16 Helpful Tips For Mediums / Channels

16 Helpful Tips For Mediums / Channels

Hey folks so I’m starting to get people wanting advice on how to begin channeling spirit themselves. 

Most of you will not have interest in this and it’s probably because it is not your role in this life to do this work, so you can ignore this, but for those who are interested, here’s my advice:

1. Work to dissolve the ego first 

What is the ego? It is the accumulation of choices based on fear. It is also the fundamental belief and perception of seperation.

If you want to become a channel then you must meditate much more than normal: instead of the 15 min a day I usually recommend for beginners, you must extended that for hours, sometimes days at a time. 

You also must continually practice self love and self care. If you believe you have done “enough” of that self love stuff, then you still have an ego, because you can always love yourself more and more, only the ego wants to stop progress because it’s afraid of its complete dissolution.

2. Learn to assert your own spirit first.

When you are channeling, your spirit must take up space as well. I have seen people channel and the communication is very choppy and the person is jittery and moving about the whole type in an erratic fashion. This is a sign of imbalance – it means you are not asserting your own power as a spirit. It is NOT a time for the spirit you are channeling to push you aside and just take up space in you, no, by asserting your spirit and your space and your boundaries you fulfill your role and the messages will come through more balanced and evenhanded, more clear, more measured. Messages coming in so incredibly fast or muddled that no human can understand them means you are not asserting your own power as a spirit. This is your role in the communication and no one else can do it for you. You have to believe and know that your spirit is EQUAL in power and worth as much as the spirit you are channeling for this to be the case.

It is never necessary for the spirit to take up space within you. However if you wish it, this can happen but it’s utterly alarming to normal folk, and it might rattle you as well, so I would not advise it, haha.

I recommend you do what I do, just allow the spirit to stand at your right side and allow it to speak to you while you translate from your energetic space, the spirit you are channeling still outside of your body.

3. Messages of fear come from your ego.

One of the reasons that I say you must work on dissolving your ego first before you do channeling professionally is that you have to know that there is nothing to fear. If you believe there is, then you will distort messages you get from spirit with fear that they DO NOT contain.

Fear is an illusion – we are all one, we are all always okay, there is only the now and in the now we are all safe. 

4. At first it’s okay to question and challenge.

When I first started doing this I had a lot of questions and I challenged its validity. I wanted the angels to prove to me that they were indeed real. 

Feel free to challenge and question the spirit you are channeling or wanting to channel. Allow them to prove themselves to you. As long as you are not strict on how they prove themselves to you and are open to sometimes more whimsical and random methods of proof, then they will come through. 

However once you have gotten proof, you need to move on and start allowing yourself to hear the messages, because your questioning and challenging approach can make it impossible for you to receive the message of healing–at this point, you’re just blocking yourself from progress.

5. Does it resonate with you, is it positive, is it constructive? 

Some messages that come through people I think are not spirits but just another aspect of themselves. Messages from spirit come with a strong resonance that is undeniable. The messages are not just positive but incredibly practical and constructive. It is clear in the spirits message THAT THEIR INTENTION IS GIVING YOU TOOLS TO HELP INCREASE YOUR HAPPINESS, HEALING AND WELL BEING. And these tools, when applied, work.

I have seen people share messages that are just “bumper sticker slogans” with no substance. At this point the person is still connecting to an aspect of themselves and not a spirit. When a message comes through that is deep with a strong resonance, that displays a genius level of intelligence, and appears to be far more balanced, more wise and at peace than you or any human you know, and literally transforms your very being positively from just hearing it – we have a true spirit on hand.

Spirits will never tell you anything that will make you feel powerless or have you in fear. Spirits are egoless and therefore do not have any intention save for the greater good.

You are always protected, you are always guided, you are always loved and supported. 

The angels want you to know that belief systems based upon fear or powerlessness come from humans who feel afraid and powerless themselves and are likely unaware of that fact.

If you want to connect with spirit in the way that I do, I recommend you take it with great seriousness and sacredness. And above all remember you do not have to do anything you do not feel comfortable with and feel free to go at your own pace.

