Angel Translator Q & A

Angel Translator Q & A

So, yeah, usually after the schock wears off and people accept the fact that I just told them I speak to angels and this is real, they move on to a whole new set of questions which I will address today:

1. What do I call you?

Well I don’t consider myself a medium because I don’t talk to ghosts, and nor do I like the term psychic to describe me because that implies I can predict the future and I have learned from the Angels that no one can predict the future.

My friends have tossed the word “translator” around and so we’ll go with that: you can call me an angel translator.

2. So, how does it work exactly?

Essentially, I constantly have people’s guardian angels reach out to me all day wanted me to reach out to their persons so they can communicate to their person and help them overcome their life challenges.

I neither hear nor see the Angels in the traditional sense. I am clairesentient and that means I have a a very strong intuitive ability.

Basically it’s like the angel whispers in my ear with energy and I translate that energy into words you can understand.

3. Can I communicate with my angel directly?

Of course you can. In fact that is what they perfer. A reading with me is to confirm without a doubt their existence and to inspire a lifetime of connecting with them and their guidance from then on.

They are tired of people suffering unnecessarily and want to provide you with tools to heal that suffering.

4. How do I do communicate with my angel?

Your intuition or gut feeling is your angel communicating to you. If you want to improve your ability in hearing them, you can practice by taking a full day following just your Intuition and see where it takes you. Your angel is sure to provide you with surprise destinations and experiences!

5. I feel I have supernatural abilities too. But I’m afraid of what will come out of it if I pursuit it.

Your supernatural abilities are a gift meant to be honored and celebrated. They are not there to harm you but to lift you up and help you. You can embrace them and learn to manage them. God would never curse you, he loves you to much for that.

The fear we associate with supernatural abilities comes from books, TV and movies where this is always associated with something bad or ominous: the opposite is true.

The suppression of our innate supernatural abilities has got to be the worst crime against humanity in history. To be a man or woman who can sense what others feel is a great gift, multiplied many times over by the new perception that all division is illusion. If you have a strong intuition you are not a freak but a great gift to this world, a person who should be celebrated as glorious.

Having a supernatural ability is a miracle and incredibly positive and life affirming gift. 

6. Why do you think more and more people are uncovering their supernatural gifts at this time?

It is simple: it is time for humanity to awaken to a more healing, peaceful, positive, inclusive and cooperative mode of  being. People are fed up with the old paradigm and are actively searching for new ways to be. The most effective way to be is to be yourself, as God created you, and it turns out that God equipped us all with great power and ability which we may unlock at anytime.

I will not be surprised if more and more and more of us awaken to our true nature and we all together take humanity to that next glorious step in evolution.

I’ll be waiting patiently for that moment, because sometimes it gets pretty lonely being a pioneer.

Much love,


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