Understanding My Gift

Understanding My Gift

In order to help people understand my gift, I want to share some things I have learned:

1. What is a guardian angel / spirit guide and how do they work?

Guardian angels are assigned to you from birth until death, they know you more than anyone on earth and know you better than even you.

Their job is to guide you through life, not hold your hand, and protect you, but not take precautions against things you should be easily able to protect yourself against using common sense and common knowledge.

2. Why are they coming to me now?

It is time for you to evolve and begin living life knowing your intuition can be trusted.

3. You are protected and guided, constantly.

Your guardian angel / spirit guide is always working their butt off to get what it is you want, need, desire, and they do not stop until they get it.

Case in point: the Angels will still pursue me even though an individual has declined to hear them out.

Luckily, I have never liked forcing people to do things, so I find it very easy to just move on; and since I could care less if people believe me or not, I never feel the need to try to convince people this is real–I am perfectly suited to to manage this.

I only share this not so you can pity me (I’ll be honest with you: I am absolutely loving this) I am sharing this with you so you can have comfort that you have someone always fighting and working directly on your behalf, and they do not require your belief in them to function, gratitude can’t even begin to describe the level of feeling you ought to have for them.

4. “No offense, but I don’t believe in any this.”

That’s all right.

My role is to be a messenger.

I’m the mailman: I’m just the messenger. As long as you get the message, I’ve delivered!

5. The Angels communicate in the language of intuition, which we are all familiar with as our gut instinct. 

They find this language far more precise than English, and that is why they often use signs, symbols and metaphors to direct your attention to something important.

Also: you know the positive chills you sometimes get when something good is comings right around the corner? Like a positive, tingling feeling? Uh-huh, that’s them!

6. The speed to which they work is mind-boggling:

I once did a reading where the woman prayed for help and within 24 hours I was sitting across from her, a complete stranger just moments ago, helping her connect with her guide.

Gods timing is impeccable. Follow the flow and it will take you directly where you need to go–resist it and you’ll find yourself out of step. The prophet Eminem got it right: you only got one shot, do not miss you chance to blow.

Although I may have to answer to people’s questions or concerns, miraculously, I never have to sell this or convince anyone this is real: peoples schedules suddenly clear up at the exact moment the angel wants to speak with them, people suddenly find themselves in a social gathering with me, the exact amount of money they need to pay for the session just falls into their lap just as they are worried about paying me, all kinds of coincidences and miracles come into play to bring me and the person together.

As long as you are open, the Angels will make it happen: at the right time and the right place for you, and all resources will be provided, all you need is to trust and have faith in a loving God who is moving the universe, in response to your direct and unequivocal request to heal and lift you.

If you let them, the Angels can move heaven and earth for you to get you the help you need. You just gotta have faith.

7. What about the “bad spirits”?

You are always protected, and the only thing that can take away your power is yourself.

Forces that would have you in fear are forces that, essentially are sick and are in need of healing–in need of love.

They, those forces, want us to fear and be afraid and to stop striving for greatness–they want us to hate them in return.

But if we continue on, filled with love, peace striving to making great things anew, then each time they strike, it is loses its power over us, until they will find the tactic useless and give up.

8. You are far closer to your guardian angel than I am and you’ve had a relationship with them since you were born. 

You communicate with them all the time, whether you realize it or not, and I am always delighted just how quickly people feel at ease as soon as they begin doing a reading with me: once the guide takes over, its like talking to your oldest and dearest friend whom you never knew was there.

For the skeptics among you I offer you this challenge; take a full day where you do not plan anything, don’t follow the gps on your phone, don’t think about what you are going to do, just follow your gut.

Drive or wander around aimlessly until something tells you to turn right or left; if you feel drawn to enter a shop or pick up a book do it; if an idea or random thought drops into your head, as if it was deposited there and not generated by you, look that thing up no matter how random it is.

If you do this you will be delighted to find how well your intuition guides you without relying on planning or your logical thought process.

That was your angel guiding you!

9. I always come into the persons life at the right time and right place for them.

It never fails to amaze me that the people I work with are at a place in their life when they really need this extreme “angel intervention.”

The angels call me the “spirit Doctor.”

The person knows they are in misalignment and they are not surprised when I describe to them what their chakra system looks like.

The chakra system is within you, and therefore you know your energy intimately.

What I share in the reading is often a confirmation of what the person has been feeling and it is relief to them to get an external confirmation of their feeling state.

10. How do you, as the translator, feel about all this?

I feel amazing, ecstatic, blessed, energized, inspired, motivated, amazed, ecstatic!!! I feel honored, delighted, enchanted, and filled with love and hope. I feel safe, secure and humbled. I feel at peace. Healing others gives me joy, working in the “miracle profession” is so wonderful. I feel like the luckiest man on earth, no joke.

I no longer fear death, nor growing old, nor do I fear bad things happening: I know that god is unconditionally loving and healing.

I know that all one has to do is be open and accept the call and all will be made well. I know now that it is we who chose to shut God out and he loves us so much he respects are choice, but it doesn’t mean he stops trying.

He will keep trying to send the message of love and healing to you as long as he can, until you soften and finally let him in.
The question, alas, isn’t: does God love me? The question should be: am I letting the love in? And if the answer is no, ask yourself why not? Why I you refusing a life of miracles? Why are you refusing a life where everything is working for you and not against you? Don’t complain that you are not loved, seek instead to see what walls have you erected to refuse his grace from coming into your life and making it all well.

11. Of all the lessons learned helping people connect with their guardian angels, this one is the most powerful: 

We all have gone through pain and suffering to some degree, we have all known loss, we all know what it’s like to feel like an outsider. 

Don’t be fooled by picture perfect Instagram photos, we all have bled and some of us are bleeding right at this moment, despite the outward appearance we try to project. 

Why then is so much effort taken to put on the appearance of an “unblemished” inner life, why pretend that everything is okay for the rest of society? 

If we could all take a peak inside, we would see that no one lives this life without acquiring some scar tissue. 

Please let us stop lasering those scars off as quickly as possible, let’s wear them with pride, we’re not fooling anyone anyway.

12. The after affects.

After a healing with me, people have reported having felt gods love heal them, that night they have the best sleep in years, others and more importantly I think, regain their faith and hope in life.

A new optimism surging forth makes them smile more, have a light kick in their step, and be more warm and soft. The healing is like having a miracle happen just for you.

When you are aligned, everything comes into place at the exact time and place for you: the right people, places, resources show up.

You feel light, filled with unconditional love, and peace.

Miracles abound.
This may sound abnormal and yet it is totally and completely natural. You should always be and feel in the flow, miracles should always be happening for you because your existence is proof you deserve them, and if this is not the case, something is wrong.

To begin the healing process you have the accept the fact that something is definitely not right and begin the journey to uncover the healing balm.

Much love,


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