Contact / Angel Reading Services

Contact / Angel Reading Services

The details:

1. Tell me about yourself and your gift:

Hello, I am Ollin and I am what some might call an angel translator, I can attune myself with the energy of spirit guides/guardian angels very easily. (In truth, we all can do this but I am particularly sensitive to the energy of guides.) 

Some may refer to me as shaman, medium, intuitive or channel but to be clear I only work with the guardian angel (or main spirit guide) of the client.

I can take the intuitive pulses that guides give and translate it into the English language. As you can imagine, our language is limited but I will try my best to give you an accurate translation of what they are saying.

Finally my readings are unique in that they are a once in a life experience. I do not do follow up readings with my clients because your angel would like a one on one relationship with you from now and does not want you to rely on me for guidance.

So take full advantage of this unique experience as it will be the only of its kind you may have.

2. What’s going to happen in the reading?

Essentially your spiritual guide or angel, whatever you want to call it, would like to assist you in your spiritual journey and wants to use me as a vessel to communicate to you. I simply act as a translator.

It’s actually a very pleasant experience filled with love and excitement. Everyone really loves the experience once they’ve had it.

3. I’m kinda scared, what exactly are you gonna to tell me, could it be bad?

All readings I do are positive affirming and constructive. They will only serve to help you. Also you always have choice as to what you wish to discuss, you may state clearly to me if there are certain areas of your life you wish not to discuss.

Also you can State clearly what it is you wish to know about your life journey at this point.

Other than that, you do, however, have to be open and choose to do the reading. If you are not open and willing I simply cannot do the reading.

4. What exactly happens in the reading: take me through it please. (Note: the following outline may vary depending on the guide and depending on what you need at the moment. Not all guides use this framework – those that don’t still use a holistic framework and will use an approach that is still positive and constructive but more suited to you and your understanding.)

First I do a reading of your chakra system and will illustrate where you are blocked and what it means. Then I will cover each area of your life (mind, body, spirit, heart, community) and suggest strategies and tools you can use to help unblock your chakras.

The tools and strategies are often very simple but may ask you to reorganize your life in a way you are not used to, shift your thinking a bit, change the type of people you hang our with, and try things slightly out of your comfort zone, etcetera

I will ask you to take notes and you may also record the session. You can ask me any questions during the reading.

(You can ask me after too but I will not be in the same trance state and so my ability to help you afterwards will be limited.)

Finally I do a healing where we both envision your chakras cleared and healed, people generally feel greatly soothed and relieved after this part.

5. What do I need to do to prepare?

You will need to have time afterwards to process the information, I suggest several hours ( it will be a lot). 

Please create an environment that is peaceful with minimal noise. Turn off anything that beeps, rings or buzzes as it will cause uneccessary distractions for you. This is a sacred conversation and you want to be fully present for it.

The reading itself takes about an hour or two and I generally have to leave right afterward in order to clear my system.

Also I ask that you wear white or light colored clothing. Have a journal and pen ready. Please create a calm, peaceful space free of distractions so that you may focus on the reading.

If you want to record the reading please have that set up and ready beforehand.

Also try to set your intention for what you want for the reading and what questions you want to ask. 

6. Where and when?

We connect via Skype: Ollin_morales. 

Contact to schedule an appointment.

(Please remember to include time zone information and country so I can take note.)

7. What about payment?

  • The reading and healing are $300
  • If you also want a reading for your aura and an aura healing that is an additional $25 by request. 
  • If you are also looking for a healing and reading for the chakras beyond your basic seven chakras (a reading/healing of the 8-12 chakras) I can provide that for an additional $25 by request.
  • Finally, I offer an energetic cleansing of your house/apartment for additional $30 also by request.

You can pay me via PayPal at (I will send you an invoice once we schedule a meeting time.)

Thank you.

much love,


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