What The Angels Want You To Know

What The Angels Want You To Know

The following is a list of general thoughts and ideas gathered from my angel readings – advice given to my clients by their guides that I think are general enough to help all humans. Enjoy.

1. Your life is an externalization of your inner world. 

What you see outside is but a reflection of your internal beliefs, thoughts and notions… the negative emotion states you feel are only triggered by the outside world and do not originate in the external world.

Healing your emotional wounds allows you to see that, in reality, the external world is actually harmonious.

Go inside – heal the inner shadows and the outer shadows will disappear.

 2. The angels want you to know that your gifts are many and that they are the best equipped to help you unlock those gifts. 

These gifts are part of your soul memory – they are innately unique to you and cannot be replicated. 

You were meant to unlock these gifts in this lifetime to help heal and assist humanity in the shift.

3. The angels want you to know, deeply know, that you are not alone. 

So many of you believe you are suffering quietly, all alone, and yet they hear your prayers and they are wishing to get you the healing you require.

But in trying to assist you, they see a consistent stubbornness to stick to convention , to stick to “your way” and not god’s way, to stick to “old ways and old thinking” and not new ways and new thinking that will free you.

Most of all they see that the material world is holding many of you hostage by its promise of safety, security and constancy when clinging to the material world for these things can only provide more of the opposite feelings: fear, instability and a sense of constantly being attacked.

They recommend you be more open, more flexible, more trusting of Gods will on your life, and less attached to the material world which was only meant to be played with not offered control over your very soul.

4. We are surrounded by the angels–far from being a scary thing, this should make us feel happy, joyful, protected, watched over and at ease.

They cannot do anything, however, unless you ask them for help and be open to their response. 

They can offer healing, guidance, or even a gentle push in the right direction.

They can be as real as you want them to be: a figment of your imagination, a nice thought, a belief, or a real entity. 

You decide. You decide how real you want the Angels to be for you.

You get to decide the level of magic, miracles, and “divine intervention moments” you’d like to experience.

Life is neither dull nor boring nor ordinary.

Unless you choose to make it so.

5. Your body is a vehicle for your spirit, but it’s also a direct reflection of the health of the spirit itself. 

The body’s health is a direct reflection of your mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

Physical ailments, diseases, addictions and conditions are only symptoms of a deeper problem.

Look within first in order to heal the physical or superficial issue. 

What is manifesting externally is directly related to what we have left unprocessed emotionally, spiritually or mentally.

6. Connect with others of similar vibration, similar positive outlook, and similar consciousness – when you do you create a “net” of high vibration, positivity, and healing consciousness that spreads worldwide.

This does affect change for it encourages us to keep up the good work–work that is serious, important, and sorely needed.

Much love,

Ollin and The Angels

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