6. Remember that your gift is natural to you.  

So practice trust in yourself, release all doubts or fears that you will be wrong or make a mistake, and surround yourself with people who love you unconditionally and support you as you grow in confidence with your gift.

7. Your gift is manageable.

Far from being a curse, your gift is here to help you and humanity. It’s a big deal, you’re a big deal, and your mission is a big deal. God would not give you such a miraculous gift just for fun, or just as a “hobby”, it is designed specifically to heal and improve humanity. Remember that as you continue to hone and practice your gift.

8. Your gift is unique.

No one can access spirit the way you can. You have one piece of the god pie the rest of us do not have, share with us what you see from your perspective but do not invalidate what others see from their perspective. Each of us is unique and our perspective contributes to our overall picture and doesn’t take away from anyone else’s view.

9. Remember the supreme truth.

Recall that unconditional love is the supreme truth. Criticism, judgment, fear, hatred, division these are all based on conditional love, which is an illusion. We live in a universe of unconditional love, so as you continue your journey to improve your channeling abilities keep nourishing yourself with unconditional love and gift that love to others.

10. Conventional Structures.

Most conventional structures will be hard for you to work with, this is because you are so connected with spirit and don’t see the reason why you would want to create structures based on division, competition, fear, etc. you’ll either have to create your own structures or have to join structures that allow for creativity and freedom to their employees and employers who respect rest and rejuvenation as a vital part of successful work environments.

11. Although you can choose not to participate, you can’t escape it.

You can choose not to use your gift, but know you can never escape it. It will always be part of who you are because it is a fundamental part of who you are. It is a beautiful part of who you are, so even if you don’t choose to use your gift, at least honor who you are, and respect your gift and its power.

12. Stop hiding who you are.   

So many of you have come to me privately about things you feel, visions you’ve had, and miracles you’ve experienced – I have never realized just how much almost all of us have had direct experiences with spirit that none of us share with each other for fear of how others will react. Perhaps it’s time we all come out of the supernatural closet and share what we have experienced. 

Now is a perfect time to affirm and validate each other. There is another world besides the physical we are all experiencing – it would help us all feel a little more sane if we start sharing our stories with each other without fear.

13. As humans, we are in a moment of crisis, and utilizing your gift would help us all very much. 

I guess I am a bit biased but I highly encourage the exploration of your supernatural abilities and the non-physical world – so many of us have been told not to go there out of fear, but remember: no one can take away your power and you get to choose between love or fear, no one else makes that choice for you. If there’s an aspect of spirit you don’t want to explore – you don’t have to. 

Personally I choose to stick with the positive and don’t believe in the negative. 

If you choose love and recognize your inner power, you will fall in love with the spirit world just like I have. 

14. Learn how to take care of yourself.

If you are a channel you likely are incredibly sensitive and therefore will need special care. From what you eat, to how you manage social situations you have to make sure to adjust to your sensitivity level. You will be able to exist in the world like anyone else but there will be challenges you face that others won’t, if you honor that truth you’ll be able to adapt, but if you ignore the fact that you are more sensitive than others and need special care you will feel your gift become a burden.

(I recommend reading Emotional Freedom by medium Judith Orloff–that book helped me a lot to honor my sensitivity and recognize my empath abilities didn’t have to be a burden as long as I learned to manage it.)

15. Stay with working with people who are open: just because you feel compelled to share a message or heal someone doesn’t mean you have to. You still have free will and decide when to intervene. I recommend always asking if people are open to receiving the message first, and then proceeding from there. If someone is not open, let it go, and trust that in the end everyone will be okay no matter what.

16. Ask your guide to help with you with the specifics. 

There are aspects to the logistics of your gift that only pertain to you. So pray to your guide to give you assistance on that. You also might want to play detective, like I did at first, and ask people what was happening when you got the intuitive hit to give them the message, then you can ask them afterward how the message affected them. All of this will help you better understand why you have your gift and what role you are to play in the grand scheme of things

I hope this helps all the channelers and mediums out there. Good luck and much love and light.

Much love,


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