How Creatives Can Utilize The Chakra System, Part 1: Understanding The Chakra System

How Creatives Can Utilize The Chakra System, Part 1: Understanding The Chakra System

Just like the body, the spirit has its own anatomy, and understanding of that anatomy can not only help you create a great life for yourself, but also help you improve your creativity.

The Chakras

In eastern practices, the existence of the spiritual anatomy has been well documented, studied, and understood. It is a shame that centuries of oppression by western powers have caused modern society to devalue all this vital information about our spiritual selves.

We can understand our spiritual anatomy as beginning with the understanding that the life force of the universe enters through the crown of our head and proceeds to fill our whole self. Sometimes we can, and often do, choose to block this flow of the vital life force.

The seven centers through which this life force is concentrated more deeply are located directly down the center of our bodies: one above our heads, one at the center of our head, another is located at our throat, the other is located in our chest, the other is two inches above the belly button, another is two inches above the genitals, finally the last center is located at the base of the spine.

The Life Force is meant to flow directly from the heavens, through each energy center, and straight into the earth,mwhere this energy is grounded.

(Many of you have experienced a lack of groundedness, and this is because you are not allowing the Life Force to flow through you into the center of the earth as it should.)

Many have referred to this life force as prana, chi, reiki, the Holy Spirit, god’s love, or just source energy. Whatever you chose to call it, it is real and this energy, and whether you allow yourself to let it flow,mwill determine your state of joy and peace at any given moment.

The seven energy centers I referred to are the chakras.
The chakra system represents your spiritual anatomy. Each chakra could be said to correspond to a different aspect of your life: spirit, heart, mind, community and body. Blockages can only occur in only these five areas of your life. Therefore, if you are suffering, identify what aspect of life you are suffering from and that can help you identify what aspect of you needs healing.

The Chakras Explained

  • The Spirit Chakra: above your head is the first chakra. It is related to your spirituality. If your are not on purpose, if your repressing any supernatural abilities, or if you have trouble integrating your spiritual self into your everyday life, you will have problems here.
  • The Mind Chakra: located at the center of your head, above the brow, is your Mind Chakra. If you struggle with limited beliefs about yourself or others, if you struggle from being “hooked” to negative thought patterns, or if you have an overreliance on the mind to solve all your problems, it is likely that this chakra is blocked.
  • The Throat Chakra: The throat chakra, the last of the skybound chakras, regulates your souls ability to express itself. If you are holding back on thoughts, ideas, or feelings you are wanting to express you will have issues with your throat chakra.
  • The Heart Chakra: is a balancing chakra and exists between the three skybound chakras above it and the three earthbound chakras below it. This is the reason why many will say :” follow your heart” because if you feel you heart in total balance when pondering a big life choice, likely your whole chakra system will benefit from the decision. The Heart Chakra will have issues if your are not allowing yourself to fully process your emotions, i.e. burying your emotions instead of feeling your emotions.
  • The Body Chakra: two inches above the navel is the chakra that regulates your physical body. Proper care of the body is required: regular exercise, a healthy diet, and adequate sleep will help keep this chakra flowing. Also: being present in your body is vital.
  • The Sexuality Chakra: two inches above the genitals is the chakra that regulates your sex life and your sexuality. Keep the “heat” on in your romantic life and express the fullness of your masculine and/or feminine power and you will feel balanced in this area of your life.
  • The Comnunity Chakra: located at the base of our spine, this chakra has to do with the way we relate to other people: family, friends, coworkers, etc. It should come as no surprise then that people refer to family lineages as part their “roots,”or rely on friends to keep them “grounded”: when things are going well with family and friends we feel it at our root. If our relationships with others are strained, nonexistent, or in crisis it will show up here. The lesson of this chakra is that connection is important to us and we suffer when we don’t have it.

I hope this modernized understanding of the chakra system will help you better understand your spiritual anatomy. In the second part of this post I will help explain how you can use the understanding of your spiritual anatomy to help heal yourself….

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