My Mission

My Mission

My souls calling is to awaken humanity’s connection to their guardians. 
Many of you are not aware of the deep and powerful connection you have with your guardian angel. 

They are there to serve you–acting as your confidant, your shoulder to cry on, your guide, your personal life coach, your best friend, your brother, your mentor and sometimes even your therapist.

No one knows you better than them. 

When a person finally connects with their guide through me for the first time it can be very emotional: this is the voice you’ve heard all your life that you always wondered whether it was real.

To have the reality of your guide externally validated by me is incredibly healing and life affirming.

Why I’m Here

My main mission in life, I have now come to know, is to awaken this deep and powerful connection all of you have with your guardian angel.

The guardians are special in that they have their own healing powers and you can always pray to them to offer you their healing but they are subject to your free will–meaning that you have to choose to be open to their healing.

How I Do What I Do

I have had many past lives where I have developed this gift and so it is that in this lifetime this gift just came to me without any training required.

How I do it is hard to describe but for those who have ever relied on intuition you can get an idea about how it works: I use that same intuitive impulse but it is often on full blast for me and so my accuracy is incredibly precise.

To translate intuition into the English language can be very challenging and does take great skill and the ability to think rapidly, luckily I have developed this gift over many lifetimes so now it is second nature to me.

How Do They Sound Like? What Do They Look Like?

The Angels have no audible sound, and have no form. They are beings of light and energy, completely transcendent and aware of their interconnectedness with all things.

To limit them to a shape or form, or even a sound, is to limit who they are and their great power.

In the end we have to let go of our need to control and box in the great mysteries of the universe.

We must accept that to truly know the Angels we must release the need to know them in the traditional sense. 

We must accept that we will never truly “know” them in form, this allows them to truly be the shape shifting and unlimited beings that they are.

Why Is It That You Are Reaching Out To Me?

The world is in desperate need of healers – you are one of the many chosen to be warriors of the light to help bring in a new age of enlightened living, one where unconditional love reigns supreme.

People are magical. Each of you has a particular magic gift that helps heal the world.

That sounds totally cheesy I know but it is literally true: you can make magic happen.

Tap into your own magic today, unleash it for all the world to see.

The world needs more magic – help bring it forward.

You may not remember your mission but you did choose it before you came here and I am one of the many called to remind you of that mission.

Simply put: your mission is to be yourself.

Your are so unbelievably gifted and talented being just who you are. 

Stop putting an effort in being someone else: put all your focus on uncovering what is deep within you now.

All of it, the good and the bad, has gold in it. So much gold.

Endless gold. You. Have. No. Idea.

The mission is you.

If you don’t follow your mission, it will follow you, if you don’t chase the calling, it will chase you, if you ignore your purpose your purpose will do everything and anything to catch your attention until you finally surrender to it.

This is because who you are is your mission, it’s like a dog running away from its own tail, your only fooling yourself.

Sooner or later you will back into the person you were meant to be because anyone else your pretending to be is what is causing you to suffer.

Peace can only be achieved by being who you are, which is another way of saying: accept your mission NOW.

Your guide is here to be guardian of your mission–the guardian of you–and to remind you why you came on earth at this time.

Why Now?

Now is a time of great emotional turmoil for humanity. Let’s kept it real: you all feel it and know it to be true, at this point, it is undeniable.

You are picking the emotional turmoil up from your friends, co-workers, neighbors, family, society at large.

Humanity is in a deep funk, but in times of great crisis, their is great opportunity for positive change.

This is because the old paradigm based on fear is failing us–it is driving us bonkers. 

Soon many of you will reach the moment I and many others reached where you will realize that the external world cannot provide the peace and happiness you have been truly craving for your whole entire life.

In that moment you will take up the path of enlightenment.

What do I mean by enlightenment? All it means is that you are present and you are being yourself and you allow yourself to be a conduit of unconditional love and healing. It does not mean perfection or that you are above anybody else or somehow better than anyone else, it simply means you are working with the flow instead of against the flow. It is really that simple.

You still have free will and you always have a choice.

But the path of fear is a harsh path and, not only I, but your angel, would like to help you start on the path of unconditional love, for yourself and others–a path which is boundless, unlimited, nonjudgmental, freeing, empowering, healing and full of light and the joy of living.

Much love,


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