcissism Is Sometimes Necessary (+ MIP Progress Report 2013-2014)

The Shy Writer’s Guide To Networking

From Chapter Six of The C2C

How To Be Awesome (Or How To Not Care If People Think You’re A Loser For Being Single)

9 Shocking Reasons Why I’m Becoming Vegan (And Why You Should Consider It, Too)

10 Ways To Become Vegan (Without Feeling Sick and Miserable In The Process)

Is Pogress Even A Thing?