What I’m Learning From My Work As An Angel Translator

What I’m Learning From My Work As An Angel Translator

Today I’d like to share just some of the wisdom that I’ve been learning through my work as an Angel Translator. Enjoy.

  • It always has to be you first before anybody else. 


Well, there has to be a “you” first so that you can be of service to “them.”

If you don’t know who you are, or if you aren’t even fully “here”, then there is no “you” to begin with and so how can you be a healing presence?

Get healed first before you go out and start playing the healer for someone else. 

They may not get it at first but they will come to appreciate you fully for it eventually.

  • Death is not the end. 

Our physical bodies are temporary vessels for our spirits – we continue on beyond this life, just not in physical from.

What we mourn when we grieve is the breaking of that illusion. For our love ones never really leave us. 

They’re just waiting for us backstage – until the curtain on our own life closes.

  • Our current education system fails in three important fundamental ways.

1. It does not teach us how to look within in order to uncover the mission we came to this earth to perform. (It is through uncovering our purpose that a sense of rightness and meaning is achieved.)

2. It does not teach us the profound education of the heart. There is a plethora of wisdom that cannot be learned through book knowledge but by experiencing our feelings. (It is through our feelings that true aliveness can be achieved.)

3. It does not teach the importance of communal relationships. Each of our relationships is here to teach us something, and no one in our lives enters it by mistake. (It is through our relationships that our experiences can find validation and a type of realness–rare these days, but possible–can be achieved.)

  • Positive affirmations are often not enough to change your life.

You have to identify the unconscious patterning that keeps you were you are at. 

That takes guts: first to admit your humility that you actually don’t know what’s wrong, then submitting to take actions to find someone to help you become aware of those patterns, and finally being open to changing those patterns.

If that sounds like exhausting and intensive work, it is, but it is required to get to you changing your life for the good in a way that will stick in the long term.

  • Right now there is an awakening happening.

Although it is not in the news, there is an awakening going on in this moment, if you are going through particularly intense emotional turmoil at this moment or picking it up from others then you need to cultivate stillness and quiet.

You need to go within often – into a quiet place. What do I mean by that? Here is what I uncovered from that space:

Quiet. There is a quiet here. That is sacred. That you can touch. It is in you. The busyness, the chaos, the storm – that’s all a distraction. Because the quiet is everywhere. The noise isn’t actually real. Your making it by not getting quiet.

Sit still. Can you be with the stillness and not ask for more?

Be patient. Can you respect patience? Not as something you must use to reach your goal but as the goal itself?

You meditate and when you do, if the goal is so you can get to a place where the meditation won’t be necessary anymore – you missed the point.

The quiet is the point. The stillness is the point. If there is a goal, it is to arrive here, now.

Where are you going? There is no place to go, but into the quiet…

Are you listening? Truly listening? Because the answers come first in the quiet.

If you’re not quiet, the answers will come as a knock.

If you don’t answer the door, the answer will try to come through the back window but by that point you’ll be upset.

You’ll likely ask:

“Answer: why did you come through this odd back channel when I asked you to come the normal way?”

The answer will say: “I did, but you were not quiet. So I knocked, but you did not answer. Finally I snuck in through the back, but even though I knew it would perhaps startle you, I knew it was the only way you’d finally let me in, because it was where you were most vulnerable and open, and you could receive me.”

“Please,” the answer will add, “next time just get quiet so I don’t have to go through such extreme measures. Either that – or please – stop asking the question.”

  • A Crisis is not necessary.

A spiritual crisis occurs when no other conventional system can provide a workable solution to your problem. You’ve tried everything but nothing works. 

This is the moment of complete surrender spiritual teachers always speak of: when you are forced to break open.

This moment of intensity can be easily avoided by paying attention, listening, trusting your intuition… even if it doesn’t make logical sense, even if the physical world doesn’t support it.

But by avoiding the whispers of your soul for a long time you are likely setting yourself up for an eventual crisis. 

A crisis is good because you are open and there is an opportunity there, but don’t feel the need to have the crisis occur so that you grow spiritually.

Crisis is really a human invention. 

If we just went with the flow, no situation would ever reach a “crisis” point.

  • Women are very powerful. But their great power is often feared.

A witch is a powerful healer woman. 

It is time we stop using this term to demonize, dehumanize, and disempower women with powerful supernatural abilities.

We need to stop fearing supernaturally powerful women and start stepping aside, letting them do the work they came to do which is to heal our people.

  • All men are NOT naturally violent. 

Violence is unnatural to them. What they are is naturally healing. 

The false belief in a mans violent nature is conditioning left over from the dark ages.

It was designed to make men into soldiers to fight wars for kings. 

  • We are all fundamentally the same.

I have done readings with lawyers, studio executives, nurses, real estate brokers, artists, teachers and students.

People who are religious, not religious but spiritual, and people who were skeptics turned believers after their reading with me.

What I have learned is that we have really bought into this idea that our careers and backgrounds make us fundamentally different from another.

We have really bought into this false narrative that divides us.

All of us are searching, growing looking for answers to the big questions.

None of us are truly satisfied with where we are at. None of us feel as if we have it all figured out. 

All of us could use a little healing. 

Life can be quite cruel to us all, let that shared experience bring us together – not lead us to create walls that protect us but also sever our connection with one another.

Much love,


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