Another Angel Translator Q & A

Another Angel Translator Q & A

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I agree with the fundamental truth of your work but I have to say, I disagree with some of the terminology, and there’s certain areas where I look at things rather differently. Is that all right?

Yes! As long as it’s based in love I understand there are many interpretations and many different words one can use to describe the connection with spirit.

Our supernatural gifts can be called by any name we wish:

I have adopted the word “clairesentient” to describe myself.

For me this word means I communicate with the spiritual mainly through emotion and intuition, versus visual or audible spiritual signals.

I feel the energy of the guides rather than see or hear their voices.

It is this energy that I then translate into a language you can understand.

But some of you can see visions, and some have the capability to hear spiritual signals and even smell them!

It’s time we stop being afraid of these miraculous and powerful gifts, they are here to serve us, not burden us or make us suffer.

The suffering comes from our misunderstanding.

Deepening our understanding of our spiritual gifts brings us healing, peace, and returns is to our true power.

And also respecting and being open to other interpretations of our experience ought to be practiced so that everyone’s experience is validated and honored.

What do you mean by “enlightenment”? And what does this have to do with your work?

Enlightenment is an internal state: peace, bliss, connectivity a feeling of unconditional love flowing through your being.

We are all born in this state. Babies have this state. As we grow we lose this state the more we choose fear and close ourselves off from light.

Enlightement is the pathway back to our natural state, back to who we truly are, we can all achieve this state in fact we were born in this state and need only recall it.

Enlightement does NOT mean sainthood, perfection, or even that you are “above” anybody else, it simply means you are being your deepest, truest self at all times.

Enlightenment is also a placeholder word, it carries baggage that is unfair, because in truth it does not represent an “end point” but a new beginning.

But we never keep from growing or healing, reaching an enlightened state doesn’t mean the journey ends, it just means you are experiencing the next stage of human evolution.

I am in this state at the moment. I use it for lack of a better term, but use it sparingly because people tend to have a lot of baggage surrounding this term.

I have already met several individuals who have said they reached this state but when attempting to describe it to others, these others drove them into self doubt and confusion.

If you are reading this and are experiencing this incredibly heightened state of awareness know it is perfectly normal and natural but please make sure to share your experience with people who are supportive of you.

The ego is often threathened by individuals in this state and will go on the attack if it senses you are a deeply conscious person. This may confuse you and hurt you if you ill prepared.

My work here is to help people dissolve the ego and evenutually, one day, reach enlightenment.

But to be very clear: the session with your angel by itself is not designed to get you there, only to start you on your way there.

What do you mean by the terms Ego and The Thing? And how can I tell when the voice in my head is the ego and when it is my angel?

The Ego is simply the belief in your separate identity from others. This is the “illusion” that enlightenment seeks to heal.

Communication from spirit (your angel) is very clear, common sensical, and direct.

Confusion, misdirection, and statements that just don’t make sense often come from the ego… They come from communicating with humans.

Guidance from the Angels is always clear, but sometimes gets subverted by the logical mind, the ego, which wants to be dominant, right, all knowing, and have physical evidence or raw data.

The ego often feels threatened, wants to control, wants to be right, and is closed. It identifies strongly with negative emotion.

Spirit is neutral, open, sees validity in all perspectives, wants to empower people to be free, and never feels threatened. It expresses only neutral or positive emotion.

Desperation, powerlessness, insecurity, worry and lack of confidence is ego. (Because this can only exist if you believe you are separate from the world.)

Empowerment, security, groundedness, faith and confidence is the realm of the spirit. (Feelings that arise when you realize you are interconnected with life, the universe)

Understand the difference between ego and spirit can help us better understand which part of us is at the helm of every decision.

To be clear: Ego is fear, spirit is love.

“The Thing,” sometimes referred to as The Pain Body, is a term I use to refer to the emotional aspect of the Ego, and really is the extension of the egos existence, because holding on to negative emotions helps keep the ego in power, while healing these emotions dissolves the ego completely.

As Caroline Myss notes: this is the reason why many people choose not to heal. They have come to identify with their pain as part of their identity and losing their identity would be like losing what makes them who they are.

So instead of healing they choose to remain in pain even though this decision is absolutely insane and unhealthy.

“The Thing” is fear, hatred, anger and negativity. To combat it one must be first aware become aware of it, then accept it, then heal it with love, attention and light.

I understand that you said that the Angels communicate in the language of intuition–but sometimes my intuition is wrong, or doesn’t agree with the rest of me. My spirit says one thing, my heart says another. What do you say about that?

Your intuition is never wrong, but if you notice your mind always doubts it. You have to train yourself to catch the first intuitive hit you get before its clouded by your mind to see proof of this.( Don’t worry you’ll get the hang of it!)

If your head says one thing, your heart another, and your gut another it’s not that they are in this agreement–they are in misalignment.

All seven chakras are by their nature perfectly aligned, so if your mind chakra, heart chakra and spirit chakra are not aligned it will appear as if they are saying different things, but they aren’t, you are just seeing things that way.

Find where all of them agree and that’s the starting point back to realignment.

Another thing is practice makes perfect: be willing to make mistakes and be wrong as you improve your intuitive powers.

Sometimes you have to find your footing by losing it; trip, tumble, and fall to your delight–by finding where the ground isn’t, your closer to finding where it is.

What’s another important thing you are learning from these readings from the Angels?

You hold the power to heal yourself, you have the power to elevate yourself, you have the power to shift your internal world–which then is immediately and instantaneously reflected in the outer world.

Therefore, by just sitting and being present, you CAN change the world.

That’s because being the you of your soul is in itself healing, transformative, and correcting.


Radical acts of unconditional love can balance the world.

This is the ultimate “weapon” of the spiritual warrior, healer, and lover.

Love is the healing balm for everything: it is because it is who we are at our core, loving naturally, healing beings.

Is God really listening?

Your prayers are always answered, when you call god, someone is always standing by to pick up that phone, but sometimes you don’t like the voice who you hear on the other line and you hang up before He can speak.

People will say stuff like: “why doesn’t my angel just reveal herself to me and talk to me an audible voice I can hear?”

People say that, but they don’t mean it. (Trust me I have talked to people who this has actually happened to and they often report to me that the first thing they did was jump out their first floor window! Haha.)

Most people don’t want direct physical evidence of the Angels, they just say that because they don’t want to change. Change is hard, and it’s scary, and it’s a lot of work.

Most people know their angel has been trying to communicate with them and they feign confusion, disinterest or disbelief. When any objective person can see the message is clear as day.

When asking whether God is listening we need to turn it back at ourselves: are we listening?

What if answering your prayer God wants you to also know what he sounds like, a voice which may sound like an old friend or even one that sounds exactly like you.

Miracles don’t have to come in metaphysical flashing lights, sometimes miracles are rather simple and local.

Their quiet and often sitting right across from you.

If you think God is just some faraway abstraction you’ll miss him completely.

He is often intimately closer and far more physically real than we often make him out to be.

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