Deepening An Understanding of My Gift

Deepening An Understanding of My Gift

Editors note: in order to combat stereotypes and misconceptions about my gift I will continue to provide more, deeper explanations of what I do on my blog.

Question #1. “How are you able to verify that you speak to Angels?”

The validity of my claim can be proved in the following manner:

A. Information recieved in my readings are not things that can be publicly searched for, as in “googled”, and therefore something one cannot “prepare” beforehand.

One would need a intimate knowledge of ones internal world and that is something only your angel could provide you.

B. Information recieved can be verified by ones own intuitive abilities–by that I mean that the person themselves from within can verify the validity of the experience simply by feeling and knowing the experience is real, true and valid, and no external verification is needed to validate the persons experience.

C. The angel will often provide more than one point of verification of their real and true existence, meaning that several external sources can provide you with the same information without any of those sources knowing or having contacted another, or have any physical connection with one another. (This proves that the source is a non-physical spiritual being.)

D. Information provided in the reading can and is open to challenges by the individual and no information need be given to me beforehand in order for the readings itself to be 100% accurate.

E. Direct experience of the reading followed by the witnessing of other readings is enough to solidify the reality of the claim, since one is given an “eye witness account” and this is not subject to second hand descriptions.

F. During the reading, the angel will anticipate the individuals state and will know exactly what to do to bring them to a peaceful calm–I hardly can know how to bring absolute strangers to a calm all by myself not knowing that person intimately.

G. The angel will anticipate questions and also comment on the persons thought process during the reading much to the surprise of the individual, who may be skeptical of the fact that I am communicating with a spiritual being that knows their internal thought processes intimately, and can work at that private level—meanwhile I as the translator have no clue what the guide and their person are talking about.

H. Certain objects of intimate personal value are often requested by the angel for the person to have during the reading that I, not knowing the individual, am oblivious to the objects true significance.

I. Individuals will literally feel a loving healing energy enter their physical body, removing negativity and suffering.

Afterwards they experience better sleep, clearer dreams, more peace and happiness in their being, a renewed sense of purpose and a regained belief in who they always knew they where.

J. Lastly, the intent being that they are to learn how to communicate with their angel from then on directly, the client experiences a better ability to receive clear guidance after the reading and an intuitive knowing of their presence from then on is solidified wholly independent of my involvement.

Question #2. “Why doesn’t my angel reach out to me directly?”

Simply put: she/he has been trying to reach out to you and you are not listening. I am only one of the people /things your angel is “using” to bring you into a greater level of awareness of your true self and that which is holding back your potential–I know it’s hard to wrap your head around, but I am actually not the one orchestrating this, the Angels are.

Question #2. Why do you charge for your services?

This is actually and unfair question, with all due respect. No one ever asks a doctor, a lawyer or a plumber why they charge for their services. It is understood their work is valuable and their time and evergy is to be honored.

Spiritual healers are, on the other hand, expected to be “martyrs.” Giving to others without requesting anything in return for their valuable services.

Your time and energy are valuable. If you give it, it should be appreciated, honored, and respected.

If you are in a place where that is not the case: I urge you to get out as quickly as you can.

If your time and energy isn’t valued, you will be exploited very easily, this is human nature because people love to take people’s time and energy precisely because it is so valuable.

Exploitation on a consistent persistent basis is nothing less than abuse, which an act of dehumanization, whittling someone down to their mere output that serves your need.

institutionalized abuse of someone’s time and energy is nothing less than slavery.

Spirituality is not about being a slave, it is about honoring yourself first and then using the overflow to assist others

I would question anyone that tells you to devalue your time an energy simply to appear more “pure and noble,” “more spiritual” “more of a team player” an “asset to the community at large” as if starving yourself physically, emotionally or spiritually makes you more “worthy” in gods or the community’s eyes.

Service can only be justly rendered if the servant is fully fed first.

Who can a man depleted of his time and energy, rendered mere bones, the flesh eaten and he reduced to pit, and not recompensed for it, serve?

No one.

Question #3. Why now?

I think you ask this question because intuitively you aleady know there is some reason in regards to the timing of these things.

We are experiencing on a global scale an awakening that is unprecedented in human history. It is hard to believe,I know, considering what we see daily in the news of the world.

And yet I meet everyday with people all over the globe who are right now experiencing powerful mystical experiences that they do not fully understand but at the same time cannot explain away.

The Angels would like to assist in the global awakening process but it is your choice whether you’d like to take the adventure or not.

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