Ollin Morales is an Angel Translator and spiritual teacher.


“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

– George Bernard Shaw

Hi, I’m Ollin Morales. I’m a writer.

I also speak to Angels, which, I know, sounds totally crazy, but it’s true. You can learn more about that by going here. (You can learn about how I became an angel translator by going here.)

Now to explain how this blog came about:

Once upon a time, an idea for a story came to me.

After writing some rough sketches several years ago, a very colorful and eccentric story was starting to emerge. Every day, after tutoring (my job at the time), I would find myself typing more of the story at local coffee shops, just for fun. Writing notes in between tutoring appointments. Drawing sketches of the characters and making story maps when my students were on their breaks.

I began to love this story very much and it started to become the most exciting project that I had ever worked on. But at that time I told very few people about it, because I was afraid that people would think it was crazy that me, a twenty-two-year-old man at the time, was spending his free time writing a fantasy story.

Two years later, after I kept on delaying writing the book (and after a serious of unfortunate events landed me with pretty much zilch in life) my sister suggested I write a blog about the experience to motivate me.

On February 26, 2010, I decided to take her advice. I would finally start writing the novel I had been wanting to write and finish it. I would write this blog journaling my experience so that my readers could encourage me but also keep me accountable.

Over the past seven years, this blog has grown to become so much bigger than me, and so much deeper than just my individual effort to keep loyal to my writing schedule. 

My private journey, now public, has become a lifeline for hundreds of people who have decided to finally pursue their passions. It has touched readers who are struggling to summon up the courage to follow their passions–and the courage to create their own lives from scratch.

Over the past seven years, I’ve had to overcome some pretty challenging obstacles to get my novel written. But, thankfully, I keep overcoming those obstacles and I keep acquiring new tools to help me pull through. Each time I overcome a new obstacle, I share what I’ve learned with you so that you, too, can overcome the challenges you face.

Finally: the most recent plot twist in my life–me learning that I speak to angels–has kind of thrown a great big wrench into everything and I’m still wrapping my head around this new revelation.

So there you have it. Welcome to Courage 2 Create. It’s the story of me writing my first novel… and how life keeps getting in the way.

But, really, it’s the story of all of us, and the lengths that we’ll take to create the life we want and give birth to the ideas that we hope will leave our mark on this world.

(And maybe realizing that I’m not writing this story but that this story is writing me.)

“Woah! This is a lot to read, and I’m new here. Where do I start?”

Welcome! I recommend that you start here.

“You’ve been doing this for seven years! But I just got here. Is there anyway I can play catch-up on your journey?”

Certainly! Read this post to catch up on everything that’s happened on Courage 2 Create these last seven years.

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For those curious about my work with the Angels:

Ollin Morales is an Angel Translator (some have also referred to it as Shaman, intuitive medium, channel).

He has been an Angel Translator for over two years now helping hundreds of folks connect with their guardian angels and recieve their healing.

He has worked with over 200 people so far locally in Los Angeles and also nationally in the USA, as well as internationally in places like Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Austrailia.

His work is non-denominational and he welcomes people of all faiths and no faith (for academic purposes).

If you have questions about his methods or wish to book a reading you can do so by emailing him at
ollinmorales@gmail.com, with “Angel Reading” in the subject of the email.

Learn more about his services by going here.

Listen to a radio interview with him about his angel work by going here.

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